Revolution Red

Revolution Red


We are a band that does everything we can to be like no one else. Every one of our songs is unique, ranging from head banging hard rock to slow ballads.


Revolution Red was formed in late 2006 from the cores of two seperate bands. Brothers Joe and Derek Rhatigan have been playing together for some time, and when their current project dissolved they started to search for a rhythm section. Corey Richardson and Travis Tastove had been playing together in different bands for almost three years when they hooked up with Kris Goodwin. The three meshed well and stuck together trying to form a new band which never got off the ground. In December of 2006 the five musicians came together and struck gold, they instantly knew that what they had was special. Revolution Red was born.


Lady Misery plays on 99.1 KSEK and 105.3 KJML

Set List


Lady Misery
Hybrid 3.25
Devils and Presidents
Sex Machine
Hold Me Up
Jaguar Feeding Frenzy
Falling Down
Heaven or Hell
The Way
Stand or Fall
Pocket Full of Lies
As Perfect As Perfect Can Be
I'm The Freak


Head Like a Hole - Nine Inch Nails
Aenima - Tool
Sober - Tool
Cumbersome - Seven Mary Three
Tomorrow - Silverchair
Hey Man, Nice Shot - Filter
Change - Deftones

We know many more covers if we need them as well.