Originally from the US heartland of Indiana, Robert H Clark (RHC) brings a blend of folk/pop/rock together in various topics of life in his songwriting.


Originally from Elkhart, Indiana, the music career of Robert H. Clark started in the churches, the halls, and classrooms of the schools that he attended there. From the middle and high school choirs, and show bands, not to mention, a garage band he performed with, that even played at the homecoming dance, to the announcement of a Contemporary Christian genre self release of the album "Give Them Christ Love" in the year of 1991. Robert began a music career with a cascade of original songs and the drive to go as far as it could take him. He was featured in several large concerts and events. Robert continued his professional music career while enlisting into the Air Force. During that time Robert continued to perform his album originals, while adding patriotic shows, and more original music. Robert performed shows at Veteran's hospitals, gospel festivals, and gatherings while in Alabama in his first few years of Active Duty. Robert was featured on Maxwell AFB in talent showcases, and even attained finalist status in the Air Force's Tops in Blue talent search in 1993-1994. Robert saw the greatest popularity upon seperating from the Air Force and being featured in several Talent Shows in South Korea in 1996. His capability to learn the korean language and sing several korean pop songs, put him in almost a celebrity status in Korea, resulting in requests to perform at clubs and even the amusement park, Lotte World. He was also featured on a Korean television station Talent Showcase. Following travels around Asia, Robert returned to the United States, Robert continued some performing while continuing his Air Force Reserve career and business studies, but did not ambitiously search for venues to perform until recently. Robert H Clark's fresh arrival to the scene with his folksy rock songs and melo-dramatic lyrics that inquire into finding love and answers to questions he himself has wandered in his travels around the world. With inspiration from artists like U2, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Tracey Chapman, Blues Traveler, Randy Mathews, Richard Marx, Phil Collins, and many more that seem to appear in some of the cover songs that come out of his "songer" adapted sets, the music of Robert H Clark is up and coming and sure to be on the Adult Contemporary, Indie, and college scene soon.


In No Time Soon

Written By: Robert H Clark

In No Time Soon

© 2006 -Not Published-Words and music by Robert H. Clark

[Instrumental intro]

The sound I hear, is your voice calling me

Whispering through the shadows of the trees

It’s not fair that your there, and I’m here, all alone

But for sure in No Time Soon, I’ll be there

The rays that shine, they are your eyes, gleaming down on me

The winds that blow, is your hair, reaching around me

Shadows fall in the light, then your standing beside me

Through it all, through this time

I hope time goes quickly.

[Instrumental solo, bridge]

Guide me through the lonely day, with my thoughts of you

With Images of your eyes on me, when I should be sleeping

I never realized these thoughts, would be creeping up on me

But, for sure in No Time Soon

I’ll be there

[Chorus several times , then fade]

©2006 Not Published -Words and music by Robert H. Clark


Released "Give Them Christ Love" in 1991 an album of eight original gospel/rock tunes

Released original demo "In No Time Soon" for streaming and contest

Set List

base set of 10-20 original songs
Covers of various artists:
U2, Blues Traveler, Chris Isaac, Righteus Brothers, Elton John, and many more. Most songs with same mood and atmosphere of originals that are tamed and arranged for for acoustic guitar. A set is typically 20 min- 1hour. Can get a complete set list or take request in advance, but usually do not take requests at performance.