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Calgary, Alberta, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Rock Electro


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Introducing Reykjavictim"

Man straps keyboard to guitar. All hell breaks loose. Time Out meets Reykjavictim

They are actually just one person – Canadian Adam McRae, who moved to Shanghai about 18 months ago and has been playing occasional gigs in cities across China since, including opening for Chapelier Fou during March’s JUE Festival.

He sounds like a full band, but siphoned through one person, which makes for an interesting live show with McRae’s set up featuring a guitar, keyboard and lots and lots of wires. Electronic beats are merged with bursts of guitar for a sound that is equal parts Kraftwerk and Brian Jonestown Massacre.

We say We’ve been listening to Reykjavictim’s material online for a while now, but performances in Shanghai have been sporadic to date. However, now that McRae says the project has become ‘a relatively consistent entity’, we’re looking forward to catching more of his building and layering of catchy electronic-rock songs live on stage.

He says ‘My plan for the next few months is to play shows more regularly, both in Shanghai, but also taking long weekends and going to cities all over the country to play. The main part for me is about playing the shows and getting people excited about the music. And despite all the different elements, I plan to keep it a solo project – I think the aspect of all those things coming together on stage can be as interesting as the words to the songs sometimes.’ - Time Out Shanghai


We've been getting so much cool new music from China recently, the White+ we recently made our Record Of The Week, as well as the Boyz & Girl record reviewed on the same list, the Pairs cd-r from a while back, not to mention a whole bunch of titles we have in stock that just haven't made it onto the list yet. And here now is another. Sent to us direct from the band in China, who oddly enough has a sort of Icelandic name, and of course the record is called Iceland, and the man behind Reykjavictim is not in fact Chinese, but is Canadian, living in China. Phew. Needless to say, another piece of the puzzle that is the current underground / indie rock scene in Shanghai. Reykjavictim is part electronic flecked new wave rock and part homebrewed experimental pop. Fuzzed out crunchy guitars, pulsing synths, crooned vox, ping ponging melodies, the opening track fuzzy and crunchy before partway through, the drums transform into skittery drum machine, and the song becomes a sort of brooding electro pop. The second track is more of the same but stripped down. But then on "Feng Huang Qin", things get really interesting, a buzzing, Eastern sounding melody, sounding like it's being played on some traditional instrument, over a crackling bed of static and hiss, a swirl of short wave hum and pulsing whir. We wouldn't have minded if the whole record was more of this! The next track takes that Eastern melody, chops it up, and makes it into a stuttering base for some moody new wave mesmer, before the rest of the record unfurls similarly, a sort of home brewed electro wave, all fuzzed out synths, percolating rhythms, the final track a sort of Silver Apples by way of New Order.
Cool stuff for sure. LIMITED TO 200 COPIES!! Packaged in super swank, hand screened and hand written sleeves. - aQuarius Records


Still working on that hot first release.



Reykjavictim is the one-man-band-machine project of Canadian musician Adam McRae. Formerly based in Shanghai. Producer of Half English/Half Mandarin ramblings.


It is built in the spirit of there's no point in doing something unless you're going to do it in the most difficult way possible. The gimmick is simple; keyboard affixed to guitar, but the logistics of the whole thing make it much more than that. Loops and MIDI-syncing set up so that if you push the wrong button or yank out a wire, the whole thing is going to crumble. Born out of living places 4 months at a time and perhaps just pure selfishness, this one-man-band formally came into being after landing in Shanghai and giving it a go in Chinese, turns out it was just a matter of collecting enough parts and attaching them together. China gives a person a lot to write about; space stations and high-speed rail, waiting at airports and the speed of online shopping.

2012 saw a self-released run of the silkprinted, hand-numbered "Iceland" (冰岛) EP, which was followed by this proper full-length "Xiao Di Fang" (小地方) released on Hong Kong's Metal Postcard Records. Touring around China between business trips, getting invited to Hong Kong's Clockenflap festival, and working with local Shanghai heroes Pairs are China highlights so far. An Australian tour in May 2014, and now partially moved to western Canada, which will provide a new backdrop but the band will always be Chinese at heart. A Chinese band without any Chinese members.

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