Individually the members of rh3o have an outstanding record of experience, and have made their talents known in numerous projects around New Orleans for the past 15 years or so. Today, all of the members focus on worship groups around the city. However, in late 2012 they connected and set up a couple "jam" sessions to see how the current would flow.

The mixture or raw talent and such diverse styles - ranging from jazz to thrash - gives this group an exquisitely, unique flavor - their own jambalaya.

Although this group of young musicians - ranging in age from 23-28 - has only been playing together for a few months, they are poised to make an impact on the New Orleans music scene.


Coming Soon!

Set List

Journeys (original, 5:45)
segue (3:00)
City Limits (original, 4:30)
Mr. Magic (Grover Washington cover, 8:00)
Jonah (original, 3:30)
segue (2:00)
Let's Stay Together (Al Green cover, 5:00)
Origins (original, 7:00)