Hamilton, Ontario, CAN

<< re-wind is an indie rock band from Canada with a female singer. Their music combines the noisy guitars and driving rhythm of rock with the catchy leads and melodies of pop, all delivered with a heartfelt performance and a little bit of attitude.


Veterans of the stage in various other bands, the four members of << re-wind joined forces in 2002 to make a record. Featuring Taylor McKay on vocals, guitarist Mark Capoferri, bass player Paul Della Luna, and drummer Robbie Capoferri, Hamilton Ontario's << re-wind has spent the last four years behind closed doors meticulously crafting their debut cd. For two years they sequestered themselves while writing over 100 songs, and by 2004 managed to widdle them down to the best 13 for what would be their self-released 2006 CD, "Part-time Entertainment." In 2004 they surrendered themselves to the Capoferri brothers' studio The Playground. Mark and Robbie, who produced the record, spent every spare moment they had, while still working full time day jobs, putting together a detailed and slick piece of modern rock.

By December 2005, the 13 tracks were ready to be mixed. After pouring their hearts and souls into the creation of this record, the band were determined to find the right person to mix the CD and achieve the sound they were looking for. Mark decided to contact someone whose work he admired on the off chance that he might be willing to work with the band. He contacted Solar Management , who handles Grammy winner Darrell Thorp (Radiohead, Travis, Paul McCartney) and forwarded mp3s of the rough mixes. It seemed a long shot for the foursome, an unsigned band from Hamilton Ontario, but they believed so completely in the music, it was worth a try. Two days later the band received a call from Darrell himself, and before they knew it they were on a plane on New Year's eve to Los Angeles California, where Darrell spent the better part of January with the band at famed Ocean Way Studios on Sunset, mixing the 13 tracks.

Overjoyed with the final mixes, << re-wind were now faced with the task of finding the right person to master the record. They decided to take another chance, and contacted Grammy winning mastering legend Bob Ludwig. To the bands delight, Bob agreed to master the CD. In April 2006, they embarked on a nine hour road trip to Portland ME, where Bob put the finishing touches on the record at his state of the art facility, Gateway Mastering.

A month to the day before the release of "Part-Time Entertainment", << re-wind won a Kitchener radio station talent search and were chosen by the listeners to open an outdoor concert for fellow Canadian rockers, Default, Mobile, and Theory of a Deadman on July 29, 2006. It was an auspicious debut performance for a band that had only ever played together as a cover band, and never officially as << re-wind. That is how much chemistry there is in this band.

<< re-wind is determined to make it on their own terms. Although they have had label interest, these four musicians are content to do it on their own, and are in the process of starting their own label. They are currently seeking world wide distribution while enjoying healthy online and off stage sales. << re-wind pride themselves on being different. They don't want to sound like a manufactured band jumping on the next trend. They just want to make catchy melodic modern rock music that makes you want to listen again and again... and that's exactly what they do.


"Part-Time Entertainment" Full length release 2007.

Produced by The Glamour Brats
Mixed by Darrell Thorp
Mastered by Bob Ludwig

Set List

1. Just a Minute
2. I.O.U Nothing
3. I Believed It
4. Beautiful
5. Had Your Fun
6. This Time
7. What You Feel
8. When
9. Walk Away
10. Make Me
11. Sorry
12. One More Day

1 set- approximately 60 minutes in length.