Rev Gusto

Rev Gusto


Rev Gusto plays a multitude of genre's. Some of our music can be described as party rock, with blues, folk, and hip-hop influences. We love playing live music and we love to make people dance!


Jerry Frederick is the lead singer, writer, and rhythm guitarist as well as the head of the band. Quinn Hernandez is a hip-hop drummer that gives the band a heavy groove to hold on to. Sam Frederick is the bassist and gives tons of energy as well as backup vocals. Shaun Crowley and Peter Beatty are both guitarists bringing in blues and rock influences that give the band the power it needs to express our love for music.


We have a demo disk out that contains most of our most known songs. We are currently in the works of recording our first album.

Set List

Burned Out Friends
Watch Your Step
Deal With That
Nobody Wants To Eat Alone
Goodnight Laura
Put You In The Ground
Baby Don't Shoot Me
King Size Bed