Rezin sounds like the ROCK baby of Led Zepplin and Soundgarden with a sprinkle of Tool dust. Oh yea, and with a shot of Nirvana.


Four men, one giant sound. The Washington D.C. quartet called Rezin has been making music since 1992, but it may be 2006 that the hard-rocking band finally starts to break out onto the national scene.
For the past seven years, the current lineup of Pete Swindler (guitar, vocals), Andy Hughes (guitar), Jon Blank (bass) and Matt Collazo (drums) has been getting its chops right. Aim Lower is where they will start to soar.


Armed with intimate lyrics, intertwining guitars and a bombastic rhythm section, Rezin raises the roof in 2006 with the release of their fourth full-length CD, the powerful "Aim Lower".

The Washington, D.C. quartet of Pete Swindler (guitar, vocals), Andy Hughes
(guitar), Jon Blank (bass) and Matt Collazo (drums) has been together for
seven years, and it shows. Swindler and Hughes seamlessly trade licks behind Swindler‚s substantive vocals. Collazo is a hard hitter, making a big sound
on the skins, while Blank brings in a variety of styles to complete the wall of driving blues-based hard rock.

"I definitely think there‚s been a progression, Swindler said of the band's time together. Now we sound more like one instrument than a band."
And that instrument creates a distinct sound apparent on their previous releases: Stanley (1998), Summer of the Brain Dead Everyone (2000) and
Everything Happens (2004). While their albums are top-notch, the band really shines in a live setting, where its individual members have more room to
freestyle and play off each other‚s strengths.


Heavy. Organic. Melodic. Persistent. Intimate. Creative. Texture. Powerful. True .

These are words that have been used to describe Rezin, a four-piece hard rock band hailing from Washington D.C. that will be tearing down a bar near
you very soon. With four albums, including the recently-released "Aim Lower", fans know what they're getting when they come to see Rezin live: Not
only will they be challenged by Pete Swindler‚s provocative lyrics and powerful guitar interplay with Andy Hughes, but their ears may bleed from
the driving rhythm section of bassist Jon Blank and drummer Matt Collazo.

Rezin rocks. In fact, the band tears it up on its albums and absolutely shreds live performances.


Four full length CDs

Stanley (1998)

Summer of the Brain Dead Everyone (2000)

Everything Happens (2004)

Aim Lower (2006)

All releases are available at and ITunes as well as most other digital outlets like Napster & Verizion

Set List

We Have 4 Full records worth of material.
Usually a typical set runs about an hour, we will jam as long as 2 1/2 hours max.
We play originals only.