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"Mick's Picks - By Mick Skidmore"

The Reverend Tor from western Massachusetts has garnered quite a reputation in the Northeast with their original songs and mixture of obscure Dead and Allman Brothers covers. The latest album, Jamazon, is a killer disc. The songs of Tor Krautter just get better; witness the polished 12-minute opener "Inside Out of Control" and the title cut which has a country/bluegrass feel. Other standouts on this sonically great-sounding disc are the almost western swing of "Charlie's Obession" and the more rocking "Cold Dish." Tom Constanten, Mark Mercier, Gordon Stone and Buddy Cage all make guest appearances but they just add the icing to the cake. - Relix Magazine: Year End Issue - December - 2002

"On The Edge - By Mick Skidmore"

Whatever It Takes is the second album from the Reverend Tor Band (well, almost—the first was really a solo effort by main songwriter Tor Krautter). The disc finds the band developing nicely with some neat groove-based tunes. “Fallen Angel” and the funk-blues grind of “Got To Get Close” show the band’s sound has developed considerably, as does the atmospheric, meandering “Key Largo.” Other notable cuts are “The Gaze” with its flickering leads and sweet pedal steel, and the neat, instrumental textures of “Sweet Addiction.” You can join the RTB mailing list by contacting Smelly Dog Productions at 99 Valleyview Rd., Stephentown, NY 12168 or you can check out the band’s Web page at
- Relix Magazine: Issue 26-02 -- March/April - 1999

"Too New To Be Known - By Mick Skidmore"

The Reverend Tor Band is a western Massachusetts based outfit that is the brainchild of Tor Krautter. In fact, it's only release to date [as of April '98], In Search of Ecstasy (Smelly Dog) was put out under Krautter's name a couple of years ago. The album is a real gem that jumps across musical boundaries with ease and imagination. The songs draw on a variety of influences such as funky, Little Feat-like rock with more elaborate harmonies, blues and even a little reggae. On the bluesy soul of "Stumble," Krautter comes over like a cross between Steve Winwood and Robert Cray. Other high points are the jaunty reggae-ish "She Knew My Name" and the bluesy funk of "Get Your Own Road," which encourages one to think independently.
- Relix Magazine: Issue 25-02 -- March/April - 1997

"A 'Rev'-ed Up Halloween - by Gary Carra"

As the master of ceremonies himself, Tor Krautter , explains, the band's annual celebration of All Hallows Eve usually entails equal parts theatrics, pranks and assorted tomfoolery.
For several minutes during last year's Reverend Tor Halloween Show, the Reverend Tor Band wasn't even on stage.
"There were a few people milling around the show in hooded cloaks," Krautter recalls. "Halfway through our second set, they make their way to the stage and just stand in front of us. Everyone was watching, then we just handed over our instruments. They pulled back their hoods, revealing that they were [popular Berkshire Band] Reed Street , and jammed out."
For this, the 10-year anniversary of the Tor-id Halloween affair, the Rev is promising the "biggest, best show ever," and has changed venues to prove it.
In previous years, the spooktacular shindig occurred at Pittsfield's La Cocina and later the Bucksteep Manor.
"It quickly became apparent that we needed more room, and with Bucksteep not available, we looked all over for the perfect venue to have a real over-the-top bash," Krautter says. "We came upon the lodges at the Bosquet Ski Resort in Pittsfield, and there was just tons of room, a smoking deck, ball room and a real funky atmosphere. It's perfect."
Other than the location and the date -- Saturday, Oct. 30 -- Krautter is fairly tight-lipped about any tricks he may have up sleeve this year. One thing you won't see is a return of Reed Street and bassist Jason Maley . The reason? Maley now holds down the bottom for the Tor boys.
Tickets for Halloween Jam 10 are $10 and available at
- Valley Advocate - October 28, 2004

"Full Stages, New Stages - A Tor-iffic 10 years by Gary Carra"

It's easy to get discouraged in the music industry. Sometimes it really does feel like you're not going anywhere. Which is precisely how the Reverend Tor Band could feel as they take the stage at La Cocina in Pittsfield this Saturday, Feb. 18.

After all, it was 10 years ago to the day that Tor Krautter and his merry band of musicmakers walked into the very same venue to perform their very first show. The reason they won't is that in the nine years and 364 days between these Cocina concerts, the little jam band from Western Mass. has carved out a career that most of their contemporaries would (tie) "dye" for.

"I don't know if there is any one particular highlight through it all," Krautter reflects, "but being onstage with Max Creek and Mike Gordon in front of 3,000 was certainly pretty crazy."

If that was crazy, then sharing stages with members of The Grateful Dead, Phish and The Allman Brothers--as the RTB also has in years past--must have been downright ludicrous. But while such brushes with fame can provide undeniable highs, when it comes to RTB's staying power, the good Reverend prefers to sing the praises of bandmates past and present.

"I guess we've lasted this long because we always allowed the band to be whatever it wanted to be," Krautter concludes. "It's a ship that can't be steered; it just evolves. As members come and go the influences, spirit and vibe of each is absorbed." Among the friends and alums helping RTB celebrate its decade of danceable grooves this Saturday are Fuzz of Deep Banana Blackout , Brett Connors and Glen Nelson of Flipper Dave and Mark Paradis of The Mark Paradis Band .

The Reverend Tor Band anniversary show starts at 8 p.m. and includes a free buffet. Attendees must be 21
- Valley Advocate - February 16, 2006

"Rev Tor packs the house By Ben De La Mater"

PITTSFIELD — There's a revival going down at LaCocina on Saturday night, and the reverend will be in the house.
Count in all his clergy, too.

The Reverend Tor Band, fronted by namesake and lead guitarist Tor Krautter (Yes, he's actually a reverend), is playing its 10-year-anniversary concert at the Wahconah Street club where it all began exactly a decade to the day.

Krautter has been working for months to try a pull off a novel idea for the show — he's attempting to bring together every incarnation of the band fans have seen over the years: 12 different drummers, seven bassists, four keyboardists and three rhythm guitarists, and highlight all 906 gigs they've played in one four-hour show.

"We're going to try and have everybody come up in chronological order and play material from those eras," Krautter said. "Hopefully, fans will get a good sense of how the band has evolved."

Krautter, 36, who lives in Stephentown, NY, and operates a seasonal greenhouse there, grew up in Westchester County, N.Y. He was a faithful follower of the Grateful Dead, attending nearly 300 shows during the mid 1980s and early 1990s. You can even spot him in a DVD from one of the Dead's New Year's Eve shows.

He studied at the Musician's Institute in Hollywood, and moved to the area because he had several musician friends living here.

"I always loved this area," he said. "And there's no shortage of talent here. A lot more talent than there is an outlet for, actually."

The Reverend Tor Band, typical of the incestuous nature of the Berkshire County music scene, was born from a side project of the East Creek Band and members of other local bands, like Xavier. The first group included Krautter, Jason Webster, Dan Broad and Rick Leab.

"There were a lot of rotating members in those first couple of years. It was really just a side project," Krautter said. "But after a while, I realized this is what I wanted to do full time.

The current lineup includes bassist Jason Maley of Stephentown, keyboardist Scott Guberman of Hartford, Conn., and drummer Mike Rau, also of Hartford. The band has toured the East Coast from Maine to Key West, Fla., and has developed a fervent following. Some might even say that Rev Tor is Berkshire County's most beloved band.

"They pack the house," said Darren O'Brien, co-owner of LaCocina and member of the band Ten Ton Goldfish.

O'Brien helped design the band's Web site,, which showcases photos, upcoming gigs and, in the Grateful Dead theme, a detailed set-list link where fans can see what the band played on a particular night.

"Tor is a great guitar player and a very emotional singer," O'Brien said. "His vocals fit in with his playing. The emotion really comes through. It's really danceable, and I'm not even a fan of jam band music."

Rev Tor's sound definitely falls into the jam-band genre. The musicians aren't afraid to let the songs lead them into jazzy rock jams, and elements of country rock and roots music are prevalent.

"Personally, I feel that it's bigger than just the jam band thing," Krautter said. "We try to explore as many grooves as possible — funk, reggae, rock 'n' roll. But it's not always about the groove."

The band has produced five albums of original tunes. The latest CD, a live show, is titled "Live & Off The Beat-n-Track." Krautter said when the band is playing locally, he tries to keep the ratio of original music to cover tunes (Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers Band, Bob Dylan) to about 80-20. When playing a venue where fans might not be as familiar with the original music, the ratio is 60-40.

Rev Tor has also collaborated with people such as Tom Constanten, the Dead's first keyboardist; Mike Gordon, Phish's bassist; and Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie. Krautter also is good friends with Max Creek, Connecticut's famous jam band of 35 years.
As for Krautter's reverend status, a high school friend sent Krautter's name, unbeknownst to him, to the Universal Life Church as a practical joke. Krautter received information in the mail that he was an ordained reverend, and the nickname stuck. It also made for a catchy band name.

Longtime friend and fan Jeanne Matthew, 35, said Krautter is attached to the notion of music and musicians making a difference in their community. Matthew worked with Krautter to stage a benefit concert for the Nature Conservancy Adopt an Acre Program. And Krautter was influential in staging a Katrina benefit show at Bousquet in the fall.
He also named a song after Matthew's 9-year-old son, Christopher, called "Brother Christopher."

"It's about seeing life through the eyes of a child," Matthew said. "More than anything, Tor's a good influence. He's a great guy.

"And the band can really play. You gotta listen to them perform. With jam band music, there always a moment of magic that happens sometime during the show when you say 'Wow.'
- Berkshire Eagle - Thursday February 16

"Celebrating Reverend Tor's 10th Anniversary By Shannon Plaquet"

When you sit back and truly think about which band turned you onto the music, who do you think of? When you think about the music scene that you have grown to love, which band created your awareness of it? As I sit back and remember my musical history, it makes me realize how many years I spent listening to such absolute crap. There were a few diamonds in the rough, but not too many. Not until I was turned onto this tiny ‘jam band’ scene. Little did I know that this scene would end up being the music scene that I would end up adding on as a permanent fixture to my life.

It all started when I thought I was just going on a camping trip with some friends. I wasn’t aware of it, but there were a few bands playing that would end up changing my life forever. One of the performing bands ended up being the Rev Tor Band (RTB), original lineup! I think that was on Memorial Day weekend, 9 years ago. Since then I’ve worked with, for and collaborated with some of this initial talent that turned me on way back when.

The Rev Tor Band is a staple band to the area that I’ve managed to catch several times a year, over the years. Everyone has heard of Tor and every other local musician seems knows him. If you’ve seen him a half dozen times or more then you’ve surely seen him with a special guest or two. He’s just that guy that has fun on stage with everyone. It really didn’t surprise me when I saw the ad for his up and coming 10th Anniversary show.

“10 years, 907 shows, 12 drummers, 7 bass players, 4 keyboardists, 3 guitarists, & 1 Rev Tor later…” I knew that it was going to be a night full of excitement and memories. I hadn’t specifically gone out to see Tor in such a long time that I knew that this show would perfectly mark my de-hibernation. Not only that, but there was a buffet. I’m a huge fan of free food!

As I was approaching LaCocina, the venue that started it all off for him 10 years ago, I could hear that the band had already taken the stage. I was a little disappointed, but it was only 8.30pm and there was a whole lotta night coming up. Tor also had a huge surprise in store for all of us…

I walked upstairs into The Rev Tor Band’s initial lineup. Original members Tor Krautter, Rick Leab on drums, Jason Webster (Arlo Guthrie) on 2nd guitar, and Dan Broad (Albert Cummings) on bass. Also sitting in was Dave Vittone on the keys. Adding keys into that mix put the music over the top. As Dave was getting off the keys one of Tor’s staple tunes, “In Search of Ecstasy,” was floated in. The goose bumps rose at that point. That was also the moment that I knew that this was the beginning of a long night.

Tor’s special guests included guys from the Mark Paradis band, Flipper Dave, Fuzz from Deep Banana was there, … just plenty of the people that had played with him over the years. I wasn’t certain what was going on, but it looked like the set-list resembled a choreographed dance amongst the musicians. So much talent, so many years!

I was thinking that a finer part of the evening was the diversity amongst the musicians. You could see that they all had something in common, but you could hear their subtle differences. The feel of the music reminded me of a rollercoaster; faster, slower, mellow, intense… For example, when Mike Bassiliere hopped on the kit, he added flair to a version of “Their World” that I had never heard before. As Dan Esko slapped the bass you realized the young talent that Tor was able to dig up over the years. When Tor and Webby screamed dueling guitars on ‘Get Your Own Road’ you remembered why you fell in love. The crowd seconded that notion.

From the moment that I walked in until minutes before 2am, the dance floor was packed with some raging fans and one hardcore Tor. Amazingly, Tor managed to stay on stage for the entire 5 hour stint. I think that Phish, NYE was the last time that I heard of a set running that long.

I don’t recall ever watching a show that functioned quite like this one, but I thought that it was one of the best ideas in a long time. I guess when you think about it, maybe a sixth of the crowd was actually playing in the band as well. Imagine that, musicians getting down to other musicians. There wasn’t any room for egotism this night.

For the first time in a long time I felt a very strong bond between band and crowd. In my opinion, this is exactly the feeling that makes you want to come back to a show. Tor and his consortium have always done a fine job of remembering the fans and here they were. A 10 year collection!

If the opportunity arises, would I go? Most certainly! The RTB does plenty of shows in the Western, MA and its surrounding areas. They also manage to hit all of the small and comfortable venues in the area. You never have to worry about going alone to a show. Their intimate occasions make all in attendance feel like family.

I’ve also seen Tor, on multiple occasions, announce that he’s there to dr -

"Rev. Tor and friends on 'Jamazon' - By Seth Rogovoy"

One of the most striking things about the Reverend Tor's new CD, "Jamazon," is how little actual jamming there is on the album. True, the album kicks off with the 12-plus minute "Inside Out of Control," with about eight or nine minutes worth of instrumental soloing. But it's one of only three songs that clock in over six minutes on the 11-song, 63-minute recording.

This is a good thing. Without well-crafted songs, jam-band albums tend to grow stale or irrelevant after the first listen. But the good news about Rev. Tor's new album, its fourth, is that it is built on the solid foundation of well-crafted songs written by lead singer-songwriter Tor Krautter, songs that touch down in a variety of genres, including blues, rock 'n' roll, bluegrass, country, western swing and horn-inflected r&b.

First-rate musicianship is supplied by a stellar cast of local and regional musicians as well as a handful of bona fide national stars, including Grateful Dead pianist and former Steve Reich sideman Tom Constanten, New Riders of the Purple Sage pedal steel guitarist Buddy Cage, whose sideman credits include Bob Dylan, David Bromberg and Robert Hunter, banjoist Gordon Stone, and Mark Mercier of Max Creek.

"Staring at the Sun" features harmony vocals by JoAnne Redding and a funky, three-man horn section provided by Charlie Tokarz, Jeff Stevens and Steve Ide. "Their World" has a Middle Eastern motif bubbling inside before exploding into a Southern-rock jam. With its reference to Pittsfield nightspot LaCocina, where the Rev. Tor Band and other regional groove outfits often perform, the song is sure to be a hometown fan favorite.

Krautter hits just the right jazzy notes on "Charlie's Obsession," a nod to Charlie Brown of "Peanuts" fame laced with Pete Adams's pedal steel guitar and delicious honky-tonk piano by Max Creek keyboardist Mark Mercier on top of swinging rhythms supplied by Bobby Sweet on acoustic guitar, Dan Broad on standup bass and Rick Leab on drums. Krautter's vocals range from a Garcia-like tenor to a Billy Joel like growl to a Greg Allman-like blues wail.

"Sorry But I'm Leaving" and the title track show that Rev. Tor is as solid handling newgrass as rock-based jams. It's hard to lose with first-rate players like steel guitarist Buddy Cage, pianist Mercier and banjoist Gordon Stone, who all take solos on the tune, but just as surprising are Krautter's acoustic guitar solo and producer Adam Michael Rothberg's work on mandolin.

If the jam-band thing doesn't work out, Rev. Tor has a future on the bluegrass circuit.

Some tunes, like "Lady of the Night," favor the twin-guitar attack of the Allman Brothers, with Bobby Sweet doubling Krautter's lead lines. The album ends with the quiet ballad, "One More Song," featuring Krautter on acoustic guitar with bass and piano provided by Rothberg. The sum effect suggests there is little Krautter cannot do and do well.

Not that "Jamazon" will disappoint jam-band fans. The kickoff track includes a space jam worthy of the Grateful Dead's signature space jams, with Krautter's dreamy, Jerry Garcia-like guitar noodling over Scott Guberman's drippy organ chords, before changing direction and incorporating some truly weird ambient sounds, before returning to the song's theme, which wouldn't be out of place on a Robert Cray album.

Reverend Tor celebrates the release of "Jamazon" in style with an all-day jam-band concert on Sunday at Bucksteep Manor (623-5535) in the town of Washington featuring the Reverend Tor Band and Friends, Mark Mercier and Scott Murawski, Electric Blue and the Kozmik Truth, Liberty Bus and Hobo Jungle. Gates open at 11; music is scheduled from noon to 9. The Rev. Tor Band plays a Jamazon preview on Saturday night at LaCocina in Pittsfield.
- Berkshires Week - 7/29/02

"Daily News"

1/20/06 - Ten Years of Tor
The Rev Tor Band will return to its musical womb, Pittsfield MA’s La Cocina, for its tenth anniversary performance on February 18. Since playing its first gig on February 18, 1996, the group has clocked in 907 Shows, with 12 Drummers, 7 Bass Players, 4 Keyboardists, 3 Guitarists and “1 Reverend.” For its ten year bash, Rev Tor promises a handful of special guests, as well as appearances by a number of band alumni. A night earlier, the Rev Tor Band will also perform at Manchester Center, VT’s Perfect Wife Tavern.

10/25/05 - The Reverend's 11th Annual Haunt
Over the past 10 years, Rev Tor has figured out a number of creative ways to celebrate Halloween. But, this year, the good Rev is confident his Halloween Jam will top them all, featuring Haunted bathrooms, pranks and gags of all kinds, and of course some very special guests. Rev Tor will appear at Pittsfield, MA's Bousquet Ski Area along with an all-star northeast band which includes Deep Banana's Fuzz and Max Creek’s Greg Vasso, among others. Domino Theory and Fuzz's newest project, Rolla, will round out the multi-band bill.

8/6/04 - Rev Tor Band, Max Creek, The Zen Tricksters, Rob Wasserman Join Strangefolk at Eden
Strangefolk's Garden of Eden festival will return for a ninth year this coming Labor Day weekend. This year marks the Massachusetts debut of the festival which heretofore has taken place in Vermont. Eden will take place at Camp Keewanee in Greenfield, MA on September 4 and 5. In addition to two days of Strangefolk other confirmed artists include Rev Tor Band, Max Creek, The Zen Tricksters, Rob Wasserman, Gordon Stone Band, Raisinhill, U-Melt, Seth Yacavone Band and Perpetual Groove.

5/20/04 - Constanten Joins Reverend Tor Band for Memorial Day Gigs
Former Grateful Dead keyboardist Tom “T.C.” Constanten will join the Reverend Tor Band for a string of northeast dates Memorial Day weekend, highlighted by a May 30 stop at the Second Annual Strange-Creek Campout. The keyboardist has collaborated with the western Massachusetts band on several occasions, including an appearance on Reverend Tor’s Jamazon CD. Constanten will also join the group at Café Zacquor in Gloversville, N.Y., on May 27 and at The People’s Pint in Greenfield, M.A., on May 28.

12/10/03 - Mike Gordon Sits in with Reverend Tor Band
Mike Gordon performed with the Reverend Tor Band last night at the Lion's Den in New York City. Gordon joined the group for its original composition "Black Mile." The band will be recording a live CD on the next three Sundays at Tammany Hall in Worcester MA.

9/24/03 - Guest Guitarists to Perform with Max Creek as Scott Murawski Tours with Cactus
Max Creek will welcome a rotating cast of guest guitarists on October 4 at Connecticut’s Hartford Brewfest, as Scott Murawski will be touring with Mike Gordon. Joining Creek will be Gary Backstrom (Jiggle), Brett Connors (Flipper Dave), Dennis Fancher (Dr. Juice), Tor Krautter (Rev Tor Band) and Tim McDonald.

7/18/03 - Rev Tor Performs with the Gordon Stone Band
Guitarist Reverend Tor took the stage with the Gordon Stone Band last night at La Cocina in Pittsfield, MA. Tor stepped in midway through the set for a few songs, including “Sunday Driver.” The show also featured bassist Brian O’Connell (Uncle Sammy), who has been performing with the group as of late. Gordon Stone’s current itinerary includes dates in the Northeast through the end of August.

4/9/03 - More Bands Confirmed for Scottypaluza 8.0
More artists have been added to Scottypaluza 8.0, which will take place May 23 – 25 at Snow Ridge Ski Area in Turin, NY. The line-up includes Vince Welnick, Reverend Tor Band with Former Grateful Dead keyboardist Tom Constanten, Dark Star Orchestra, Max Creek, Melvin Seals and JGB, Jeff Pevar, The New Deal, Wookiefoot, Muruga Booker and GVCB, Tony Vacca, Joe Sallins, John Browns Body, Dr Didg, Michael Glabicki from Rusted Root, Jim Donovan from Rusted Root, The Zen Tricksters, Mecca Bodega, Gordon Stone, Snake Oil Medicine Show, Schleigho, Peter Prince & the Trauma Unit, Psychedelic Breakfast, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, The Rafter Bats, The Grapes, Gent Treadly (with Vince Welnick), RAQ, Juggling Suns, Electric Blue and the Kozmik Truth, Morrocan Sheep Herders, Visitor, Big Leg Emma, Rhubarb, Kevin Mac Conkey, RaisinHill, The Druids, The Electric Noodle, Lotus, Joe Sweet, Tapestry, Nomadic Design, Scarecrow Collection, Stillgreen and Sideshow Bennie. The weekend will also feature an All Star Jam. That roster includes Welnick, Constanten, Rev Tor, DSO, Melvin Seals, members of Max Creek, Jeff Pevar, Jim Donovan and Michael Glabicki (Rusted Root), Jen Durkin (Bomb Squad) and Dr. Didg, among others.Tickets are on sale now.

3/18/03 - Max Creek Announces 32nd Anniversary “Creekend”
Max Creek has announced plans for its 32nd Anniversary weekend celebration, dubbed “Creekend.” The band will perform two nights, April 25 and 26, at the Eastover Resort & Conferen -

"Live and Off the Beat-n-Track - Reverend Tor Band - By: Jamie Lee"

The Reverend Tor Band wastes no time steering into familiar territory on its fifth offering, the live collection Live & Off the Beat-n-Track. A jangling rhythm is quickly and easily decorated with verses about a girl "who wore no shoes upon her feet" who is "barefoot dancing while the people stand still," conjuring a stereotypical image of free-flowing, shoeless dancer enthralled in a generic jamband melody. Followed immediately by a relatively unfunky take on "Free Your Mind" -- the mid-90s pop hit written by Denzil Foster and Thomas McElroy, and performed by the sassy soul group En Vogue -- it would almost seem that the opening double-shot could serve as both an introduction and an epitaph for a hard working band that actually has chops.

So little original substance found in the opening tracks might be deemed amateurish by fickle ears, despite the Reverend Tor Band's proven mettle on the stage over the years. Guitarist Tor Krautter, keyboardist Scott Guberman, drummer Johnny Chang and bassist Dan Broad came together in western Massachusetts in 1996, and since then, have subscribed to a rugged touring regimen that, while concentrated on New England turf, has exposed them to much of the East Coast. During that time, they have played a slew of shows both by themselves, as well as select dates backing up legendary blues man -- and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee -- Johnnie Johnson in 1999.

So it was with a patient ear that I continued past the early portion of the disc, focusing my attention based on the band's tenure in the music business. Frankly, I am glad I did. By the third track, "Get Your Own Road," memories of "Bare Foot Betty" and her shoeless shenanigans began to fade, traded instead for an increasingly robust and occasionally complex approach that flows through the end of the album. "Brother Christopher" is where guitarist Tor Krautter's bluesy glide begins to emerge, bubbling over locked-but-loose grooves. The centerpiece of the album is "Leaves," a slow pressure test pushed to multiple crescendos by breezy B-3 swells and six-string tension. This 11 minute workout also allows Krautter to flex his vocal chords, shifting between hushed harmonies to gruff wails. By "Lady of the Night," the quartet's natural ability to weave blues riffing into grandiose song structures is marked in the dramatic interplay within the quartet, emphasizing a patient approach and a shared knowledge of both when to play and when not to play.

Live & Off the Beat-N-Track, despite its false start filled with overplayed imagery and novelty-gone-bad cover, is a fine reflection of a hardworking band with a bluesy style and a penchant for brawny, far-reaching rock and roll songs. With a better balance from beginning to end, the album could serve as a showcase of the band's true talents. Unfortunately, with such a sordid opening, newer listeners may not have the patience to make it to the meat of the album, where the band uncovers its inherent musical tenacity. -


Live & Off The Beat-n-Track – 2004
Listen at:

Jamazon – 2002
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2000 Lives – 2000
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Whatever It Takes – 1998
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In Search Of Ecstacy – 1996
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The Reverend Tor Band was formed in western Massachusetts by front man Tor Krautter in 1996. Since it’s conception, the band has evolved into a power house on the east coast club and festival circuit, performing in venues from Maine to Key West Florida. In their native New England, the band keeps a heavy touring schedule enthusiastically supported by a large following of dedicated fans.

The groups members are an eclectic crew of experienced professionals. Members of RTB have worked with the likes of The Band, Little Feat, Bill Monroe, Pete Seager and Arlo Guthrie. Together they have shared the stage with members of The Grateful Dead, Phish, The Allman Brothers, and New Riders Of The Purple Sage. They have performed at festivals and concerts with The Jerry Garcia Band, Los Lobos, The Funky Meters, Leftover Salmon, String Cheese Incident, Max Creek, Derrick Trucks Band and tour regularly with Grateful Dead keyboardist Tom Constanten. They where even asked to back up legendary blues man and Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame inductee, Johnny Johnson for a few shows on his 1999 tour.

RTB’s large original repertoire feature funky, bass oriented rhythms and foot stomping percussion. Bouncy guitar lines pull the whole groove together and creates an entrancing state that makes ones body want to move. Soulful melodies are immediately memorable. Even the bands cover tunes have a distinctly “Torricized” feel and include B-side tunes from The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers and others.

The Band has 5 CD’s out on Smelly Dog Records, “In Search Of Ecstasy”, “Whatever It Takes”, “2000 Lives”, The highly acclaimed “Jamazon” (witch features guest appearances by: Max Creek’s Mark Mercier, Grateful Dead’s Tom Constanten, Banjo Master Gordon Stone & NRPS steel guitarist Buddy Cage) and the brand new Live CD “Live & Off The Beat-n-Track”. All are excellent examples of their dedication and meticulous approach to the quality of their music. On stage the band’s energy is intense. These boys are not afraid to break a sweat and rarely have a problem getting the crowd on their feet. One club owner called them the hardest working band he’d ever met.


“The songs of Tor Krautter just get better” “The album is a real gem that jumps across musical boundaries with ease and imagination”
-Mick Skidmore (Relix Magazine)

“I had a blast performing with Tor” “I hope we can do that again soon” “I heard a rippin’ solo and looked over and it was Tor!”
-Mike Gordon (Phish Bassist)

“The jams are like blistering rays of sunshine. It was magical. We really went places”.
-Tom Constanten (Grateful Dead Keyboardist / Composer)

“Hey whoa….Nice tunes”.
-Arlo Guthrie (Legendary Folk Singer)

“Strange and fun. Strong songs. Sonically satisfying. Tor is an intriguing songwriter and his performance and playing bring it all home.”
-Greg Steele (Grammy-nominated engineer, Derek Studios)