Revival is a uniquely eclectic rock band with a solid rhythmic base and the dynamic vocals of lead singer Smith.


Revival draws from a variety of influences combined into a unique sound. From Jason Mraz on

"...brings the sound of the police, journey, 311, ben folds, led zepplin, and so much more to their cross pollination of the ska, funk, rock and pop. their sets are non stop. you'll think their rhythm section invented the pocket.” Stillbreak is the band previously known in the Southeast as "Revival". Smith works with label Cinemark Music-


Debut album "Headwaters". Tracks available at

New music and video is currently being produced.

Set List

Typical headlining set range from 45 min. to 1.5 hours, including 5-6 songs well known in the region, several new tracks that the group is currently producing, and a couple unique takes on covers, which have ranged from Marvin Gaye to Sade, Prince to the Allman Brothers.