Reverse/Richard Peacock

Reverse/Richard Peacock


Charming & Clever Love Songs with Strong & Beautiful Melodies.

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Distant Star

Written By: Richard Peacock (Reverse)

Now is the time, to show this loves not blind.
And your smile, is like a star.
It draws me near, yet still too far.
And your smile, just like the sun, it warms my heart, you are the one.
And your eyes just like the sea, they draw me in, they beckons me.
And your lips, soft as a rose, they stole my love, my heart and soul.


Written By: Richard Peacock (Reverse)

I can feel the love, that burns in your soul, for me is real, burns out of control.
I can see the pain, the pain in your eyes. Give me half a chance to take the pain from your life.
I would follow you, until eternity.
I can taste the fear, the fear on your lips. A fear of love so real, banish your fear with a kiss.
And, I would follow you, until eternity, yes, I would follow you, until eternity.


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