R & G Productions

R & G Productions

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With over 15 years of experience writing and producing together, they have blended their lives, time, and talent to create a sound that is unique, rare, and full of feeling!


Writing and producing with the likes of Babyface, Ralph Stacy (Dru-Hill), Robert Daniels (Mya), T-Low (Next), Co-Ed, Kyle Hudnall (various artist), Aaron Hall,
Kenneth Crouch, and with Artist such as, Shaquille O'Neal, Denise Tichenor,
Thicke, Pastor Troy, Pastor Roger Cheeks, Mr. Niles, J.T. Money, Regina Marks, Freedom Of Prayz, The Heavenly Voices, SAMM G, L-Trayn, and, Reality just to name a few
Robert (The Duke) Tatum II & George (King George) Maynard are definitely talented enough to be in the ranks of a Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis/LA and Babyface, given the right opportunity.


George Maynard & Freedom of Prayz (The Praise Files), Freedom of Prayz feat. G. Maynard
(The Chosen One), Samantha Minor (EP), The White Family Singers, Reality (So Real), Regina Marks (I'm Free).