Revive The Radio

Revive The Radio

 Chandler, Arizona, USA

We're a Pop Punk blink-182 inspired band. Our songs have hooks and melodies that a wide range of audiences will enjoy. We have so much energy playing live that we're known to start riots in our school. We earned substantial recognition in our local area. We are ready for the next level.


Back in 2008, Joshua Capati was watching Green Day's Bullet in a Bible video and got inspired to start a band. Kole, who attended Josh's Junior high school was asked to join the band. Kole didn't have any skill at the drums but progressively improved as time went on. Caleb, the original bassist tagged along. Later that year, Gabe Hernandez was asked to join the band. Hernandez agreed to join.

For the next 2 years the band got shows, an audience and a lot of original songs. Caleb left in early 2010 to join a hardcore band.

Revive The Radio cycled through multiple bassist and stumbled across a friend of Josh's by the name of Cole Stevens (Nathan is his real name).

In early 2011 Gabe left due to many disagreements with music style and departed to join a hardcore band. 3 weeks later they found a new guitarist named Feyd. He and Josh met at a local mall.

Today, the band of 16 year olds, Revive The Radio has released 4 home made EP's, 1 Professional studio quality EP, and 2 singles. In the course of 3 years, they conquered more than what most older bands in that area. They played the Biggest venue in their area, and they headlined the legendary Nile Theatre in Mesa, AZ. They've gotten this far by themselves and they don't plan on stopping anytime soon. They are currently looking for a record label to broaden their horizons.


The Acoustic - EP (Streaming Online)
1. You've Had My Heart AT Gunpoint
2. The Letter Zie
3. Stacey's Song

Revive The Radio - EP (Streaming Online)
1. To Open My Eyes
2. MyCityScreams!

The Lights Out! - EP (Streaming Online)
1. Always & Forever (Demo)
2. The Letter Zie (Demo)
3. Watch The Curtains Close (Demo)
4. Sounds & Sirens (Demo)

Summer Was The Season To Remember - EP
[Streaming Online/Professional Hard Copies For Sale]
1. The Scene Where He Gets The Girl
2. Always & Forever (On Local Radio)
3. Love Is So Last Semester
4. Me + My 5. Sounds & Sirens (On Local Radio)

TiK ToK (Ke$ha Cover) - Single [Streaming Youtube]

The Sophomore - EP
(In The Process) [Home Recordings]
1. The Sophomore (Streaming Online)
2. Do It For California
3. The Perfect Score
4. For The Win!
5. You've Had My Heart At Gunpoint
6. Fall Behind

Cricketz (New Boyz Cover) - Single
(Streaming Youtube)