Funk, Soul, Rock n Roll. It’s almost as simple as that. Playing 150 shows a year, Revision is comprised of guys who can actually play, write solid songs, and make a room full of people dance their ass off.


Formed in the reputable music town of Ithaca NY, Revision is a funk/rock band made up of three Ithaca College music grads. Having the instrumentation of Soulive coupled with the songwriting savvy of Wilco, their music grooves, rocks, and has a sincere live energy.

Fueled by their Vegetable Oil van, Revision has averaged over 100 shows a year touring with acts such as Derek Trucks, Soulive, Charlie Hunter, Michael Franti and Spearhead, and The Cat Empire.

Their most recent release "Jeckyll and Hyde" is a two faced masterpiece. The first half is dirty instrumental funk...the perfect party soundtrack. The second half is vocal heavy and stripped down, Elliot Smith meets The Beatles.

The album was mixed by Alan Evans (Soulive) and Matthew Ellard (Elliot Smith, The Slip, Billy Bragg and Wilco).

All their records were released on 1 gig USB drives which include video downloads, artwork and high quality audio.

This band is relentless in the studio, putting out two full length albums and a live DVD in under two years. This has gotten them placements on shows such as ESPN Baseball Tonight, TNT's "Dark Blue", and several independent films.

YouTube Videos:
New funk instrumental album in 3 minutes!

"Soul System Breakdown" Live

"Boom" Live

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Amplification (2008)
Crash On The Floor (DVD/Live Album) (2009)
Jekyll and Hyde (2009)

Set List

About 3.5 hours of music isn’t a problem. Most setlists include 80% original material, 20% cover, all very danceable.

Around 35 original tunes. Covers of Radiohead, Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, John Scofield, Beatles, Marley, Bill Withers