Reverend Otis L. Freelon
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Reverend Otis L. Freelon

Band Pop Children's Music


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1986-"LET THE LORD USE YOU/FREE-Reverend Otis Freelon and the Freeon Singers featuring Glenn Dumas. Received radio play in Spokane, Washington

1990-"FIRST STEPS"-Saint Matthews Institutional Baptist Church Worshop Choir- Recorded "Live" at Saint Matthews Institutional Baptist Church August 17th, Spokane, Washington

1992-"TWO LADIES IN SONG"-Sister Wanda Dumas and Sister Yolanda Kinlow. Recorded "Live" at United Methodist Church, Spokane, Washington.

2003-"MY NAME IS BUSTAH"-Attendant 250. A children's bus safety CD. Released in December.

2006-"DANCE...WITH MY HANDS"-REVEREND OTIS L. FREELON. Recorded "Live" July 31st, 2004 at Valley Point at Pines Church and College Road Recording. Released end of October, 2006.

"BUSTAH BUS VERSUS THE CITATION GODS"-A children's CD scheduled for release by Christmas.

"SWEET WHISPER"-Reverend Otis L. Freelon-A second Gospel jazz CD. Scheduled to be released sometime early next year.



When I write music, I don't think about who I can sound like or imitate. I never listen to music while I'm creating it, because I don't want to fall into the trap of following another's path. I pray and ask God to lead me where I am to go. If I come up with an idea and it sounds good at the time, I wait until the "cooling off" period begins. That's the time when the excitment has worn off. If I have the same feeling about the song as before, then I know that I'm on the right track. If it leaves, then I know that I need to go back to the drawing board.

Usually, I think in terms of the weirdness of the chord structure. That's what gets my attention. If it feels uncomfortable to me, the more I stay in that zone. I like to surprise people and give them something that they're not expecting. That's what makes what I do so much fun. When I work at a song or an arrangement and it makes me sweat, that's when my best comes forward. I enjoy working under pressure. Anything that's too easy for me to accomplish is too easy for me to do. I don't like to take the easy way out. I will always take the "OH, THAT CAN'T BE DONE" road.