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"Musical Talent Just Beyond Your Front Lawn: Revive"

Musical talent just beyond your front lawn: Revive
Monica Harvey - Staff reporter

The first time I saw Revive play was in a small bar in Cambridge hosting a show for a few bands. While most of the bands were entertaining, Revive was able to distinguish themselves in both their music and the quality of their performance despite the sketchy venue. The band is quite talented and is an example of how talent and technique can give way to limitless creativity.

It is always daring to compare a new band to other significant bands in music, but Revive has a sound and vibe like Nine Inch Nails and Tool. Other musical influences in the past and present sounds like they could be Alexisonfire, Pink Floyd and Mute Math. The band consists of five members: Dan Rochester on vocals, Steve Dallner on guitar, Jeff Brown on drums, Mike Lewis on guitar and Marc MacAulay on bass.

Started in 2004, the band has undergone many transformations, including changing members and sounds. Originally, the band had a more hardcore punk feel but has recently decided to go in a more experimental and progressive direction.

“We used to be more of a ‘hardcore’ driven band with a mix of vocals and screaming but we decided to change our style up to only have singing” said Brown.

The band has only recorded a few songs, all of which are available for download on their MySpace page at Due to the evolution of the music, the band isn’t rushing to the recording studio. “Our main focus right now is playing lots of shows to try and get some exposure throughout Ontario,” said Brown. “We will be focusing our efforts through the winter to complete a full length album in the spring. We still have about four more tracks to write before thinking about recording.”

Revive is constantly playing live and has three upcoming shows: two in Toronto on January 10 at the Rivoli, and on January 17 at Lennie B’s and one in Kitchener on February 22 at the Circus Room. The band also recently competed in “Bodog Battle,” where hundreds of bands from across Canada “battled” for a $1 million contract with Bodog Music. Revive was one of the bands out of 883 which made it to the live audition stage after submitting their song “20 out of 40.”

You can find more information about the band at their myspace page or from their Facebook group “Revive.”

“Revive is a band that you must listen to more than once to fully appreciate and understand the music… to be noticed, a band must do something different with their sound,” said Brown. - Imprint - University of Waterloo Newspaper


Revive - The Jeanus EP (2007)



Revive is a 5 piece, high energy experimental rock group hailing from Cambridge, Ontario. Bringing to the table a versatile sound influenced by an array of music styles, Revive aims to achieve a unique sound that knows no limits.

Long jams, thrashing guitar riffs, flowing bass lines, vicious drum fills backed with melodic, crushing vocals, is a basic description of what you can expect from this band. Throughout the years there have been some member changes to the line-up but we feel that every group needs to evolve to achieve the style they are wishing to portray. This evolution has lead Revive to the development of their current EP which reflects this shift in their style and sound.

Revive sets out to push the boundaries of writing and make honest, heartfelt music.