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"Long Island Music Scene"

The premise of Mozell Entertainment Group artist REYN -- a self-described six-foot-one and ready to have fun artist, complete with all the right R&B, folk-pop, and old-school rap influences --is that he's a progressive hip-hop artist with both mainstream and universal appeal. And that premise was certainly proven true at his performance, when Farmingdale hosted a multi-cultural urban music night at Dave Glicker's Downtown, Long Island's premiere music venue.

REYN, provided stellar entertainment for the evening, starring in his own Janet Jackson-style mini-concert called THE REYN SHOW, conceived and staged by Richard Willis, Jr. Accompanied by THE REYNDROPS, a group of Stomp-style dancers under the choreography of Lancelot Theobald Jr., and a parade of New York city based R&B singers providing background, harmonies, and hooks, REYN is an artist that commanded the stage with superb gusto and whip-smart lyrical stylings, without resorting to the all-too-prevalent thug-like arrogance or Oedipal misogyny prevalent in a lot of rap music today. There was even a visual artist who painted the action of the show, live during the show!

In fact, unlike some of his contemporaries, REYN "spits" about love of all kinds -- from the funky, nasty, booty-shaking, super hot single, "NOBODY BABY", a relationship "best of both worlds" r&b/hip-hop duet, that's destined to top the charts, to the sweet, sweet lovin' from beautiful women in "POETRY MAN", an urban re-make of the Phoebe Snow classic, featuring a searing and rhythmic bass-line created by the legendary Easy Mo Bee (celebrated for his work with such artists as Notorious B.I.G., CRAIG MACK, THE LOST BOYZ). POETRY MAN, with its ghetto-girl name-dropping and sensuous lyrics like "Peanut butter/covered and smothered/candy coated" is immediately reminiscent of LL Cool J's "Around the Way Girl" and "Dear Yvette." Then, of course, came the show's finale, "IT'S LOVE". A stirring call for peace and togetherness, with uber-slick grooves that had the crowd on it's feet doing the Electric Slide! Yet REYN and THE REYN SHOW, with all it's singing and dancing, never disintegrated into schlock or stupidity, but remained hot, urban and cutting edge.

REYN and his lyrics are introspective. His music tracks are powerful songs with individual flavor--hits--real music that uses samples in original and appreciative ways. And the REYN star-quality is undeniable. With the public and the industry buzz, and several 2003 tour dates scheduled in the coming weeks, REYN is one artist not to be missed. I suggest YOU get caught in the storm... - Bernadette G.

"Mid-West Music & Film Conference"


...On being selected as a HEADLINER for
August 21-25, 2002 Lexington, Kentucky

An excerpt of the MWMCFF letter…

“I am very pleased to inform you of REYN’S selection for The 3rd Annual Midwest Music Conference and Film Festival. We had a huge number of submissions for this year's event, and had many quality acts to consider so be very congratulated on your selection! The hip-hop and R+B show is Friday, August 23, 2002. We also encourage you to register for the daytime conference activities. We have numerous excellent panelists and guests coming in for the conference, and between the panels, workshops, and demonstrations, you will be able to identify and meet many individuals that can work with your artist and company in a variety of ways. Promoting and networking, coupled with having one of the selective show slots, is truly the best way to get the most out of the conference. Again, congratulations! We are looking forward to meeting you and we are looking forward to bringing you our best MMCFF yet! Also…
REYN has been selected for our compilation CD. No cost for the comp CD nor is it sold...and only performing acts are considered, so it is perhaps the purest comp CD out there…The song selected was track number 5...(IT’S LOVE!) Take care and congrats!

Stephen Zimmer, President
Midwest Music Conference and Film Festival” - Stephen Zimmer


Muisc is released in various stages to date including soundtrack, major and independent labels.



THE REYN SHOW: (REYN in concert...) is an explosive, visually stunning, theatrically staged journey of REYN’S songs through dance and live instruments that is the ideal performance experience. ("...Janet Jackson/Jay-Z Style Show...") THE REYN SHOW features cutting edge choreography, r&b vocalists, "phat beats" , intense lyrics, and is complete entertainment fare, suitable for all ages. Conceived and staged by Mozell Entertainment Group, THE REYN SHOW is the major marketing and branding tool for REYN and the promotion of REYN'S music and career.