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Fort Worth, Texas, United States | SELF

Fort Worth, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Spoken Word


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"Reviews from the Red Lake Indian Reservation"

Jason “Smoke” Nichols and Stuart “Big S2” Perkins visited the Red Lake Nation
Boys and Girls Club on Thursday June 10, 2010 with motivational speeches about
the downside of alcohol, drugs and gangs. “Smoke” on his 5th visit to Red Lake in
less than three years, was at Red Lake to visit with youth and perform in concert at
the Boys and Girls Club on Friday Evening. - Red Lake Net News

"Reviews from the Rocky Boy Reservation"

The second day
brought not only a whole
passel of snow but also
‘Smoke’ aka Jason Nichols.
Holding the audience
spellbound, Smoke gave
his personal but moving
story about Suicide.
This very important issue
has had Indian Country
and Youth in its vise-like
grip. The feedback from
the audience was well received.
Many questions
were posed to Smoke and
our Elders in attendance - Rocky Boy Tribal Newsletter

"Reviews from Harlem High School, Harlem, MT."

"Educational, thought provoking and entertaining! Smoke & Big S2 both gave great speeches. They did a wonderful job reaching and relating to our students. Their community performance that night was inspirational and uplifting. The concert was dynamic, their stage presence and energy was captivating! If you are given the opportunity to host or see these performers, don't pass this one up!” - CJ Cambell, Activity director- Harlem High School

"Reviews from the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation"

"Your performance in our community here at the Fort Belknap Reservation was truly a blessing sent by our Creator. The extent that you were able to reach the hearts and spirit of our youth was a joy to witness!" - Gerald Stiffarm, KGVA Radio- Fort Belknap, MT.

"Reviews from Wind River Indian Reservation"

"Any community that brings Smoke in to work with their youth will experience his connection with Native youth. His message of stronger Native communities and vision of strong youth leadership show his commitment of change. Smoke shares his own success story dealing with gangs, music, suicide prevention, business and professional development. It is such a positive and empowering experience." - Edward Wadda, Chief Advisor- Wind River Unity Council

"Reviews from the Alamo Navajo Indian Reservation"

On Thursday, September 23, 2010, Alamo Community school administrators,faculty, staff, and students had the wonderful opportunity to hear some of Indian Country's most dynamic and energized young people send their message of perseverance and hope.

Jason "Smoke" Nichols along with his wife Melissa, Hip-Hop artist Cizko, and graphic artist Big Stu, spoke about their tragedies and triumphs. Both Jason and Melissa who recently suffered the loss of their twelve year old daughter, make sense out of their grief by daring us to pursue our dreams, express our feeling through poetry, and to be true to ourselves. Cizko, at one time the youngest member of the Latin Kings gang and shuttled from foster home to foster home, against all odds founded the Indian Hip-Hop group "Savage Family." Big Stu turned his passion of art into a degree at college.

Students, staff, and teachers used medicine wheels to write Hip-Hop lyrics; experienced the fusion of tradition with contemporary beats; and demonstrated the power of the pen in communication. The RezHeadz staff encouraged us to believe in the strength in the individual spirit and the possibility of forging a new course in life with courage and grace. - Alamo Navajo Community

"RezHeadz Entertainment Wins Awards At West Coast American Indian Awards"

RezHeadz Entertainment took home 3 prestigious Awards from the West Coast American Indian Music Awards ceremony held in beautiful Hilo Hawii.

Smoke – The Youth Achievement Award
Big S2- Incoming Artist of the Year Award
RezHeadz Ent. – Entertainment Company of the Year - C.W.'s Music Blog

"‘Smoke’ signals Red Lake youth"

Jason “Smoke” Nichols and Stuart “Big S2” Perkins visited the Red Lake Nation Boys and Girls Club June 10 with motivational speeches about the downside of alcohol, drugs and gangs. “Smoke” on his fifth visit to Red Lake in less than three years, was there to visit with youth and perform a concert at the Boys and Girls Club.
- Indian Country Today

"RezHeadz - Native Americans presence in Hip-Hop"

Read Smoke's interview in Murder Dog Magazine's digital issue or download it for free at - Murder Dog Magazine

"RezHeadz Entertainment presents "2010 Rezolution Tour" with rap artist "Smoke""

PABLO — RezHeadz Entertainment Hip-Hop "2010 Rezolution Tour", an Oklahoma based entertainment and management company that specialize in tours for Indian reservations and native communities across the country is coming to town.

RezHeadz Entertainment's mission is to bring a positive, and specifically designed hip-hop message for Indian youth are hitting the Flathead Reservation with the help of local sponsors.

Jason Nichols a.k.a., "Smoke," a rap artist, will be making his way back Pablo on February 23 and 24, according to CSKT Department of Human Resources Suicide Prevention program coordinator, Roxana Colman-Herak.

"Smoke" had recently made a debut at Two Eagle River School on January 28 for a school assembly. He was an immediate hit with the students and his stay extended into an evening at the TERS basketball game, which included an impromptu show by "Smoke" during the game that got the whole crowd hopping, says TERS officials.

"Smoke" is credited as the first Native American hip-hop artist to reach the Top 10 music chart markets internationally.

During his climb to "the top" Nichols requested to his recording management that he would like to do some work with Native youth. The answer: "It wasn't lucrative."

"I had a real feel to do something (for Native youth)" he said. Therefore shortly after he went independent and began his work to inspire native youth across Indian country.

Nichols says his passion is to preach a message of wellness to students. "It is my goal to provide our young people with a message that not only inspires and motivates, but also shows that through dedication and perseverance anything is possible," he said.

According to Nichols the tours are making history in Native country. Last years' tour "Motivation On The Rezervation" covered over 120 Native communities across the United States and reached approximately 100,000 Native peoples, and Nichols adds, "And we are just getting started!"

"This year we have implemented several new programs that not only inspire and motivate, but also challenge our youth to take action and become leaders. As many of you know Hip-Hop music has been looked upon with skepticism, not only in Native communities but abroad. Truth be told, many people often ignore the positive messages of hip-hop and only focus on the negative," Nichols said.

In the past 10 years hip-hop has cut across ethnic boundaries and studies show that music with positive message is a very effective tool in educating youth. "Here at RezHeadz we have found a way to tap into the core of the subculture and educate to a new tune," Nichols said.

Nichols originally from Texas has relatives on his mother's side from Cheyenne River Reservation in Eagle Butte, South Dakota, and relatives on his father's side from Rocky Boy reservation here in Montana.

Nichols said although his business is based in Oklahoma he spends about 80 percent of his time and work in South Dakota. His work in the schools on reservations deal with suicide prevention, gang intervention and prevention, one-on-one mentoring, employability skills, art of entrepreneurship, economic development in Indian country, team building, and workshops.

Last month Nichols visit to Two Eagle River School focused on a workshop called, "lyrical healing." Nichols designed the workshop as an outlet for bottled up emotion. "Once you release this energy the healing can begin," said Nichols.

According to Two Eagle officials the workshop had a lasting affect on the students. Many students lingered for the entire day to complete the project. Nichols was pleased to get a call from Clarice King the TERS principal that one student shared his personal outlook had changed dramatically since Nichols' visit.

In a recent interview with "Smoke" he said, hip-hop is a portal that bridges the gaps; it gives the youth an upbeat outlook on change. He believes using education, entrepreneurship, dedication, perseverance and the importance of setting goals will set a standard in Native country and ultimately boost morale amongst young (Native) people.

Nichols is known across Indian country not only in the schools but at an organizational level as well, as a dynamic performer and contagious motivational speaker. He is known for engaging his audience and inspiring with humor and clarity.

Nichols' RezHeadz Entertainment company not only offers speaking engagements but also books and publicizes many native entertainers and athletes. The company's recent publicity for a comedy tour "Going Native: The American Indian Comedy Slam" is now airing on Showtime, according to Nichols. "You got to check these guys out, they are funny."

Nichols will be set up at the CSKT DHRD Suicide Prevention program booth during the SKC job fair on February 23, and will be available for speaking engagements in schools the following day. "Smoke" will provide a concert at Two Eagle River School gymnasium on February 24.

S & K Technologies, S & K Electronics, CSKT DHRD, Ronan Telephone Company, Ronan Auto Sales, Salish Kootenai College and the CSKT Tribal Tobacco Prevention Program have all helped sponsor "Smoke."

According to Colman-Herak sponsorships are still being sought. If you would like to help sponsor, please call Roxana Colman-Herak at (406) 270-8631.

"The Flathead Reservation is the nicest community I have been to and I want to thank the Tribes for the honor and opportunity to reach the children and for bringing us back," said Nichols. - Char-koosta News

"Lyrical Healing"

“The Lyrical Healing workshop”

Presented by smoke “j. Nichols”

The power of emotion, the power of expression manifested through song…

Music, it’s magic… it’s medicine… it’s healing.

Everyone has that one song that can make him or her sing at the top of their lungs. They know its every word and they are never afraid to perform it live… “In the shower”.
There is also that other song, and no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, it can steal your total train of thought and take you back to a place that puts a smile on your face every time you hear it.

Now, that same idea has been implemented in the “lyrical healing” workshop I have created. I will teach you how to express your self through music, poetry & art.

Imagine if you will, the pen you hold in your hand is your inner voice. The paper that sits in front of you, is a friend… a very good friend who will listen and never pass judgment, never interrupt you and will never need time to understand your feelings… now you can speak freely…
That is the magic of music; after you release this energy your healing process can begin.
I look forward to working with you.

- Rez Newz


Still working on that hot first release.



Smoke’s Bio

Jason “Smoke” Nichols is a multiple award winning motivational speaker, chart topping recording artist, successful business owner, and to add to his list of accomplishments, he is in the process of completing his first book entitled “Where there is Smoke.”

Smoke is a dynamic performer and contagious motivational speaker. He engages his audience and inspires with humor and clarity as well as a practical example for positive action. He motivates people to find greatness within themselves and teaches them to share these qualities with others.

He inspires our youth to harness their full potential without bowing to peer pressure and shows that through perseverance and dedication one can gain freedom from fear and destroy discouragement.

Smokes’ presentation describes memorable experiences for his success, which include strategies for dealing with stress and abstaining from drug and alcohol use.

Delivering a combination of personal experience, prevention and recovery, Smoke invites audiences behind closed doors where he provides a message of motivation, inspiration, and emotional health.