Revolution Number 9

Revolution Number 9

 Formia, Latium, ITA

Indie rock band romana.
Da poco é uscito il nostro nuovo EP, diretto artisticamente dai Velvet, dal titolo "Pulling the Trigger" che verrá accompagnato da un tour lungo tutta la penisola.

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"Take a look at some of the most successful bands of recent years - the Libertines in the UK, and Sweden's finest, Mando Diao. What is their secret? What is the mythical combination? The answer, if you haven't guessed already, is the combination of blinding tunes with a double dose of frontman, magically doubling the band's appeal. Italy's Revolution No.9 appear to have got off to an auspicious start, with powerhouse duo Pete and Valerio making girls swoon as they share vocal and guitar duties. Since the birth of the band back in 2005, these bastard sons of Britpop have taken a vial of vintage Who and Kinks, mixed in a spittle of pure punk ethos and added a generous slice of powerpop, resulting in their unique sound. 2007's self-released 'Standing in your City' has really caught the music world by the bollocks, showcasing the band's versatility and genius. With every song a potential single, Revolution No.9 have won admiration from both the indie scene and the notoriously difficult Mod scene, and gainied support from independant radio stations across the globe. 2008 looks set to be their year, as they embark on a UK tour which is set to catapult them towards the heady heights of commercial success. Watch out kids, the Revolution has only just begun.... "