Like nothing you've ever heard, a heavy rock sound so thick you could chew it. Add a dash of experimental jazz, blues inspired ambience and you've got Revive.


Revive is a 5 piece, high energy experimental rock group hailing from Cambridge, Ontario. Bringing to the table a versatile sound influenced by an array of music styles, Revive aims to achieve a unique sound that knows no limits.

Long jams, thrashing guitar riffs, flowing bass lines, vicious drum fills backed with melodic, crushing vocals, is a basic description of what you can expect from this band. Throughout the years there have been some member changes to the line-up but we feel that every group needs to evolve to achieve the style they are wishing to portray. This evolution has lead Revive to the development of their current EP which reflects this shift in their style and sound.

Revive sets out to push the boundaries of writing and make honest, heartfelt music.


Revive - The Jeanus EP (2007)

Set List

Stone Pony Express
St. Paul's Transaction
There's Something About Garry
1000 White Images
Don Wendy Has The Voice Of An Angel