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"RhapsodE has laid claim to a style all her own. Literally using her voice as an instrument, the words spoken and sung here are filled with ambition, confidence, and most importantly, rhythm...the lyrics and sheer vocal prowess are mesmerizing." -review by CD Baby- www.myspace.com/rhapsodyspoetry


“Whether tip-toeing sing-song speak over a dense beat, or slam-rapping over a beat-box backing track, the lyrics and sheer vocal prowess are mesmerizing.”
–CD Baby, 5-star rating.

RhapsodE lives up to her name by ushering in her own style of spoken soul music; a lyrical fusion of jazz, hip hop and rock served with a strong side of live music. RhapsodE is commanding listening audiences as diverse as her sound. The young and the young at heart have easily enjoyed RhapsodE’s music, at venues varying from clubs to colleges to churches, from locales around the United States as well as abroad. She has also developed a faithful online audience that rivals mainstream radio.

Nominated for a Minnesota Music Award in 2003, RhapsodE chose the road less traveled, left customary cadence behind and ventured out of the box to create a style recently captured in her debut CD project: Spoke Inward.

RhapsodE, a Kansas City native, started her spoken soul career in Minneapolis performing around the Twin Cities area. In a short time, she gained feature performances at venues such as Minnesota’s cultural haven Intermedia Arts Center and the Weisman Arts Museum. Audiences soon discovered that RhapsodE was not afraid to verbally color outside the lines and in 2003 she was the youngest and newest artist among nominees for the Minnesota Music Award in the spoken word category.

“RhapsodE, is a performance artist of the highest degree transitioning effortlessly between singing, poetry, hip-hop and jazz.” –DJ Random

In August 2003, RhapsodE moved to Philadelphia and has been keeping a whirlwind of performances under her lyrical belt featuring at local venues including the well-known Black Lily at The Five Spot, The October Gallery, The Clef Club, World Café Live and Temple University.

Her spoken soul style has been the opening for many great music acts in various genres for example in HIP-HOP - Mos Def, SOUL - Jaguar Wright, Eric Roberson and Fertile Ground, SPOKEN WORD - Talaam Acey and Black Ice, JAZZ - Byard Lancaster and Gerald Veasley, GOSPEL - Hersey Coles.

Intimate venues aside, RhapsodE took on bigger stages around the country including the Philadelphia International Arts Expo, Toronto Urban Music Festival, Minneapolis B Girl Be Festival and the Philadelphia West Oak Lane Jazz Festival. In 2006, RhapsodE joined the Philly based Spoken Soul Collective for a six-city tour along the east coast.

“If you need to know what it would sound like if pure inspiration fell in love with hot beats and had an affair with lyrical clarity and had several mistresses of rhythm, poetry, and words on the side, then just take a listen to RhapsodE's latest release ‘Spoke Inward’.” –Circle of Beauty magazine.

RhapsodE completed her debut CD Spoke Inward released June 2006. A unique project that mixes the best blend of lyrical prowess and musical giftedness. Featuring: Philly’s poet duo Quiet Rage, Toronto MC aka Subliminal and music by some of Philadelphia’s best music makers including Gabriele Guma, Damali, C-Rock and Yameen Allworld.

Spoke Inward is currently being featured on various radio and internet radio stations nationally and internationally. The album has received stellar reviews by the listening audience and is widely distributed on CD Baby and iTunes.

When not on stage RhapsodE is putting her other talents to work as co-host of an up-and-coming community news televison show on local Comcast Cable television program “Mike Robinson Presents…”

RhapsodE is currently traveling to promote her new CD as well as working on other collaborative projects.


Debut CD - "Spoke Inward" (2006)
recorded in Philadelphia, PA
Slap Studios

Featured on track "Planet Remix" (2003)
from Album: The Ledge Artist: Desdamona

upcoming projects with: Rich Tucker, Damon "Dizzy Fingers" Bennett and akaSubliminal

various tracks (The Choice, Black Love (remix), Whole Woman, Damn (part I and II), I Am, Birth of Hip Hop) played on the following internet and FM/AM radio stations:
- KFAI 90.3/106.7 FM (Minneapolis, MN)
- KMOJ 89.9FM (Minneapolis, MN)
- WHAT 1340 AM (Philadelphia, PA)
- WDAS 1480 AM (Philadelphia)
- WURD 900 AM (Philadelphia)
- WRTI 90.1 AM (Philadelphia)
- WCUR 91.7 FM (West Chester, PA)
-WBAI 99.5FM (NYC)
- www.projectvibe.net
- www.soul-sanctuaryradio.com

Set List

Set list ranges from 15 minutes up to 45 minute show (can be longer than 45min. if the band is included).

Open to performing solo w/o music, solo w/tracks, or with partial/full band.

Some cover songs (3-5 per set) from soul, blues and jazz music genre (ex: india arie, ray charles, jill scott, nina simone....)