Ruth's Hat

Ruth's Hat


Ruth's Hat is the band with no timeline, effortlessly blending 50s rock and roll, 70s punk, and modern pop music. Buddy Holly on speed!


Ruth’s Hat: a rock n’ roll band of such magnitude that it hails from two countries! Formed in 1997, the band features members from London, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan. Armed with deadly melodies and harmonies that would make Brian Wilson jealous, the Hat’s vigorous, punk-injected pop ‘n roll will induce even the most cynical critic to sing along! The Hat’s influences – ranging from rockabilly to merseybeat to power pop to punk rock – read like a history of rock n’ roll, allowing the band to revive songs and styles long abandoned by mainstream music. Retro in spirit but distinctive in nature, the songs of Ruth’s Hat reflect a fervent affection for the rock n’ roll of the 50s, the sunny pop melodies of the 60s, and the punk-fueled energy of the late 70s. With infectious, upbeat tunes, rockin’ riffs, and delightfully layered harmonies, each frenzied, sugary blast is worthy of the title “hit”. Ruth’s Hat delivers not only the rock but also the roll, saving the world one song at a time through pure, unadulterated fun! If you can get the 50s rock and roll reference for which we were named, you’re good.

- Extensive discography including 2 full length CDs, 2 CDEPs, and countless 7” records released on both foreign and domestic labels.
- Production recordings by Dan Brodbeck and Mass Giorgini, which garnered excellent reviews across North America and Europe.
- Press portfolio of over 50 articles, show reviews, and full-magazine interviews.
- Charted nationally on the Canadian College Radio Charts.
- Achieved tour and in-store sales of 5000+ copies.
- 3 North American Tours
- 2 music videos.
- Rocked the following: NXNE, The International Pop Overthrow, Canadian Music Week, Warped Tour, The Mitch Albom Show, and The Detroit River Cruise.
- 2005 Jack Richardson Music Award winner.
- Shared the stage with over 50 national acts, all of whom count themselves among Ruth’s Hat growing legion of fans.


- Sounds like rock and / or roll CDEP – self release produced by Dan Brodbeck (April ’05)
- The Hitchhiker's Guide to Rock and Roll CD – Fast Music USA (April '03)
- Spooks Night Out CDEP – Headdip GERMANY (February '02)
- Value Pack CD – Mutant Pop USA (June '01)
- Surf's Down EP – Headdip GERMANY (April '01)
- Bye Bye Love CD – Mutant Pop USA (April '00)
- Sloppy Poppy Punk Band 7” – They Still Make Records USA (December '99)
- Split 7” w/ The Retarded – Gonna Puke ITALY (October '99)
- No Band Photo, Vol. 1 7” – Mutant Pop USA (December '98)
- I Don't Wanna Fall In Love 7” – SPG USA (November '98)
- Toilet On My Lawn cassette – self release (June '98)
- Too Much Box 7” – self release (November '97)
- Also featured on over 20 Compilations, Soundtracks, Wakeboard and Surfing Videos (featured on The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show w/ The Ataris, Alkaline Trio, Me First and The Gimme Gimmes, etc.)

Set List

We're an original band, so our set list will be composed primarily of original tunes. We will occasionally throw cover songs into the mix including songs by The Who, Chuck Berry, The Ramones, The Beatles, Buddy Holly, The Surfaris, etc.