Rural Free Delivery

Rural Free Delivery


American roots music infused with Blues, Blue grass, Country, Fusion, Jazz, Latin & Rock. Let the music take you where you want to be - Rock & Roll!


Rural Free Delivery satisfies its audience with emotions of freedom and rocking-hard energy.

Founded in 2004 by Craig Graham (Guitarist) and Jeremy Beck (Keyboardist & Vocalist), the band has written numerous amount of tale-telling songs. The songs are Americana but mixed with worldly feelings.

Their compositions encompass influences from mid-eastern scales to refreshing bluegrass rhythms to luscious latin grooves to funky jazz and much more. In true jam-band spirit, their masterful improvisations explore colorful music landscapes, fusing many styles.

The participation of Bassist Kyle Esposito and Drummer Eric Kalb carry the groove to the maximum. The music flies and the crowd dances as each instrument and voice converses.

In summer of 2005, RFD released its first full length album "Come on Home" in New York City.'s review described it as "packed with surprises and little stylistic maneuvers that keep the whole affair interesting".

RFD has performed at a wide variety of venues and festivals since its formation and the energy of the music only rises as the friendship of the band members grow tighter over the years. It will be a treat - you won't regret coming to a RFD show!


Billy's Blues

Written By: Beck, Graham

It was a hot night down in Jackson Mississippi
Billy Moore went into a church to pray
Dear God I believe in you all my life
And still all I see are troubles and strife

The next night Billy went into the church to pray
My trouble at your feet I must lay
When will I see the day I can walk down the street
Look a white man in the eye not at his feet
Precious Lord take my hand lead me on help me stand
I have suffered for so long oh please take ol' Billy home

Billy was prayin' on his way from work
God I don't think I'm askin' for too much
Don't these people know I have a name
My name ain't boy it ain't Coletrane

Billy was prayin' that night at the dinner table
God is great God is good that ain't no fable
Why can't I raise my family in the city
Why do we have to live across the tracks

Billy was prayin' at church one Sunday mornin'
As he sung that ol' hymn Amazing Grace
What ever happened to Emancipation Proclamation
Why can't my kids get a good education

He kept prayin' on his way home from church
The right words to say he was still in search
Lord it doesn't seem to be getting any better
Oh won't you please take me home

Black Cats in Love

Written By: Beck, Graham, Ottemiller

I was going down to the frippery
Gonna buy myself a suit
Olive green and charcoal grey
And a pair of snakeskin boots

She came from behind a curtain
She asked me sir what can I do for you
Her eyes were like a bad moon rising
What should I say or do

Gypsies in the palace
Sippin whiskey from the chalice
Two turtle doves
Black cats in love

We talked at each other for a minute
As she showed me those snakeskin boots
Black were the color of her fingernails
She had a grand tattoo of Zeus

I was just about to leave on my journey
'Cause soon it would be midnight
She said sir I believe you're forgetting something
As she lit up her pipe

Meg & Al (the picnic song)

Written By: Beck

She took him on a picnic for a sweet surprise one afternoon
She thought it would be a nice gesture for some wine romance and food
She took him out up in the car to drive him to the rendezvous
He looked into her eyes and said don't you think I got better things to do
Well she cried and she cried her heart was broke in two
How could her sweetest love treat her like she was just a worn out shoe

You better love her everyday you better love her in every way you can
You better love her or she just might find herself another man
You better love her like you say not only when you lay with her
You better love her like you've never loved before or she just might go away

It was just the other night when he came over to watch her cook
It was a seat upon the television couch is what he took
And he said hey baby what you cookin' me for dinner tonight
She looked into his eyes and said I had another man better than you last night
Well he cried and he cried his heart was broke in two
How could his sweetest love treat him like he was just a worn out shoe

Someday better teach this boy about the rules of love
You've got to show her that you love her show her that you care
Somebody better teach this boy about the rules of love
You've got to show her that you love her show her that you care about her

Good Times

Written By: Beck, Goldberg, Graham, Mortera

Went to West Virginia on a Saturday
Got there before the sun went down
Could not sleep at night because the stars were so bright
Good times kept rollin' in my mind
In the morning the sun was hot & the river was high
So I jumped in and took me a swim
Later on I laid underneath a big 'o' shade tree
Dreams of all those good times haunted me

The shadows of the moon were dark they were dark indeed
And the stars were dim and nowhere to be seen
But then a mighty wind came through & below those clouds away
Good times were surely on their way

Good times keep rollin' here we go

I met a mountain mama on a day just like today
She cooled my spirit in the most delightful way
She had a thousand stories 'bout an old philosopher
And a few about some good times of her own
I watched the sun go down as I spoke with sweet Marie
I smiled at her and then she smiled at me
Sittin' on the mountain top above the moonlit clouds
Where eagles fly and the air is crystal clear

A storm began to brew it began to brew indeed
The lightning flashed & the thunder rolled
We held hands & closed our eyes & we both believed
Come on good times, come on

Good times keep rollin' here we go...

Come on Home

Written By: Beck, Goldberg, Graham

I set out on journey when I was just 20
I got more than I could handle
I left my home and I lived in a tent
I picked my food from the trees
I've lived in the city for a long long time
Yet I know there is more
I won't ever forget the places I've been
And all these people I've met
Call it what you will it has many names
The wind and the rain the seasons will change
So come on home, come on home when you can

Seen a lot of sorrow in this old world
But sometimes I still get a smile
And I know you all know
Just what I'm talkin' about

They say that home is where the heart is
It will greet yu with a smile
Any season any time any reason any rhyme
Come on Home