Revolution Machine

Revolution Machine


Heavy Rock with a hook. Each song is accessible, each song is different. Take a bit of GnR, Motley Crue, STP, The Cult & Filter and you get Revolution Machine. An original blend of it's own music melded from it's influences.


Okay, now that the music scene is full of country this, copycat that, neo-post-punk-pop-funk-hip-hop-folk-fusion-nu-metal politically correct everything else, one wonders if there is anything original left under the sun. Yeah, there are still a few musicians around who don't want to hitch themselves to the latest trend. Welcome to the world of REVOLUTION MACHINE.

That's our belief, simple as that. However there is alot more to the story. Mylon, Lee, John and David all spent time on the local Nashville music scene experiencing varying degrees of success. As it became more apparent that music was moving in varying degrees categorization they all longed for memorable songs, big hooks and a driving back beat with groove. Thus, Revolution Machine was born. Love us or hate us you can't deny that every song sounds different. The bottom line is, there's something in Revolution Machine for everybody.


Demos only. Working on CD.

One track "Alone" is receiving rotation in the Nashville area at 102.9 the Buzz.

Set List

Human Bomb
New Religion
Part of Me
Man on a Mission
We Die Young (Cover)
Interstate Love Song (Cover)
Nightrain (Cover)
Baba O'Reilly (Cover)
Only one cover is played to close our set.
Set usually consists of 45 mins.