Mill Valley, California, USA

RGBmono is an indie band that combines electronic and rock influences with strong lyric writing. We like the warmer sounds of the late 60's early 70's while referencing styles from bands like Arcade Fire, Gorillaz, M.I.A, and Radiohead.


RGBmono was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area by Michelle Ryan and Jon Meyer. They have collaborated with various artists and have applied their film sound experience for ambiences to a pop sound. Michelle is the principle song writer playing keyboards, piano, guitar and lyrics, while Jon produces, creates effects and electronic beats, and assists with writing lyrics. Kara Kately was recently joined as lead vocalist and adds great emotional range to the RGBmono sound.

Jon and Michelle believe that music can be both cinematic and catchy and tell the story of a concept even in today's MP3/single oriented music industry.


RGBmono's first full length album, "87 Shades of Black" will be completed in 2011. In the mean time, we are continually updating our singles on our blog at rgbmono.com.