"Baroque composers. Fifteenth century carols. Twentieth century opera…simply reading those words feels like blowing dust off a crypt. This isn’t music with any contemporary relevance, right?

Well, we felt that way — until we unwittingly heard and loved the French band Revolver. The Parisian trio threads these dead and buried conventions into bouncy chamber pop music, topping it with 60s rock influences and gorgeous Simon and Garfunkel harmonies.

And guess what? It works.

It works so wel


Revolver know what they like. They like the harmonies of the Beach Boys and Simon & Garfunkel, and the lyrical elegance and simplicity of Elliott Smith. They like the cello. They like Radiohead’s “15 Step”, specifically the fact that it was written in 5/4 time – ‘it’s quite free, that time-signature,’ they say. They like Henry Purcell, 17th century British Baroque composer and visionary, and John Dowland, the 16th century songwriter whose melancholy songs would, four centuries later, influence Benjamin Britten – another Revolver touchstone.
Revolver know who they are. They are three early twenty-something Parisians. Frenchmen with an abiding love and understanding of some of classical music’s greatest ever Englishmen. They are classically trained musicians who, like Radiohead, know how to turn rock inside out. Revolver are a French band named after a Beatles album singing in English. And with their debut record, Music For A While, produced by Julien Delfaud ( Phoenix) , they’ve created a beguiling, beautiful, hypnotic and proudly other slice of chamber-pop.

Are you ready to be heartbroken? And then, heart-mended?


Revolver EP 2008 ( Astralwerks/EMI)

Music for a While album (Europe 2009 / US-UK 2010)