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Revolving One

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Pop


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Their roots are Latin, but this quartet play alternative rock. With half of this act born and raised in Ecuador and the other half from the NYC area, finding one another seemed like destiny. A '90s sensibility permeates the bands music, mixing with their own brand of melodic angst. There is no doubt that the members of Revolving One have music in their soul. Debs voice has a warm and smooth tone which at times is reminiscent of Madonna's in timbre. Mario plays a sweet guitar with some tasty licks and Julio and Manny keep the groove on solid ground.
Enthusiasm and band connectivity are cornerstones of a good performance and this band has no shortage of either. - Music Connection magazine

Revolving One's song called Lonely Man has been on top of the charts for 2 months and continues to be on it. It was as high as number one for 3 weeks. Its a true testament to the bands originality and we hope they can continue coming out with great tunes. - The Indie Music Channel

"The quartet released their debut, “Love or Another Kind of Hunger EP”, in September. The band's material rotates through a variety of emotions, offering a little something for everyone’s good and bad days. Opening track, upbeat and moody “Lonely Man,” blends delay guitar riffs reminiscent of The Edge with a radio friendly melody, and transitions into the band’s sentimental single, “Lucky,” characterized by airy vocals and chiming guitars. “Out to Get Me”, our favorite track, is a straight ahead pop-rock tune with a bubbly verse that builds into a super-catchy chorus, while “Our Days” takes down the tempo to a gentle ballad. Rounding out the record, “Midnight Lies” channels a sinister side and exposes a more aggressive instrumental approach. " - The Deli Magazine

Song of the week. Fresh new music from Indie Band Revolving One. Lonely Man is what you've been wanting to hear from upcoming bands. - JamSphere


Being sponsored by Eastwood Guitars and Pigtronix Analog Technology, Revolving One released their first EP called "Love Or Another Kind Of Hunger" on September 2011, and it has been greatly received by fans and songs such as Lonely Man, Out to Get Me, and Our Days are described as an exciting blend of rock and pop. Love or Another Kind of Hunger is the sound of a young band efficiently portraying stories of love and hope, but also immersing into heartbreak and depression. Music Connection Magazine accurately described their sound as "Latin roots and melodic angst mixed with a '90s sensibility."

With the release of their first EP, Revolving One started gathering a loyal following which has grown rapidly, moreover their songs such as Lonely Man and Out to Get Me have been played by over 40 Universities and Colleges through out the U.S. People from all ages and ethnic backgrounds have positively acclaimed their live shows as an entertaining mixture of sound and imagery, with each band member playing their hearts out to not only entertain but to inspire its audience.

In January 2012, Revolving One began recording their anticipated second EP, currently titled Airwaves. Releasing the singles: Set It Off, Siberian Metro Line, and the tittle track for the album Airwaves, Revolving One is proving their undeniable progress as songwriters, performers and storytellers. With melodic vocals depicting a wide range of sentiments, energetic guitar riffs, catchy bass lines, synth melodies that will put anyone to dance, and powerful drums, this new EP promises to be their best work so far, becoming a milestone in their career.

Furthermore, staying true to their latin roots, Revolving One has decided to start recording a spanish EP. Their first attempt at it was translating their initial bi-lingual song called "Set it Off" into a full latin version of it. What started as an idea has surprisingly gained success receiving airplay in countries such as Mexico, Ecuador and Peru. This song called "Prendeme" is currently being shared for free.



Bio's Bio's Bio's, Where should we start? I rather give you guys my number and chat, but since we don't live in a perfect world, I guess I'll start off by introducing the brother and sister.

Deborah (singer) and Mario (guitarist) each with their own talents, form a great one-two punch. They've been into music for a long time, performing in front of crowds at the age of 6 years old. Yes, Debbie was cute as a button. I'll show you guys some pics when they were little kids later on. Originally from Ecuador both have influences in latin music but are true rockers non the less. As they matured, they started a rock band in South America which led to their experience in creating their present music. Deb has posted many original songs from her early works and covers on YouTube with a
surprisingly huge following. See if you guys can find her!

Mario naturally inherited the guitar because you got to let the sister SING. I think Deb actually taught Mario the guitar....(don't tell no one).... Regardless of anything, Mario sits today as an exceptional guitarist. Learning how to play with out no formal training, he use to practice and practice by listening to Nirvana and Guns N Roses. He has a little Slash in him. About six years ago both of them came to NYC and have loved it ever since. Being exposed to NYC's local music scene they've absorbed everything like a sponge.

It was here that Mario met Manny Garcia (drummer) through college. Growing up in the Bronx, Manny was exposed to the hip hop scene since he could remember. Never the less, he was a different type of animal. He ignored what was played locally and branched out listening and falling in love with the world of rock. So naturally you would expect him to have The Beatles as one of his favorite all time bands. Mario and Manny obviously jelled and are currently creating funky, upbeat melodies for future songs.

I met Deb through my job; yes we work together. Not only do I have to tolerate her in the studio but at work as well....... Sighhh. KIDDING!! How did Revolving One Start?? It's a long story but I'll keep it short and sweet. Since I met Deb through work I didn't know who Mario was. I didn't know she loved music and neither did I know she had a following on YouTube... This is after we had worked together for a while.
One day, I was talking with one of my friends from work about jamming together since I play the bass. Yeah BASS!!! Loved it since I was young but actually started out by playing the guitar. Deb over heard the conversation and yada yada yada, I met her brother and we created Revolving One. Told you it was short and sweet.