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The best kept secret in music


"Revolve CD Review"

Revolve is a band who dares to look into the depths of the human existence, starting heavy from the get-go, with "Open," a song that initiates a journey into the unknown, "The longer we're chasing what we think will be / The tighter our chains to our own prophecy/ It's self fulfilling." Singer Matthew Manning could have asked no better mood from his band mates for this type of self-discovery meandering.
The band lets its main message unfold, "to bathe in this obvious now," as the awakening occurs that there is something more to life unperceived by our senses. "Awake" proceeds the journey with electronic dabblings in the background adding to the sense of mystery, with Manning's haunting vocals sucking the listener inside, "stepping beyond this dream." Projecting off into an other-worldly dimension completely, "Blue," a definite highlight of this journey, launches itself off with Bernhard Guenther's skilled esoteric drumming, drawing you in and unleashing the band's powerful spirit, "They look away, look away, look away." If you had a question of where this was going, the band will make sure to confirm it to you by putting philosopher and counter cultural icon Alan Watts on the forefront, "You may ask, What is reality?" Watts starts, and if you were not asking yourself then, you will surely start with this album.
Revolve is a brand new talent with undeniable influences from Tool, linked to the hard rock giants not only musically but spiritually. It is refreshing to see a Tool-influenced band that keeps to the spirit of the originals, not to rip them off, but because they are clearly also being drawn to this type of release through their own journey of individual self-discovery.
The potential is all there to create something different, and what we have is certainly impressive. The balanced proportion that allows their musicality to flourish can reach them to new heights. In today's soulless rock music, this is a band I'm rooting for. Check them out.
- Kludgemagazine

"Revolve CD Review"

"Starting off with a Los Angeles style introduction, (loud, strong, and unique) the influences of each member can be heard in the polished arrangement of the songs. The balance between the heavy riffs with the claming vocals of Mathew Manning is uplifting and passionate. Los Angeles is taking a new form of alternative music that is incorporating the art/rock and progressive sound. In a decade in which technology can no longer be fought with but only manipulated into our lives, Revolve balance those elements into a mature and ripe style for many bands to follow. While Woven and Apex Theory have defined their style within the music industry, Revolve will be the next band to re-define the progressive genre into the mainstream radio. So if you enjoy the intelligence of Mars Volta, the artistic style of Woven or Apex Theory, then take a listen to Revolve." - The Edge Underground


Self-titled full length album released in December '04


Feeling a bit camera shy


Revolve have been brewing in the Los Angeles Underground since 2001, developing an electric strain of Rock. A four-piece in all, the members of Revolve stem from Japan, Germany as well as the U.S., adding a cultural diversity to their material. The band’s diverse influences include variants of electronic and rock music ranging from, trance, drum’n’bass and ambient dub, to metal, progressive rock and ethnic music. Other sources of inspiration for Revolve’s musical expression are various philosophers and visionaries. Through their unique blend of philosophy and harmony, Revolve invites the listener on a shamanic journey exploring the mystery of existence.