Rhapsody of Avalon

Rhapsody of Avalon

 Orlando, Florida, USA

We make music that is exciting, difficult, different and fun. We like to challenge ourselves by playing in odd time signatures and keys and appeal to an audience that likes to hear progressive music.


We are a band thats been through some changes. We originally went to the same high school and were all in the marching band and decided to start a band. We all had interests in complicated music and could play almost every genre imaginable so we decided to write music that contributed all those styles. After a year as a group there were some conflicts in the band and we parted ways with our singer. Through some family resources we found a new singer, Giovanni. From our first rehearsal with him we knew that he was the right man for the job so we continued to write new music with him and rewrite older music. After months of writing and gigs we have become the band that we are today and we are still writting together.

Set List

Cognizant Mind
Murphy's Law
Metropolis pt. One
In From the North
Under a Glass Moon
Deserts Gold