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The best kept secret in music


"Revolver are a band with a solid modern day feel."

“Make no mistakes though as this is not an eighties or early nineties rock revisited reworking, Revølver are a band with a solid modern day feel and sound that still manages to capture the magic of times gone by but also reworks it for today's generation. Subtler moments like 'Blue Sky' and 'Walking' counteract the guitar grunge and ruthless aggression of 'Nosebleed' to good effect and it's contrasting styles like these mixed with great gut wrenching screams and vintage hard rock cries from Walsh that make Revølver's debut an album set to truly shake things up big time. Watch out for this band should their shockwaves spread to the UK. - TRASH PIT MAGAZINE (England, UK)


Revolver – Turbulence ::
When you’re the son of Goddo guitarist Gino Scarpelli, you’d damn well better be in a band that kicks everyone’s ass and doesn’t embarrass your old man. These brass-ball commandos lay down a heavy carpet of sound that’ll have your windows rattling for weeks. This is rock ’n’ roll the way it’s supposed to be played: with bludgeoning riffs that explode in the air thicker than a barrage of flak bursts over Normandy on D-Day. Velvet is for pocket-pool pansies. Real men pack concrete. • Be seeing you! - CREEM Magazine & Metro Times Detroit (USA)

"Revolver is ready to kick-start..."

“Since receiving this disc, I have played it virtually non-stop; Revolver is ready to kick-start rock and rid us of the crap currently polluting the airwaves.” - BWBK - Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles (International)


Canada's newest rock and roll machines, REVOLVER, step on the scene like a bully at the playground! The bands rocking debut "Turbulence" not only has heavy riffs, but terrific, melodic vocals and crunching guitar solos. The title track is getting the commercial attention, but "Blue Sky" is the track with the deepest message. I was blown away by the power and energy this band has. The world has been void of hard rock for too long. In the times of digital music this is a refreshing look back to when music was fun and the bands were almost dangerous. 'Turbulence' has an edge on it that only a few bands can manage in modern times. Nick Walsh's powerful vocals, the talent of, Laurie-Anne Green on bass, the dynamic guitar tandem of, Sean "Crash" Kelly and Jean Scarpelli on the guitars, and Sheldon Thomas's power on the drums. Each of these guys, and gal, add a layer to make each song crazed and kick major ass! Revolver serve up music that reaches every person in a new and different way. How many albums do you buy and end up getting a great song or two and the rest is just OK? You definitely don't have to worry about that with this one. Just one piece of advice. Listen to it LOUD! The driving rhythms of "Automic Arcade" just aren't the same unless you've pegged the volume. Other great tunes are "Electric Machine", "Juggernaut", and "Gasoline". If you like hard rock, rock in general, or just music than you MUST have, this is an essential album for the ages. The "GET YOUR ROCK OFF" light has been switch on, feel free to get your rocks on! - ALL ACCESS MAGAZINE (California, USA)

"Revolver is doing it in Canada"

Back in the 80's when I was writing for Pulse Niagara, I remember doing a review or two of Slik Toxic's albums, and now that lead vocalist and songwriter Nick Walsh has moved onto his new project, Revolver, it seems to me that a lot of things really haven't changed. Not that I mean that in a bad way. Slik Toxic were an awesome hard rock band for their time, and really, does this sort of stuff ever go out of style? Nick Walsh is easily one of the best vocalists in this genre of music in Canada, and he hasn't lost one iota of his considerable chops in the intervening years. So, why should he try to change the thing that he does the best in order to fit the current trends? I'd rather listen to Revolver than any of the endless Blink 182 and Green Day clones out there making the bucks today. These guys actually rock, and they mean it!

The band has a number of things going for it. First of all they have Walsh up front, and then for an added bang for your buck you get Gene Scarpelli on guitar, the son of Goddo guitarist Gino Scarpelli. Gene plays with all the finesse and feeling of his dad, but unfortunately this style of music doesn't allow him to show us that quite as much as he could, but he still does an awesome job, as does the band's other guitar player, Sean "Crash" Kelly, who fronts his own fine band of the same name. And then there is Laurie-Ann Green, a Niagara Falls native, on bass. You can't go wrong with a sexy lady bass player. Just look at Sonic Youth, or White Zombie, or The Smashing Pumpkins. (On second thought, let's not go with that last one - Darcy looked too much like the anorexic crackhead that she really was) The band is solid and tight, and the songs are too. As much as they rock out finely on tracks like "Turbulence" and "Juggernaut," I think it's on the lighter melodic stuff like "Blue Sky" where their talents as songwriters and musicians really shine. This band has a lot in common in that department with the other revolver, the velvet one, and that's about the only thing that's unfortunate in their choice of a name, because they tread a lot of the same ground as their California counterparts, who also happen to have a great, charismatic lead singer and tend to write melodic but hard-rocking songs that just about blow all the competition out of the water. This Revolver is doing it in Canada, however, and I kind of doubt that they are going to self-destruct in the near future, so long may they rock! Visit their website at
- The NAIL Online (Canada)

"Revolver - Turbulence is the album to beat"

Revolver’s management sent me an advance copy of their full length debut Turbulence a while back and I’ve gotta tell ya I have been blown away for the second time. Revolver is former Slik Toxik frontman Nick Walsh’s new project and it’s nothing short of mind blowing. Not too long ago I had the chance to review the release of their 3 track single Turbulence and I was sold on Revolver, the crazy thing though is that Turbulence and Nosebleed aren’t even the best tracks on the album. The second single off the album Dead Weight and Turbulence will give you a good idea of what to expect from Revolver. I’ve said it before about Revolver this is a band that sounds like they have to be experienced live. There are always limitations to the sound on a CD that can be improved upon in a live atmosphere and all of the tracks on Turbulence sound like they beg to be played live. I’m guessing that a big part of the credit for that has to go to Nick because Slik Toxik were able to come across the same way on CD and believe me Slik Toxik never were a disappointment to see live. I could easily rattle off each track from this album as kick ass and every track on the album flows and maintains a high level of energy, hands down one of the best tracks on the album is Jesus Wept a track that is sure to kick you right in the ass and get the word Revolver on you lips. Another thing that should be noted is that Nick Walsh’s voice is in fine form here, a while ago The HBB spoke to Nick about Revolver and he said he voice had matured but that was kind of hard to tell from a CD single that also included a track that was recorded before Revolver ever released anything. Turbulence is an album that rock fans have been waiting for, solid front to back with great songwriting and musicianship. All of the tracks have an edge but everything remains melodic which it’s safe to say goes back to Nick’s love of the Beatles. If in the next few months we are not hearing tracks from Turbulence blasting out of radios across Canada it will really be a missed opportunity for music fans. Last year I called Megadeth’s The System Has Failed The album of the year…Well let’s get the new year off to a good start. Revolver – Turbulence is the album to beat and one thing is certain that will be no easy task. - Headbangers Basement (Quebec, Canada)


Latest Releases:(label/distribution/territory/cd/release date)

Connaught Records/3D System (Japan) ---- ‘Turbulence’ ---- release date TBD

Drakkar Records/Sony/BMG (Europe & U.K.) ---- ‘Turbulence’ ---- October 2006

Sextant Records/Koch (Canada) ---- ‘Turbulence’ ---- January 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Musical Idioms:
Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Melodic Metal, Alternative Metal

Revølver is a band led by Nick Walsh ex-singer of Canada’s Juno Award winning hard rock
band, Slik Toxik. With over 150,000 albums sold, Nick doesn’t stop there, now his creation
is ready to be unleashed with Canada’s most sought after rock musicians and together they
are ‘Revølver.’ This band is a marketing dream, comprised of multi-gender and cultural
elements, with their ground breaking sound and image, Revølver is ready to take the world
by storm.

Revølver has been well received with the media and have support performances under their
belt with such acts as Kid Rock, Billy Talent, Motley Crue’s Vince Neil, Molly Hatchet, Melissa
Auf De Maur (Smashing Pumpkins, Hole) and Dokken’s George Lynch. With their debut still
hitting other countries with new release dates, Japan is next in line to experience Revølver.

Media Exposure:
The videos ‘Turbulence’ and ‘Blue Sky’ were added to rotation on Canada’s Much Music’s
‘MUCHLOUD’ and garnered an unprecedented 20 weeks of rotation.

International Press: BWBK (Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles), INTL; Trash Pit Mag, UK;
Metro Times Detroit, USA; Rock Hard, INTL; Break Out, DEU; Access, DEU; Coolibri, DEU;
Nuclear Blast Mag, INTL; Metal Hammer, INTL; Metal-Rules, INTL; HARM Mag, AUS; Sweden
Rock, SWE; EMP Mag, INTL; Legacy, DEU; Heavy, DEU; Metal Immortal, FRA; DME, ISR;
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