Revolution 9

Revolution 9

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Rev 9 has headlined the stage with such acts as Hardfloor, Carl Cox, KRS- One, Aphrodite, Green Velvet, Mark Farina, Q-bert, Bad Boy Bill, DJ Dan...


In so many words...

Revolution 9 is not only a name, it is an abstraction. Unapologetically plucked from The Beatle’s song catalogue, the name is as timeless as its message...that music is chaos, patiently waiting to be tuned in, arranged, sequenced and recorded. It is the awareness that music is everywhere and that it can easily be heard in anything...and if orchestrated with passion and precision, can change the world.

Revolution 9 has discovered their own unclouded voice in that cacophony, holding hands with songsmiths who also made a name for themselves above all the other “noise.” Although their music does pay homage to 80s pop sensibilities, there is an encyclopedic influence of sound that takes root and grows steadily in your ear, bringing to mind the more modern day models of house and techno. In the same way Depeche Mode, Orbital and Nine Inch Nails pioneered electronic music, Revolution 9 has broken new ground, redefining electro-pop, combining new concepts with haunting melodies that will satisfy music fans who have for years been starved for songs that are at once anthemic, bold and lyrical.

Kevin Ahern and Jason Beatty started working together in high school, creating what would eventually become the sound of Revolution 9. While Kevin’s strengths were evident primarily as a songwriter, Jason’s skills were more germane to rhythm and production. Years of collaboration eventually lead up to one moment, their debut release. Rather than taking the expected and often rejected route of shopping their music to labels, they decided to release their music on their own label, Scarab, hopefully playing to a joyous crowd at their backs.

Revolution 9 released their first EP (lo-fi glamour) in June of 2005 featuring the single “Computer Girl,” a minor U.S. hit. It was soon followed up by their second release in September 2005 called AM/FM, an EP featuring the single “Radio.” With a strong new single, and equally strong Battery Fiver Mix, Revolution 9 managed to climb the charts not only in the U.S. but on European and Canadian radio as well. Which brings us to Music By Numbers, Revolution 9’s full length album, due for release in 2007. It features the singles “Computer Girl,” “Radio,” “Throughout The World” and “Waiting For The Weather”...along with five other vocal tracks and one instrumental. In 2008 the boys followed up their full length debut with a full length remix album titled Remixes + Rejects. It features a remix of every song from Music By Numbers, plus the new hit single “Work.”


Throughout the World

Written By: Kevin M. Ahern

Look alive
This is what I want from you
It's alright
If you feel a little blue
We can drive
For as long as you want to
I won't lie
My intentions are not true

Do you want to try?
I do want to feel alive, feel alive

Throughout the world love is heard
Our time has come to spread the word
Take back the sound of the absurd
Redraw the lines that have been blurred
And by that time you'll know our name
No questions will remain
We're better off that way

Look around
There is more than what you see
Super sounds
And you don't need your TV
I am good
And I know just what you need
Like I should
What you hear might set you free

Do you want to try?
I do want to feel alive, feel alive



lofiglamour - EP


Music By Numbers - LP

Music By Numbers: Remixes + Rejects - LP

Set List

3(3) - Opening
Computer Girl
Throughout The World
Inside of Me
Waiting For The Weather
Answer Me
Patience (Acoustic)
In Your Arms
Reckoner (Radiohead Remix and Cover)