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Rhapcity: Australia's very own live Hip-Hop Band! Rhapcity fuses slash-like guitar solo’s, with catchy hook-lines & an undeniable groove to create a unique sound. Rhapcity's exceptional balance of discipline & improvisation results in live performances that are dynamic & truely unforgetable!


Rhapcity…a fresh new sound for Australian Hip-Hop! Rhapcity is a conglomeration of styles & ideas brought about by the musical diversity of its members.

Rhapcity defines itself as Hip-Hop…but not just Hip-Hop…& focuses on closing the gap between mainstream commercial music & conventional Hip-Hop. With a mixture of sounds, genres & live instruments, Rhapcity creates its own definable sound that has not yet been heard in Australian Music. Rhapcity strives to be the new face of Australian Hip-Hop & bring together lovers of both Hip-Hop & other forms of music.

Dialekt [MC] found his talent while free-styling on the streets of Guam, where he had a No. #1 hit on the local charts for six-weeks with “Summertime”. He has also supported Xzibit for his sold out performance in Guam.

After returning to Australia, Dialekt identified that the Australian Hip-Hop scene was one that required a different approach to those usually taken by traditional Hip-Hop artists. The band was formed during October 2008 & began rehearsing with a view to produce & record their debut EP by the end of January 2009.

Rhapcity’s sound can be credited to the diversity & musical ability of its band members. Luke [bass] & Lee [drums] are both self-taught artists who have performed in numerous original funk, groove & rock bands since their high-school days & are both comfortable improvising on-stage. Delby [keys] & Matt [guitar] are both classically-trained musicians who have played extensively with concert bands. Nat [vocals] has spearheaded numerous cover & original bands & is a professionally trained dancer.

Having recently completed their EP, Rhapcity has the opportunity to continue to develop their incredible live show & discover the true potential of their music!


Rhapcity - Self-titled EP
1. Badside
2. Betterdays
3. Real Hip-Hop
4. Bluecollar

Set List

Rhapcity plays a 45min rotating set-list