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Rex Havoc

Manchester, Connecticut, United States

Manchester, Connecticut, United States
Band Rock Acoustic


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"Rex Havoc, he doesn't wreak havock, but he is a listening pleasure. Dial him up, kick back and enjoy, I guarantee you will or your money back! Posted By: Koala on February 02, 2011 - 7:30PM "
"Joy Hollon on FaceBook about "I don't wanna Fight"...... ?"I hear a bird scolding a cat for climbing in her tree" Brilliant! ? it! If you ever do a video, you've totally got to put your fingers in your ears when you sing the "La La La La" lines. ; )"
"From: Artist - ChordSlinger n Lola Date: 12/13/2010 1:49 PM Thanks Rex - It means a lot coming from you. I believe you were the best songwriter on StereoFame. :) "
" Great Songs!!!!! One Of The Best Songwriters I've Heard In A Long Time!!!! Just Great!!!! ........Lenny Fleming"
"Silver Lining is so inherently sad. It’s funny that your stage name is Rex Havoc and these songs are all acoustic and for the most part, very reflective and gentle. Very nice work!"
private email
"Hey Rex! Youre making me feel ashamed....your new tunes are awesome, its like you have your very own genre! What makes them great, all of your tunes are singable & they make others want to sing along! I think thats why your tunes have so much potential! Youve got it down pat!"
Larry R Campbell/Reverbnation
" Some comments about "Walking on Air" ...... WhereWolf 07/30/10 00:47:17 The title fits the vibe with excellence. ! A very cool... well played track.Superb songwriting...the backing tracks and vocals... are !! OUTSTANDING !! cheers, LT ***** Frank 07/29/10 19:13:02 Top notch pop writing and production. Very smooth and enjoyable. Comments about "Walking on Air".... Farrell Jackson 07/22/10 11:55:50 Walking on Air is a great song! The production is absolutely top notch. The chorus hook is very catchy and memorable. Well done! Frarell "
"From: Artist - LarryRCampbell You are truly a unique artist, both vocals & instruments are clearly defined & sound like none other! "
larry campbell - reverbnation
"Just flat out great Rex,I Like it,yes,like it alot.More Please, God Bless Ya Bro. God Bless You. mark Posted By: Fishers of Men "
"WILLY FRIAR (The Desert Cold)...Comment for "Trouble where I am"..... One of the best songs on Stereofame. Should have won a contest."
"Delicious Demar posted this comment about the Rex Havoc song "Holding on".........."tremendous song I love this song - it's beautifully written and arranged. The vocals are hot. I've listened to it many times now, and it's been working it's way into my mind, and I realized today it's become one of my favorites that I've found on SF. Rex Havoc simply rocks." Del <3"
"Your music is awesome my friend and the talent, attention to craft and detail plus your bio speaks volumes about your musicianship! I had no idea you played with all those bands. My goodness Rex. If I had half of those contacts and half of your bio I'd be a happy man. I am very impressed with your whole body of work."
" Posted by Sleeve • The imagery of a lifetime's experience are evident in this body of work from Rex Havoc. The attention to detail in each production shows an artist sensitive to his craft. The variety of styles from track to track reveals passion for music in the purest form. Wisdom comes from experience and experience yields a quality that only a few can harness. Rex has captured what music brings to your life, in the good times and the bad. To believe in what you write and what you feel is what Rex expresses in the truth of his music. Let the truth live on"
"06/12/09 -------------------------------------- Hi Rex: I've just treated myself to a bunch of your tunes as well as THE CAMERA NEVER LIES. As for that one. Here's my take on it. I think this tune is frankly beautiful! The guitar intro is very nice but more than that the production is freakin' flawless! I've been after that kind of mastering/production with guitars for years and can't find it and here you've nailed it! Great job. I absolutely love the hook at around 1:14 on the tune and again at about 2:05 Now onto your keyboard work. again excellent! 10's across the board. And again...The compression on the piano production is sweet brother. PLEASE tell me what settings or compressors you are using on that piano and if it is pre or post mastering phase etc. (If that's not a trade secret! :) I've put this one into my Favorites category because the tune is addicting. Personally I LOVE the song. "
"Baby Do Everybody" by Rex Havoc....comment Posted by The AC Thundertones • And here we have again, a stellar work by Rex Havoc and the Ruins! From the opening slide guitar wizardry from Ed Bradley to Rex covering all other musical bases, this song is a slammin' example of great blues, great chops and great all around musicianship that should fast track to the top of the Blues Channel here at OURSTAGE and anywhere else for that matter. Rex's humble comments and his attention to other artists here at ourstage shows a teachable spirit rarely seen in an all too egotistical music world. That said, it is US who should be listening here and being taught (I sure am listening with my pencil at the ready) because Rex Ruins BABY DO EVERYBODY is definitely the song that's telling me...School is in session! Great work Rex!
"Trouble where I am" by Rex Havoc Trouble Where I Am takes the prize, the girl, and drives away in the shiny red convertible at the end. That's an original lick with, provoking lyrics, and a catchy chorus. Congrats on creating some kickin tunes. Colin, Bass player Red Path
"Review for "Trouble where I am" by Rex Havoc Posted by The AC Thundertones• You know what? After hearing this again I feel obligated to do a thorough review so here it is: Flawless!!! Leaving pretention and cheap gimmicks to everyone else this track rises to the top of not just Blues, but all popular music. With class, sophistication and brilliance this track engulfs the senses. Few songwriters and musicians can pull of the realism required to nail this style, however Rex succeeds in every regard. From some of the tastiest Slide guitar and rhythm section work through to the soulful vocals the reach of this tune is not just awe inspiring to the listener, but the standard by which all popular music should be judged! My hat is off bro!"
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