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 Fort Worth, Texas, USA
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Smoke’s energetic presentations were created to inspire Leadership, Self esteem, Academic Achievement, Bonding to School, and the Importance of Education.

These programs were developed to increase self-worth, a positive sense of identity, moral character, and to improve your student’s social and emotional growth.

This year we have implemented several new programs that not only inspire and motivate, but also challenge our youth to take action and become leaders.


Smoke’s Bio

Jason “Smoke” Nichols is a multiple award winning motivational speaker, chart topping recording artist, successful business owner, and to add to his list of accomplishments, he is in the process of completing his first book entitled “Where there is Smoke.”

Smoke is a dynamic performer and contagious motivational speaker. He engages his audience and inspires with humor and clarity as well as a practical example for positive action. He motivates people to find greatness within themselves and teaches them to share these qualities with others.

He inspires our youth to harness their full potential without bowing to peer pressure and shows that through perseverance and dedication one can gain freedom from fear and destroy discouragement.

Smokes’ presentation describes memorable experiences for his success, which include strategies for dealing with stress and abstaining from drug and alcohol use.

Delivering a combination of personal experience, prevention and recovery, Smoke invites audiences behind closed doors where he provides a message of motivation, inspiration, and emotional health.

Set List

Featured Programs and Presentations:

Mr. Nichols and the staff here at RezHeadz have created some amazing new programs designed to combat the epidemic of Bullying in any variation. These programs have been introduced to schools across the United States and have proven to generate amazing results!

Keynote Speaking:
TOPICS COVERED: The Importance of Education, Smokes’ personal story,
The 8 Great Steps to Personal Success, Bullying, Wellness, and Peer Pressure, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, and Gang Awareness

T.E.A.M. Building: Together Everyone Accomplishes More
Group Exercises and Icebreakers

“The Lyrical Healing” Workshop:
This creative writing program was specifically created as an outlet for bottled
up emotion. Once you release this energy the healing process can begin.

The Leader Within” Workshop:
We focus on several key aspects pertaining to the leader within. Creating your vision, taking charge, knowing your strengths and taking the initiative.