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Rexton Lee



Rexton Lee comes from a town in Alabama called Alexander City. He grew up in a family where baseball was an everyday thing, and music was always a feel good escape. Music has always been apart of Rexton Lee’s life, but it wasn’t until he was sixteen that it really hit him. A few weeks after his sixteenth birthday, he picked up an old guitar that had been collecting dust for years, and he taught himself how to play. From that moment, he knew that music was his one escape from reality.
His first real performances came at his local church where he soon started playing regularly after his teaching himself to play guitar. This allowed him to get comfortable in front of a crowd of about 300 to 500 people every week. Between playing at church and playing baseball, he and a high school buddy put a two piece acoustic act together where their names became pretty big around their hometown. Playing anywhere they could, Rexton Lee did the best he could to get exposure as a sixteen year old singer/songwriter.
When he graduated high school, he signed a scholarship to play baseball at a local community college. He played for about a month but grew tired of not being able to play music like he wanted to. So, after a month, he hung up his spikes to pursue a dream that he had long wanted to chase. Picking up a drummer and a base player along the way, his career is just beginning.
Rexton Lee’s style of country music ranges from old to new country. Influenced greatly by singers like George Strait, Keith Urban, and Hank Williams Sr., he puts all these styles together to get his unique style of playing and singing. With his wide range singing voice and high energy stage presence, Rexton Lee is one to give you everything you want to hear and see come from a rising artist.


Man You Made ME

Written By: Jimmy Hicks and Darrell Harper

Man you made me:
I'm feeling pretty good today
and it's a damn suprise
Because ever since you left me
all i've done is cry

i'm starting to believe
that i can carry on
this man's going out tonight
gonna bring a new girl home

i'm breaking out the windows
and knocking down the doors
i'll call them in and out so fast
their feet won't touch the floor

and i hope that you remember
the way i used to be
because starting tonite, you're gonna see
the man that you made me

Drown Your Memory OUt

Written By: Rexton Lee

i was sittin' at the bar
throwin' doubles down
when I saw this man and woman
foolin' around

i wasn't drunk enough
so i started thinking back
to the way life was
when we were in love

now i can't stand the pain
you brought to my heart
the more i drink the quicker i start
forgetting about the way you treated me

every now and then i sober up
and start rememberin' how my life was
so i quickly throw another one down

and just maybe it'll be the one
that drowns you out.

Crazy Dream

Written By: Rexton Lee

living with a love
that burned deep in my heart
i figured music row
would be the place to start

when i took off to nashville
i was only eighteen
just a boy, a guitar, and a crazy dream

and i'd play anywhere i could
and i'd sing for anyone it seems

dreaming i was playing to a crowd
in a sold out coliseum
screaming fans screaming my name
feeding off the crowds intensity
it's a feeling i can't explain
a feeling i can't explain

you could say this life is hard
but it's the road i choose
trying to play for keeps
but you either win or lose

so i'd play anywhere i could
and i'd sing for anyone it seems

dreaming i was playing to a crowd
in a sold out coliseum
screaming fans screaming my name
feeding off the crods intensity
it's a feeling i can't explain
a feeling i can't explain

at a point of no return
i almost gave up
that crazy dream
that i once loved

but playing at a bar one night
there sat a man
i didn't know it then
but he held my fate in his hand

so i sang like i never sang before
and i sang, i brought that crowd up off the floor

Set List

"Man you made me"
"Drown your Memory Out"
"Confederate Strowl"
"Good Time to Start"
"Crazy Dream"

"Baby’s got her blue jeans on" - Mel McDaniel
"Should’ve been a cowboy" - Toby Keith
"Working man blues" - Merle Haggard
"Tequilla Makes her clothes fall off" - Joe Nichols
"Come a little closer" - Dierks Bentley
"Hank done it this way" - Waylon jennings
"Folsom" - Johnny Cash
"Watermelon Crawl" - Tracy Byrd
"Turn the page" - Bob Seger
"Write this down" - George Strait
"The baby" - Blake Shelton
"Marie lavoux" - Bobby Bane
"Ol’ red" - Blake Shelton
"White lightning" - George Jones
"Settle for a slowdown" - Dierks Bentley
"Swingin" - John Anderson
"Kowliga" Hank Williams, Sr.
"Midnite in Montgomery" - Alan jackson
"Don’t close your eyes" - Keith Whitley
"Good ol’ boys" - Don Williams
"You won" - Keith Urban
"Lets get it on" - Marvin Gaye
"The ride" - David Allen Cole
"Louisiana Saturday Night" - Mel McDaniel
"The Weight" - The Band