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"Impress the Judges - Kingston"

Wednesday January 2 2008 @ Stages Night Club (Impress the Judges)
By Bodog Battle
Stages Night Club explodes with the next stage of the Bodog Battle!
Kingston, Ontario is sometimes known as the halfway point between Montreal and Toronto, and what better way to mark the halfway point in the Bodog Battle than to play at Kingston’s Stages nightclub? If you’re thinking about heading out east soon, stop by and get your tickets to a live Battle show. You can witness a local area band win the $1 Million contract with Bodog Music. Or, if you can't make it out to one of the shows, you can always sign up to vote for the bands online in the Wildcard round. Go ahead - you know you want to!

Opening the show with their blend of rock and ska was Dreadful Days , a well rehearsed band of musicians. Cherub kicked it up a notch with their melodic songs and stand out vocalist. They delivered a great four song set and got the night off to a strong start.

The next band Betablokka had it all - pounds of talent, strong performance, strong songs and musicianship. They are a very talented band in all respects. Lights Over Acadia took to the stage next. Now this is a young band that just gets it! Their killer guitar playing and well thought out songs shows musical maturity for a band of such a young age.

Smaller On You brought on some alternative rock and a good following. This band was confident on stage and full of energy! Gentlemans Club shows the crowd a great time with their catchy short songs. Their supporters were very vocal and danced and jumped around.

Changing the tone of the night a bit was Revmatic , a heavy band with a sense of style. A great stage presence and lots of fan support help them get through their set and keep things tight. Proving that you can learn a thing or two along the way during the competition is Confined Spaces . This powerful band seems to have stepped it up since the last show and the crowd loves the four song set they perform. Well done guys!

A-Drift is up next and gaves us country rock with a twist. Their frontman really stood out and helped prove that this is a band that wants it bad! Pretty soon it was time for some old style rock at its finest with the band Sum Thin Ugly hitting the stage next. These guys have such a tight set; they look like they can play in their sleep!

If you’re looking for a super fun light rock pop band, Ianspotting is what you’ve been looking for. They put on a great set and are a crowd favorite. They are pure entertainment. Kickstand finished off the night in grand style, with wonderful song writing skills and a guitarist with a powerful voice. They are definitely a crowd pleaser! As one fan said “This has been the best multi-band show I have seen in Kingston in five years!”

Congratulations are in order to the four bands of the night that end up moving on to the next round: Ianspotting , Sum Thin Ugly , A-Drift and Revmatic. These bands are all on their way to the Regional Finals for the Bodog Battle! This isn’t the end of the line for the night’s other bands though. There is still the Wildcard to be decided. Head over to the Bodog Battle website and cast your Wildcard vote now !

Huge thanks go out to all the staff at Stages and of course to the fans for coming out and making the show a success.

Until next time,

Bodog Battle - Bodog Battle

"Revmatic CD Review @ Blabbermouth"

It's a rare day when we review unsigned submissions around here. I can't speak for the other guys, but I usually leave 'em in the pile with a guilty glance because most of them, regardless of genre, would get the same weak-sauce write-up — "yeah, they're pretty good for a local band, they're not very original, they got heart, but they need to stand out more to get to the next level". If we had more space, or we did nothing but write reviews 40 hours a week, then coming up with 947 ways to say that every year would make sense. As it is, though, there's just no time.

Canada's REVMATIC are a cut above the usual DIY fare, although they still have some work to do. On this, their third album, the band adds a bit more metal crunch to what was previously a more hard rock-oriented approach. Make no mistake, though, this is very much verse-chorus-verse commercial-grade rock, a heavy-but-catchy blend of likable radio crunchers that'd do just fine opening for anyone from BLACK LABEL SOCIETY to MOTLEY CRUE. There's enough riffy grit to slot in with, say, a BRAND NEW SIN, yet the hooks to swagger alongside BUCKCHERRY or even the brainier of the hair metal brigade.

The secret weapon REVMATIC wields is that they put it all on the line for the chorus — they live or die by that moment in each song, with vocalist Nathan Yetter providing a good cross between melody and rough-hewn regular guy hollering. Combine his penchant for sing-along-ready hooks with the muscular, workingman's riffing (think '90s ANTHRAX with more groove, or METALLICA if they'd knocked out the Black Album in one day during the "Stone Cold Crazy" session) and you've got some winning tunes, a slightly more metallic take on the "bar band made good" formula without all the irritating autotuned gbig-budget gloss.

Not everything's perfect — the better songs are definitely stacked at the beginning, with a couple at the finish failing to keep the excitement level up ("Bad Behavior" in particular is a bit of a dud, though it boasts nice soloing). And lyrically, they're nothing to write home about, with a lot of "lyin'/cryin'" couplets and warmed-over paeans to chicks. But REVMATIC are definitely on their way to great things, and they're something the world needs more of — a radio-friendly hard rock band that doesn't forget their balls, or their distortion pedals, on the way to the studio.

- Keith Bergman -

"Garage Band Idol"

Sun, October 28, 2007

Garage Band Idol


"I'm an angry man and I'm full of hate," roars Revmatic singer-guitarist Nathan Yetter on Head My Way. Thankfully, Yetter and co. know how to channel that anger into rock-solid, tight blasts of speed-metal built from pumping double-bass drums, chugging power chords and a harmonized twin-guitar solo.
- Toronto Sun

"Ghetto Blaster"

It's been a long time coming but Kingston rockers Revmatic's new album Ghetto Blaster has hit the streets
Ghetto Blaster follows their 2002 self titled debut that enjoyed much radio play and critical acclaim in both Canada and the U.S. No one trick pony... Revmatic delivers an album that will not only please longtime fans but will gain them many new listeners along the way. To quote The Rolling Stones "I know it's only rock and roll, but I like it".

Hardcore Revheads will be pleased to know that there are no real surprises here. Revmatic didn't go nu metal or country or try to write that whiny power ballad hit to get them airplay (not that they need
one given how much play they are already getting) ...instead they stuck to their guns and churned out more of the kick ass rock that has become synonymous with their name. That isn't to say that they haven't evolved or matured... they just simply continue to strive to do what they do... only better. Ghetto Blaster sounds like the next logical step forward for the band. Ghetto Blaster is a fair bit more diverse than their debut ranging from the more typical Revmatic fare of the first single "Take It" and "Away From Here" to heavier moments (like the blistering Black Sabbath like opening riff of "Never Really Know" and break down of "Just Like Before") to a reved up rendition of Madonna's mid-nineties hit "Secret". The bands keen melodic sense and love for a power
pop song hasn't changed ("From Me" for instance will satisfy fans of "Eileen" and "You Know What's Right" from the band's debut disc) but this time out the band has added a few darker tunes ("Falling" and "Something That's Dead") and some rousing party rock ("This Feeling's Gonna Shock You" and "Cause a Scene" et al) into the mix.

Yet the band still manges to inject some humour into their lyrics ("All ByYourself") as well as a good old f**k track ("House Of Sin") which seems destined to blare out of the speakers at the strip club or on your stereo during late night romp with the wiggler you met at the bar. Either way Revmatic has released one heck of a disc... one that you'd do yourself good to pick up a copy of. So if it's been a while since you've heard a real rock band ...pick this one up and remember how good it once was and how good it could be again. If it helps Ghetto Blaster hasn't left my uh... Ghetto Blaster... since I got the disc... and it probably won't leave yours either. Well the proof is in the pudding as they say. Mmmm... pudding.



Revmatic seamlessly blends modern rock and old school thunder on their self titled debut and prove once again that rock and roll is alive and well in Kingston. Kicked off by the thundering guitar-heavy crunch of "Two Feet Away" this album is full of tuneful, well thought out and extremely listenable rock songs. "You Know What's Right" is a hot rodded fifties type rock song that even your grandma would sing along with."Seems To Me" and "Wait For It Now" are kick ass rock songs perfect for a high speed rip in your car on a saturday night. No trendy whine ass ballads, no "i hate my father" screams... just straight up rock and roll from a fun loving rock band.
Lead Vocalist/Guitarist Nathan Yetter and Ron Berry's dual guitar attack is one of Kingston's best guitar tandems and that really shows through on the album. Bassist Keith Daigle and drummer Rob Baker (not the guy from The Tragically Hip) are no slouches either, laying down the crushing grooves that power Revmatic.

This is a strong debut from one of Kingston's hottest bands.Infact they are so hot that the band is back in the studio recording a follow up as of this writing. Visit their web site for more information and where to buy their cd.


"Bodog Battle"

S A T U R D A Y , S E P T E M B E R 2 9 , 2 0 0 7

Kingston hard-rockers Revmatic are winning the battle. The band, fronted by singer and guitarist Nathan Yetter (front), is one of the many Limestone groups signed up
for the Bodog Battle of the Bands, an international competition with a $1-million prize. Right now in the showdown, Revmatic has the No. 5 spot in Canada. ?¡ SEE PAGE 12

One local band that?fs playing the
Bodog game well are rockers
Revmatic, who, this week, have
jockeyed back and forth between
the No. 5 and 6 spot for fan voting
in Canada, virtually guaranteeing
them a spot in the Top-24 round.
Huston said any band that makes
the national Top 25 list will get to
play in the local round of 24 bands.
(To see who?fs on the list, visit
Revmatic vocalist and guitarist
Nathan Yetter, bassist Keith Daigle,
drummer Rob Baker and guitarist
Jay Hopkins, registered in August
and immediately starting encouraging
friends to vote for them online.
Now, Yetter checks the voting
standings constantly.
?gIt?fs a bit addictive, actually,?h he
said, noting that Revmatic had fallen
to No. 6 in Canada, although a
day later they were back at No 5.
?gWe?fre going to try and get up to
No. 1.?h
The song Revmatic uploaded to
the contest is Head My Way, a harddriving
tune, which they recently
recorded for their upcoming third
The band members are veterans
of Band Slam, having competed in
it for three years.
?gWe just got a new guitar player,
Jay Hopkins, and so we?fre feeling
good about things,?h Yetter says.
?gIt?fs nice to have Kingston band
in the Top 25 in Canada and we?fre
going to keep encouraging our
friends to vote for us.?h - THE TICKET Kingston Whig Standard

"Revmatic - Cold Blooded Demon - (Release Year - 2008)"

Their is a new metal band about ready to bust out of the Limestone City and take the world by storm. Revmatic have released their third CD, Cold Blooded Demon, and it may be their best one yet.

Cold Blooded Demon blasts out of its heavy metal cannon with the cool anthem “Head My Way“. This heavy rocker was a pretty good way to start off this disc. This tune immediately grabbed my attention, and left me wanting more.

“She’s My Drug” (see the video below) keeps the pace going well. This song has a cool sleazy bass line that really drives this tune.

The bass line on “Lie To Love Me” reminds me of Alice in Chains somewhat. This anthem seems to get better with every listen.

I love the Metallica influence that creeps its way into the song, “Finally“. On the title track “Cold Blooded Demon” I felt that the mixing on this song was a little off. The song is pretty good, but the bass and drums are mixed a little too loud, and it overpowers the vocals of Nathan Yetter. The guitar solos on this song rip!

“Such A Disease” is another cool track that sounds like it could have been a left over tune by Alice in Chains.

Cold Blooded Demon shows a ton of potential for Revmatic. Revmatic does a good job at blending 80’s metal and some 90’s grunge on this CD. Cold Blooded Demon is another nice surprise in 2008.

If a record label gives these guys a break, they could be the next big act to hit the scene. You can preview clips and order your own copy of Cold Blooded Demon at For more information on Revmatic, check them out on myspace.

~ by Rob Rockitt on September 28, 2008. -

"Revmatic - Cold Blooded Demon"

This year's Indie Of The Year contest came down to the wire, and for the majority of it's running it seemed that Revmatic were going to take top honors. A sudden spurt of activity from Safety Word Orange barely eeked it out from 'em. It's not too hard to see why Revmatic are so popular despite not having a deal going with any label. The music presented on Cold Blooded Demon is hook-heavy, just plain heavy and is reminiscent of White Zombie in some ways, an air of grunginess and a bit of a southern groove to some of the melodies. Not as impacting a release as I'd have expected, but solid nonetheless.

The first half of the album plays it safe while introducing/cementing the Revmatic sound to the listener. Opener "Head My Way" has some great bouncy energy and a fairly catchy chorus. One thing you'll notice a few songs in is that the band kinda plays it safe in their own territory, almost as if they've written most of these songs based on the same original 4 or 5 ideas. They really don't allow themselves to step out of the box until the wickedly cool "Such A Disease", which is more of a mid-paced grinder complete with very fitting and melodic leads. The speedier aggression on "A Dying Flame" and "Bad Behavior" is also welcome. Closer "So Far Away" might be the best track on the album, with some standout bass work and very sticky hooks.

Cold Blooded Demon is the type of album that would go Gold or better if it was given the proper marketing attention. No redefinition of it's sound present, but an ample and potent dose of bluesy, greasy, grungy hard rock that is equally nostalgic as it is current. The future no doubt holds great things for Revmatic, and even though this album didn't hit home the way I was looking forward to, I can still recommend it to any radio-friendly rock fan out there.


Canadian band Revmatic tears it up on Cold Blooded Demon. This ten song blast of sonically charged tunes grabs you from song to song.
Stand out tracks include, "A Dying Flame", "Such A Disease", and the title track "Cold Blooded Demon". Revmatic are consistent throughout this album, offering a heavy and thundering approach to their metal. Included on Cold Blooded Demon are touches of punk, Metallica and Stone Temple Pilots, with maybe a hint of Iron Maiden throughout the songs. The vocals are catchy and powerful, and I can only imagine what this band sounds like on stage. These guys know what they want to hear and what their audience wants to hear. Track after track this album consistently rocks and leaves you wanting to hear more, so play this one loud and do not skip a single song.
On the drums Rob Baker lays down a blistering aural assault that holds his band together and hammers a solid beat throughout the disc. Keith Daigle's animated bass lines take full charge of the thunderous backline and never lets go. His backing vocals, along with guitarist Jay Hopkins, approach the glory days of heavy metal chorus anthems. Hopkins, along with Nathan Yetter's blistering leads, catapults the overall crunch of this band into the stratosphere. Yetter's vocals are a power house display of catchy and unpredictable rage tempered with superior vocal control. His voice adds a distinctive sound to the songs and his guitar playing compliments the tunes while never overplaying. You get the sense that he could be flashier but holds back to reflect the cohesion Revmatic has. They function extremely well as a single unit, each one building on the strength of the others.
Cold Blooded Demon stands up to any band out there today and should carry the band well into the future of heavy metal. Of all the tracks my favorite two were "She's A Drug." and "Head My Way". This is one disc I can't pull out of my CD player. Rev it up! - - (to purchase)

Reviewed by Bryan Martin (Witch Meadow guitarist) for Sleaze Roxx, September 2008. -

"Revmatic - Cold Blooded Demon (2008)"

Canadian metallers Revmatic have released their third album, COLD BLOODED DEMON, and the band has taken a harder, more Metal sound than on their previous efforts: 2004’s GHETTO BLASTER and 2002’s REVMATIC. Both earlier albums were more contemporary Hard Rock than Heavy Metal but the addition of new guitarist Jay Hopkins, before the recording of COLD BLOODED DEMON, has added a new energy and harder style to Revmatic’s overall sound. There is Metal here, there is also Hard Rock, the blend makes it a very interesting listen.

Opening song ‘Head My Way’ starts the album with heavy guitars and pounding drums from Rob Baker that immeadiately reminds of Motorhead but not as dirty, especially vocally where Yetter has a clearer singing voice than Lemmy. I also detect a little Iron Maiden influence on the lead guitar, especially at the end of the song. ‘She’s A Drug’ has the same driving rhythm and energy that ‘Head My Way’ has but sounds more like a current Hard Rock song you would hear on today’s radio stations. Same thing goes with ‘Lie To Love Me’, it’s a heavy song that sounds like it could be on Rock radio alongside the Puddle Of Mudds and Nickelbacks of the world. What separates Revmatic from these other bands is the guitars, I doubt that the other two bands would want a more Metal approach.

There’s a little more melodic approach to the vocals on ‘Finally’ but the overall sound is Metal and the music has a Metallica - BLACK album influence to it while the title track kicks in with another buzzsaw riff and churning rhythm section and moves forward with raw power and energy. When Hopkins hits the solo, you can definitely hear that Phil Campbell style. Things slow down with a chugging riff on ‘Such A Disease’, it’s heavy and the drums especially pop out on this tune. There’s this enhancement on the vocals in some spots and I think Yetter sounds better without it, I guess the thing was to make those lines a little spooky but I never like that sort of thing. Ozzy did the same thing on BLACK RAIN last year and I hated it. ‘A Dying Flame’ is another heavy song in the same scope as the rest of the album, the guitar solo is excellent and the bass and drums really drive the entire song. Same goes for ‘Feel It Within’, huge guitar sound and the rhythm section sounds heavy as hell. There’s some cool quick harmonies on the chorus that sound pretty good as well.

Ending the album is ‘Bad Behavior’ and ‘So Far Away’. ‘Bad Behavior’ continues the hard & heavy Metal style but what I find really like on this song is how Keith Daigle’s bass jumps right out of the stereo speakers. What a sound! The bass isn’t overpowering, you can still hear everything else, it just really comes out and smacks you upside the head! ‘So Far Away’ leans back toward the current Hard Rock vibe that is popular right now and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this song out there on the radio. It’s a little slower than the rest of the album but it has a solid groove and I like the cleaner guitar solo.

Bottom Line:
This has been a good year for discovering new bands and Revmatic is one of those. “High energy, raw, in your face, modern Heavy Metal & Hard Rock that you could hear on today’s Rock radio”…..that is probably the best description I can give if I were to use one sentence. What I liked best about COLD BLOODED DEMON was the guitars, especially the solos that were extremely good. You can hear the Motorhead, Metallica, & Maiden influences in all the guitar work. I thought the bass and drums were tight and made for an really powerful tandem and the vocals were pretty good although a bit shouty at times. The production was top notch, everything crystal clear, not one instrument drowning out the others, everything was well balanced to create a big overall sound. Just a quick note on the cool album artwork…..doesn’t it look like something from H.R. Giger?

Favorite Songs: ‘Head My Way’, Bad Behavior’, ‘Cold Blooded Demon’, ‘Finally’, ‘So Far Away’
- Heavy Metal Addiction


Revmatic 2002 (self titled)
Ghetto Blaster (2004)
Cold Blooded Demon (2008)
Kill City 12 - 272 records (2008)



REVMATIC has been described as “catchy with the blunt force impact of blue-collar metal, more simplistic melodies that stay challenging when coupled with solid solos and leads. A steady, persistent backing section acts as a quickened pulse to propel the guitar theatrics. This band has a sound that's ready to burst from the underground into the mainstream.”
In 2008 they released their third album entitled “Cold Blooded Demon”. Described by singer Nathan Yetter as the sound of Guns N Roses and Metallica in a car accident, the album marks a new beginning with the band deciding to go in a heavier direction. Rory Fiorito who has worked with bands such as Diamond Head, Dokken, Ratt and Quiet Riot did the album art and design.
In the nine years since the band formed, they have molded themselves into an extremely solid band, fine tuning their sound‚ with melodic vocals, thunderous drums and guitars that are defined but fierce!
Cold Blooded Demon is a powerful album musically and visually. Bryan Martin from said, “Cold Blooded Demon stands up to any band out there today and should carry the band well into the future of heavy metal.
REVMATIC consists of Nathan Yetter on Vocals and Guitar, Jay Hopkins on Guitar, Keith Daigle on Bass and Rob Baker on Drums. The Heavy Metal Addiction website review said that the band are “High energy, raw, in your face, modern Heavy Metal & Hard Rock that you could hear on today’s Rock radio”
A review from Keith Bergman of said, “REVMATIC are definitely on their way to great things, and they're something the world needs more of — a radio-friendly hard rock band that doesn't forget their balls, or their distortion pedals, on the way to the studio.”
If a record label gives these guys a break, REVMATIC could be the next big act to hit the scene……