Rise For Order

Rise For Order

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

'Watch out for these guys and get to know them now..... because soon you'll have no choice' - Toronto Music Scene


According to their bios, most bands are “forged.” Which brings to mind documents and signatures. Well, let there be Rise For Order, a hard-rock demon that dragged itself up from the simmering magma of history, and did so with massive alien forceps.

As recently as 2009, RFO were a band in shambles. With a well-received debut EP under their collective belt, microphone fiend Johnny Goltz and the wonderfully guitarded Trevor MacLeod found themselves staring into the gaping maw of the void. But they had the guts to stare it down, and then to cross the threshold and emerge on the other side. With them now were Jason Kavanagh on bass, Ryan Tuer on keys and vocals, and Sasha Siegel on drums. Fully healed and sizzling like powerlines in the rain, Rise For Order began anew.

One thing that won’t change is the RFO Work Ethic™, a powerful DIY ethos that’s driven the band since 2006—in whatever incarnation—to perform as many as 100 shows a year up and down Ontario’s 401 Circuit, plus countless radio interviews along the way. RFO regularly play iconic Toronto venues like El Mocambo and Lee’s Palace, and once planned a series of gigs on the moon. But even an unrivalled work ethic can’t overcome impossible financial constraints. Instead, RFO released their first full-length, Rip It Up, and refined their all-out metal assault into a supercharged hard rock. They’ve shared stages with Bleeker Ridge, Die Mannequin and My Darkest Days, and were a 97.7 Hitz FM 2012 Rock Search Top 4 finalist.

But that’s not enough. 2012 will see RFO unveil a new EP, “What’s Left,” engineered by Steve Chahley (Wu-Tang Clan, K’naan, Neko Case) at Toronto’s DNA studios, plus a video for the single “Enemy.” The band recorded all the tracks and initial mixes at their studio in the Mimico Rehearsal Factory. The place feels like home. But like any passionate band, Rise For Order feel the irresistible pull of their true home, the stage, playing live, interacting with fans, unself-consciously rocking out.

No forgery here. Just authenticity. Save for maybe the massive alien forceps.


Rise For Order (Self titled EP)
Rise For Order 'Rip it Up' - 2010