Reverend Stickman

Reverend Stickman

 San Diego, California, USA

"Alternative folk on the rocks with a twist of the blues" If Johnny Cash ate B.B. King and then threw up on a David Bowie CD, it would sound something like the Reverend's original style.


Reverend Stickman is a true artist, creating amazing original music in his own fusion of style. Perfect for any event. From finger-picking old Chicago style blues to fingers flying across the frets playing alternative rock, when Reverend Stickman performs, an acoustic guitar and his uniquely soulful voice is all he needs to transfix and transport his audience.
Songs about living, loving, and working. About real people, people like you or your friends, family, and neighbors. You know, dysfunctional lying cheating lazy good-for-nothing so and so's. And maybe a couple nice ones.
Influenced by life experience more than by any one band or artist, Reverend Stickman has a musical viewpoint unlike any other. Hitchhiking around the nation at an early age, pursuing his dream of performing through good times and bad, and even spending a little time incarcerated has helped to create a musician without pretense singing and playing his heart out for the crowds.
Original music with style and class, and cover songs faithful to the original artists. Extensive songlist of classic rock, alternative, folk, country, blues, plus much more!
When you add in the spice and sizzle of Jenene Lambert on backing vocals/percussion as well as the sweet harmonies of Eli Sweetness on vocals, the sound engulfs the audience with the power of emotion and true love of music.


Thanks To You

Written By: Reverend Stickman

I ain't got no money
Ain't got no time
Ain't got sense enough to stop drinkin' this wine
But I got a lot to do
Thanks To You
I lost half my family
And all my friends
And that ain't even
where the story ends
But I lost my baby too
Thanks To You

Well I might be in the poorhouse
But I still got my guitar
I do it on a shoestring
But I'm following my star

I learned my lesson
And I learned it well
You don't mess around with love
'Cause baby love can tell
Now I found somebody new
Thanks To You


1999 Habitat for Humanity Compilation CD, 2000 self titled EP with band 3AM, Reverend Stickman"Bad Habits and Good Karma" EP released 2005, Bviolin and January Avalanche LP titled "How This Weighs On Me"released 2008, Bob Bartosik's 2008 "Triple Double" CD LP nominated for San Diego Jazz Award, Happy Ron's self titled debut CD LP released 2008, Bob Bartosik/Reverend Stickman Christmas EP released 2008, Original Song Song from "Bad Habits and Good Karma" LP titled "Forty Dollars" receives airplay on NPR.

Set List

A typical set lasts about 45-50 mins. I prefer mixing covers and originals, but have plenty of either to do 4 complete sets of covers or originals. Original Titles include: Forty Dollars, Crazy Too, Who I Used To Be, Rollin', Not Today, Thanks To You, Pictures Of Heaven, Love Is Just A Word just to name a few. Covers include material from many different artists, from oldies like Elvis, Credence Clearwater Revival, Neil Young, Hendrix, Johhny Cash etc. to young classics like Metallica, STP, Nirvana, Stevie Ray Vaughan and modern artists too, like Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more...