Reynaldo  Moreno

Reynaldo Moreno


"He’s got soul. His infusion of various music styles and beats will leave you amazed. His raspy, versatile voice will leave you wanting more. But mix these elements with his poetry, and you will experience a vulnerable moment that will remain with you forever." -Chrissy Zubieta "Ignite Maganize"


At first glance, one would think Reynaldo Moreno was the venue's bouncer rather than the entertainment for the night. With a towering stature and a commanding presence, he is a captivating performer to whom no one can resist offering their full attention. He comes armed with his own blend of acoustic soul; so driving and percussive, you would not believe it was a one-man act. His raspy, booming voice has the versatility to rouse the masses or to sing you to sleep. The inevitably passionate Latin makes himself vulnerable to his audience, bearing his soul through profound sensitivity, and perfect poetry. For some, writing music is a creative outlet, for Reynaldo, it's a calling. People are more than entertained when they hear his music; they are moved. Influenced by the great artists of Motown, jazz, blues, soul, rock, and rhythmic Latin vibes, his purpose and message are simple and real. The scope of Reynaldo's vision is quite large; he respects music and understands its power. And while so many facets of society use power to coerce or manipulate, Reynaldo only desires to dialogue with the world...and eventually to allow love to take it over.



Written By: Reynaldo

When a man love's a woman, it's a sweetness beyond describe.

When a man loves a woman attained is life's sweetest prize.

Not just for a moment nor for an evening, can this love be confined.

Im so crazy bout this woman I sure hope she feels the same about me.

When a man loves a woman, it simply changes everything.

When a man loves a woman I swear he thinks he can defy gravity.

No need to change his faces, all that's required is just to be.

Im so crazy bout this woman I sure hope she feels the same about me.

Unconditional ove, the very fullness of life. I give you my heart, to you. I give my heart to you.

When a man loves a woman, he can't seem to write bout nothin else.

When a man loves a woman, every song is an unchanined melody.

Each and every moment is not wasted simply in the presence of my dreams.

I hope one day I find this woman and I sure hope she's looking for me.


Written By: Reynaldo Moreno

In your silence you are saying, so very much to me. And even from across the room you are so very close to me.

But you've got your hand around your heart. You're so scared to give you love away to me. But with this precious gift you give to me, I swear, I will never go away.

If you really want me to go then tell your eyes to quit lying. Cuz I just really think that you should know they're telling me a different story. I'm not even gonna try to buy into those empty words that your sayin. Cuz I just think you should know your eyes are tellin' me a different story.

Its seems like yesterday but it feels just like an eternity. THe longer you look, the shorter it takes for your heart's sweet epiphany.


Phoenix EP- 2005