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Blackburn, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Blackburn, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Rock Metal


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"Desire For Truth EP - May 2010

Sick Little World(single) January 2011

Sick Little World(with b-sides) January 2011

When We Died Screaming (Album) April 2011

Featured on BBC Introducing with 5 songs(Sick Little World,17 Days,Fades To Grey,Chains,So Far Down)

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Kerrang TV
Lava TV
Metal Tuune TV
Music Mix USA
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Born out of frustration at the then current musical climate of "Screamo Emo" esque bands,Revolter made a conscious effort to fuse their Heavy De-tuned riffs with Bryn Traceys melodic anthemic vocals. The band quickly set to work on crafting a repertoire of hard hitting songs that encapsulated what Revolter were all about and wanted to be.

In April 2009 the band started recording demo’s in their rehearsal room and quickly set about distributing the demo’s across the internet. Revolter soon secured there first major achievement by shooting straight into the Number one spot on the charts with their ballad "So Far Down". Revolter also made it through to the finals of the International Song Contest at This led to the band quickly earning themselves a loyal and appreciative fan base.

The following month Revolter set out across the UK to play as many shows as possible and help get their music into the ears of as many people as they could. During this tour Revolter performed at 41 King Street in their home town of Blackburn and managed to outsell both Blaze Bayley(ex Iron Maiden/Wolfsbane) and Acey Slade (Murderdolls) who had played the same venue in the same month on their own world Tours. The hard work soon started to pay off by July of 2009 when the band started to generate solid interest from several Record Labels. Revolter signed with one of those labels,Swerve Records, and started work on their debut EP. Unfortunately the relationship between band and label soured and within 6 months the band filed proceedings to enable their release from Swerve Records.

" Unfortunately Swerve Records promised the earth and delivered a marble,that’s pretty much how it felt too us. They said they would inject money into recording,videos,tours but it never materialised. In fact,we started recording the EP on a budget they told us we had,finished the EP and the payments were never sent to the producer by the label. That left us with an EP we couldn’t touch. We had to completely skint ourselves to cover the costs which had a knock on effect on the band. It meant we couldn’t afford to go out on support slots that we desperately wanted too".B

The label split served as a springboard for Revolter to do things their own way and by 2010 Revolter were in the studio recording the "Desire For Truth" EP. Bryn Tracey said:-

" The label split was a massive learning curve and necessary education for us early on as a band. We needed to do things that the label couldn’t. The label did nothing but promise this and promise that,yet they never ever delivered. It left us with egg on our faces constantly but worse,left us constantly chasing our tails and having to pay the bills that they didn’t pay,so we decided it was better for us to part ways with them and do our own thing as a band. In essence dropping our label was the best thing that ever happened too us"

The debut EP consisted of five songs and throughout 2010 all five of the songs had seen continuous airplay on BBC Introducing.

By May 2010 "Desire For Truth" was released via Digital Distribution and the band embarked on a UK tour in support of its release. The bands upsurge through 2010 saw them gain contention for prestigious support slots with huge bands such as Alter Bridge,Bullet For My Valentine and Paramore. During August 2010 Revolter shot their debut music video for the single "Sick Little World".The subsequent single was released in January 2011 and the video aired for an astonishing 6 months in succession on UK TV Channels. The band also enjoyed success in the US and Japan were "Sick Little World" was play listed by both Japanese TV and US TV.

By January 2011 Revolter had entered into Shireshead Studios to record their debut album "When We Died Screaming" which included the debut single "Sick Little World" and the second single "17 Days".

" By this point we had no Bass Player in the band as our original Bassist John had to leave due to work and commitment issues.We understood that its very difficult at this level to commit too a bands schedule when you have a full time job and commitments to hold down. So we were recording as a 3 piece with myself recording all the bass parts. It worked out very well for us really but we knew the hard part of that was going to be recruiting the right person to take over Bass duties on a permanent basis"Said Lead Guitarist Mark Dyer

However Revolter didn’t let that stand in their way and released "Sick Little World" as a single in January and "When We Died Screaming" was released in May of 2011,the bands first full length release.This period also saw the band link up with Maria McClymont and MJ Bookings,both acting as Manager and Booking Agent respectively. Once again Revolter set out on a UK tour to promote their release,but by this time had a more solid look to the band with the introduction of Sam Cook (aka Sambo) on Bass duties