Reverend Stickman

Reverend Stickman

 San Diego, California, USA

"Indie alternative on the rocks with a twist of the blues"


Reverend Stickman's work in the studio and with other touring acts as well as his own unique brand of music has garnered extensive radio airplay and TV appearances, 4 San Diego Music Award nominations including Best Blues Album of 2015, San Diego Best Songwriter of 2011 and numerous awards and credits for arrangement, production and performance on 23 different CD releases in just the past 5 years. He performs with many artists as a hired gun (guitarist) both locally and touring around the country, playing genres ranging from beach and folk to  world fusion, pop and hard rock. But it is his award-winning original music that really shines through.
The music of Reverend Stickman inspires and amazes. Fantastic chops rarely seen on an acoustic guitar. Thoughtful songs that reward the careful listener as well as the casual fan with interesting harmony and a variety of musical influences. Never just the same thing twice with different words, but completely different approaches from song to song. Really compelling lyrics that engage people with honest storytelling, sometimes dark and cynical, sometimes sweet and faithful but always with a sense of humor that gets the crowd involved. And the onstage banter of the Reverend is always fun and unpredictable, keeping the audiences laughing and listening.
From coast to coast in concert halls, theaters, lounges, bars, coffeeshops, and living rooms, those who have seen Reverend Stickman perform come away not only impressed, but whistling or humming a melody line from their new favorite song.


Let's Do Wrong

Written By: Reverend Stickman

I ain't no young fool anymore
I'm older now and I know what fools are for
And I won't lose myself
if I lay with you
I don't think you realize who you are talking to

I crossed the nation baby and I crossed the sea
I need attention but I don't need no sympathy
But I won't lose myself
in your sweet embrace
It's been a long hard road that led me to this place

Here we are together for how long?
Is there any real good solid reason to be strong?
Baby Let's Do Wrong

I ain't gonna lie to you
If you come with me there's almost nothing I won't do
But I won't lose myself
if you walk away
But we could both have a real good time if you decide to stay

I've seen the darkness baby, I've seen the light
Seen the devil smile and it was not a pretty sight
But I won't lose myself
like I did that day
So don't tell me to put my gun away


Reverend Stickman-Half Alive 2010
has 2 tracks,'Forty Dollars' and 'Time Machine', receiving airplay on 102.1 and 94.9 FM and some internet stations

Reverend Stickman-Christmas 2009

Reverend Stickman-False Idols 2008

Reverend Stickman-Bad Habits and Good Karma 2007

Bviolin-Stretch Reach 2010

Bviolin-How This Weighs On Me 2009

Cathryn Beeks Ordeal-Mood Swings 2010

Verge of Distortion-Horology 2010

and many more including Bob Bartosik, Charlie Imes, Daphne Denniston, David Brown and Sequoia Neptune.

Set List

A typical set list will include 9-10(or more)original songs and if neccesary 2-3 covers. I have about 100 original songs and a lifetime of covers (rock, blues, folk, country, alternative, jazz) so I can tailor a set for any occasion.A typical setlist would be:
Big Hard Sun Eddie Vedder (listen on this website)
Let's Do Wrong orig (listen on this website)
Think Again orig (listen on this website)
Rollin' orig
Time Machine orig (listen at
Space Oddity D. Bowie
My Only Son orig
Tradition orig
Time Roll Away orig
Nobby Mike Cross
40 Dollars orig (listen at
AM/PM Blues orig
Catch That Train orig