Reynaldo y Su Son de Cuba

Reynaldo y Su Son de Cuba


Dedicated to promoting and preserving Cuban Son, their repertoire also includes an impressive mix of Cuban salsa, merengue, and calixo rhythms, consisting of both popular and original compositions, ignited by the energetic and amazing improvisional abilities of its leader.


Formerly known as “Sexteto Baragua”, the group was founded in Las Tunas, Cuba in June of 2000, where they enjoyed a long, successful run as the popular local attraction, participating in many of the most prominent music festivals on the island, including Carnavales de Las Tunas and Semana de Cultura -Trinidad. Soon after, the group moved into the town of Trinidad, one of Cuba’s most beautiful cities known for its abundance of culture and music, where they quickly became known for their professionalism and dedication to the preservation and promotion of traditional Cuban Son, at a time when musical trends were moving toward reggaeton and musica bailable (dance music). One of their biggest accomplishments came in 2004, when they earned a spot in the Guinness World Records for the World’s Longest Son. In 2009, the group underwent a musical transformation, accredited to its new director and lead vocalist, the charismatic and talented sonero Reynaldo Ríos with his energetic and amazing improvisational abilities, that set them apart from any other Cuban son ensemble currently on the Canadian latin music scene.


2009 - Baragua "Canta Al Son de Cuba"

Set List

An impressive repertoire of over 40 songs with original compositions such as:
Te Comparo
Son Para El Bailador
La Negrita

And Covers like:
Son de la Loma
Chan Chan
Fiel Enamorado

Sample set can be as follows:
1. Te comparo 4:40
2. Chan Chan 4:35
3. Ad libitum 4:52
4. Son de Amor 3:46
5. Cuatro Caminos 5:12
6. Yolanda 6:02
7. Fiel Enamorado 5:35
8. Pero que te pueda ver 2:56
9. La Negrita 3:02

Typical performance consists of 2 sets of approx. 45 minutes.