The Rexedog Motto is play music that you enjoy and hope that other people will catch your vibe. Rexedog has recorded two full length albums Green Tea Mango and Big Blue. Rexedog has also played well over 100 shows in its three year existance


The Rexedog philosophy is a simple one: write and play music you like and hope other people will catch your wave. Good thing it is an easy wave to catch for fans of Rexedog who find the band members personality as valuable as the music they play. In three years of writing and jamming in basements with hand me down clothes and equipment Rexedog has been highly prolific with 2 full length albums recorded and countless performances in the greater Delaware valley area. Their sound is a little grunge, a little bit of blues, and mostly undefinable, laced with humorous lyrics that glorify the average kid and satirize everything else. The market is right for Rexedog in a pop culture where edgier is better. There potential listeners range from the suburban subversive to the inner city art freak looking to pound a few 40s down and catch the revolution. Rexedog is a rough gem but the fans like them that way, however with a little faceting and fine tuning, this band could be an inspiration to a new generation of music.


December 2007-Green Tea Mango
June 2006-Big Blue

Set List

Usually about 45 minutes for our set but it can be reduced
Big Blue
PurpleSaurus Rex
Napoleon Complex
Mr. Klinefelter
Pygmie Stinger
Honey Flow
Green Tea Mango