Rezzie Rezz

Rezzie Rezz

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Crossover Hip Hop/Pop music with a creative and exciting approach.


Maryland based Hip-Hop vocal artist Airez La Rue or better known as Rezzie Rezz is a 17 year old phenom that is taking music fans by storm with his distinctive and original sound. A mix of hip hop, r&b, jazz and rock. Rezzie-Rezz is an up and coming artist whose done work with notable organizations such as the Perryville Police Department Outreach Program and Atlanta based company Invest in Black Records. Rezzie-Rezz has been active in doing shows and appearances for the Perryville Outreach Program and was just recently featured on Invest In Black Records first major compilation album release titled, “Sound of Blackness”. Rezzie-Rezz is currently working on a new solo album release which showcases his incredible ability to crossover into different genres.


Invest In Black Records - "Sound Of Blackness"

Set List

Put Ya Back In - 2'55
Sup Lil' Home - 3'06
Break It Down - 2'54
I Want You Back - 2'47

Set list composed of all original material, length of set can vary depending on time.