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Revolutionary Side Effects

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Revolutionary Side Effects @ Wakarusa Music & Camping Festival

Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Revolutionary Side Effects @ Moondoggies West

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Revolutionary Side Effects @ The Mint

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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The Maybe EP, 2005

Radio airplay in local Los Angeles, CA and Tucson, AZ college stations. Internet radio airplay.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Revolutionary: radically new or innovative; outside or beyond established procedure, principles, etc.

Side Effects: any accompanying or consequential and usually detrimental effects.

"Why Revolutionary Side Effects," is a frequent question fielded by the members of this progressive, experimental rock/funk unit. The band was formed in the North Hollywood community of Los Angeles, California by founding members Josh Baldwin (Drums, Vocals, Slide whistle) and Mike Blumberg (Guitar, Vocals, Phrase Manipulator). The band's line-up was solidified in the spring of 2006 when they were approached by Anthony Rogers-Wright (Bass, Vocals, Tone Calisthenics), just as Baldwin and Blumberg were giving up hope on finding a partner who shared their vision, desire, and the band's overriding philosophy, "LIVE MUSIC LIVES!!!" Rogers-Wright agreed to relocate from San Diego and RSE was ready to roll.

It would be easy at first listen to classify RSE as another jam-band, however, upon witnessing their live performance, it's clear that the band extends well beyond that moniker. The first noticeable aspect of this band is the amount of sound that they generate. Listening to RSE for the first time or with one's eyes closed would lead one to believe that there are as many as six musicians on-stage. The fact of the matter is that the band generates a variety of tones and sets a variety of moods with only six hands and three musicians. Blumberg sets the tone with various tonal effects that range from inconspicuous and fluffy, to aggressive and deliberate. Add his ability to paint a background via phrase looping, and the RSE canvas is ready for the many portraits that this band captures.

The rhythm section of Bassist/Vocalist Anthony Rogers-Wright and Drums/Percussion/Vocalist Joshua Baldwin provide the ink for the canvas generated by Blumberg. Rogers-Wright has a style of bass that is synonymous to the way he speaks. He converses with both of his bandmates often times going beyond what merely needs to be said, and interjecting what can additionally be said. Charging ahead with slick and sometimes extremely quick jaw dropping finger funk and slap phrases, Rogers-Wright also distributes a groovy foundation thereby supporting Blumberg's flammable solo ability while simultaneously challenging him to feed the flame.

Joshua Baldwin is the carbon based glue that keeps the wheels of RSE on the road, and sometimes between the lines. An explosion of rhythmic ideas, Baldwin demonstrates full command of the beat. His relationship with the beat is like that of a drug dealer/addict in that he bates it with a sample and has it coming back and begging for more. He is also the hardest working member of the band, saturating t-shirts at shows, and conducting the band with incendiary drum-rolls and clever beat manipulations.

2006 proved to be the year that RSE began their breakout into the music world, as they used websites like YouTube and Myspace to spread video and audio of their live performances. Highlights of 2006 include their first tour of the East Coast where they opened for Robert Randolph and the Family Band at Baltimore's famed Ram's Head Live, Mr. Maceo Parker of James Brown and P-Funk fame, and The Samples. Since their inception in 2005 RSE has had the pleasure of opening for Les Claypool, Global Funk, Moonshine Still, Delta Nove, Vinyl, Green Lemon, RAQ and more. Most recently, RSE was selected to perform at the 2007 Wakarusa Music & Camping Festival in Lawrence, Kansas.

The picture is painted, and like any abstract peice, different people will walk away with different perceptions, but the one underlying theme that will be shared by all who witness RSE is... affected. RSE will leave you asking what happened, how it happened, and what's going to happen next. The band is currently working on their debut album, so until its anticipated Winter 2007 release, you can ask yourself these questions and more by checking them out at or

If the phrase "side effects" carries a negative connotation, then the primary mission of this band is to revolutionize this mode of thinking. To this end, the band name does not merely function as a form of identification... it also represents a purpose and an expression. Once you hear their music, the name of the band emerges as a statement... "change through innovation is good, and side effects, while inevitable, are not necessarily adverse."