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Ironton, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Ironton, Ohio, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Metal Hard Rock




"EP Review"

Get out the popcorn and prepare yourself. Post-metalcore rockers, Revision, Revised are bringing a collection of short stories, told through their music, to listeners around the world. - Mind Equals Blown

"EP & Touring"

When a band catches your ear in a wholly unique way, you can’t help but really focus on the nuances of the music, what the lyrics are about, or even find out whos in the band and what their duties are. Those were my goals when I first heard Ohio’s new post-metalcore outfit Revision, Revised. - Under The Gun

"Music Video Release"

The video is a psychological horror, mirroring the lyrics of the song. “Clocksweeper” portrays a man who has been deceived by his own mind — but believes someone else had deceived him and wants revenge; however, everything leads back to himself in the end. - Switch Blade Noise

"Tour Announcement"

Scarlett O’Hara is back and they’ve announced new tour dates with Across The White Water Tower and Revision Revised.

The band, previously signed to Rise Records, recently released a new record ‘Welcome Back To The Brodeo.’

Across The White Water Tower also has a new album ‘Phantom Pains’ out now. Revision Revised’s new single “Damned Since Birth” will be released this spring. - Rock n Load


Damned Since Birth - Single

Dead Icons Deluxe Edition (2018)



Revision, Revised [RR] is a post metalcore/hard rock band hailing out of the southern Ohio region, [RR] was founded by the only two remaining member, vocalist Charles Cody Wilds & bassist Jared Webb in 2012, along with Guitarist Josh Bailey, Guitarist/Vocalist Maverick Taylor Lewis & Drummer Jose Couvertier.

[RR] made quick moves in the beginning recording with Joey Sturgis in 2014 on their debut EP “Dead Icons” & hitting the road racking up 6 tours under their belts, Later that year [RR] released the stand alone song Creeper Keeper with a music video. In 2015, the band released their music video for the lead single from the Dead Icons EP titled Clocksweeper.

[RR] went on a hiatus for nearly two year, In 2017, [RR] released a memorial cover of the song In The End originally by Linkin Park when they heard of Chesters passing. Since then the band has been in full swing again since! 

[RR] won’t be one to sleep on as they are experimenting with a lot of new sounds & songwriting on the new album. 

“This album is my life, it’s my soul told in music form, I think a few people will be saddened about the change in sound as we have matured a lot as songwriters, but this album has everything. I’m proud of what’s to come with it. Maybe a few less breakdowns but they’re still some there.

The new album is scheduled to release summer 2020! You can keep up with [RR] on social media & their website!

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