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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Noctámbulo (October 2001)"

Spanish: "...los muchachos de Revolución fueron el éxito de la noche. Con su estilo inconfundible y original, impactaron a todo quien se encontraba allí presente..."

English: "...the boys from Revolución were the hit of the night. With their unique and original style, they shocked everyone who was there that night..." - Soryam Carrillo

"Frente Sónico (March 2002)"

Spanish: "El video de Revolución es el único en su tipo que se haya creado por una banda puertorriqueña, y para completar, está acompañado por una de las mejores canciones jamas creadas por una banda local."

English: "Revolucion’s video is the only one of it’s kind ever created by a Puerto Rican band, and just to make it better, it is accompanied by one of the best songs ever written localy." - Ferni Oquendo

"Onda Rock (February 2002)"

Spanish: ...una de las pocas bandas en Puerto Rico que ha logrado atraer público de todas nacionalidades, por su letra inglesa y alma latina."

English: " of the few bands in Puerto Rico that has managed to attract crowds of all nationalities, because of their English lyrics and latin soul." - Jessica and Nelly Gonzalez


Revolución – 6 song EP (1998)
Revolución – 7 song LP (2002)
Today I’m Big – Music Video
We currently have radio and TV airplay in Puerto Rico


Feeling a bit camera shy


The dictionary defines Revolución, or Revolution, as a radical transformation in any order. It is from this definition that this band from the island of Puerto Rico takes it’s name. They take in their own hands the task of taking music to the next level, which they understand is already due. In their beginnings, the singer and guitar player of the band (Miguel Rodríguez, b.1980) decided to learn to play guitar in 1993, when he was only 13 years old, to form a band. The main reason he decided to do so was the lack of bands playing music which he truly liked. As time passed, he begand to trust more his musical skills, so he started searching for members of his future band. The first person who expressed interest was his brother (Adenawar Rodríguez, b.1978), who started playing with an old, horribly sounding drumset which was later upgraded for one that sounded as they previously envisioned. After practicing together for about 8 months, exclusively songs by other bands, they decided to complete their sound by adding a bass guitar. They did not want just any bassist, but one who had the same line of musical ideas that they had. They started asking their friends if they knew someone who was trustworthy, played bass guitar and was interested in forming a band. Miguel had a friend who had told him a couple of times that her brother liked many of the bands which Miguel also liked. One day, she happened to tell him that her brother (Delio Figueroa, b.1978) played bass guitar. That day, October 25 of 1996, Miguel and Delio had a conversation in which they decided to meet and play music together, just to see what happened. On October 27 of that same year, the band today known as Revolución was oficially formed.

Revolución is not a project, a fusion, an experiment or any other of those pretty words that some bands attribute to themselves. It is a band. In their beginnings, the three members played for fun, without any major future concern. As they practiced, it was noticeable for them that they were finally acquiring the sound the aimed for. The band went through a series of names, such as Hot Asphalt, Olgasmo and Bliss, until the day came when they knew that the band was taking a more serious route, and they once and for all picked the name they have today, Revolución. The common factor that united the band members was their music taste, which includes bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Weezer, Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots and Sepultura, among others. This made them get along much better in their personal and musical facets. After a few months of constant practice, they began playing in small events. When they noticed that public response was positive and bigger than they expected, they decided to record their first musical production, which included six original songs, entitled Mal (Wrong), Confusión (Confusion), Sepulcro (Sepulcher), Cielo (Heaven), Incoherencia (Incoherence) and Patriota (Patriot). This songs were in Spanish, contrary to the language now commonly used by the band, which is English. There is no particular reason for this, they just like it that way. All members of Revolución are completely fluent in both English and Spanish. The system used by Revolución when it comes to music composition is individualist. Each member writes his own music and lyrics independently and then uses it for the band, if he wishes to do so.

That musical production of limited release, finished in 1998, helped them book various presentations in Puerto Rico. As they then noticed that progress kept pointing forward, it was decided to record a second production, made entirely by professionals. It took them about a year to complete the recording. This production includes seven songs in English, which are called About Anarchy, Today I’m Big, Chip-Chop, Hate, Is This The End?, Something and Superficial Fantasies. This last production was released on February 9, 2002. The visual art of the CD itself was painted by Puerto Rican artist Jomary Ortega.

In March 2002, Revolucion’s first music video was completed. The video is for the song Today I’m Big,which is one of the hits of the band. It was made entirely with 3D animation by Lemonade Studios, in Amsterdam. It is the first video of it’s kind in all of Puerto Rico’s history, and they are currently recognized throughout the island.

Revolución currently continues to play in various places in the island of Puerto Rico, but the can be found usually in the capital, San Juan, playing for fans of music that differs from what there already is so much.