A Pretty War

A Pretty War


"...Ben Folds meets Denali..." Ryan Hoffer, Shut Eye Records


The first time you hear A Pretty War you are struck with a feeling of awe as introspective passion radiates from the songs. Thoughts of Tori Amos, 'Til Tuesday, and Over the Rhine come to mind, yet this is no mere sound-alike artist, this is a sound all its own, bursting with unique feeling and emotion.

A Pretty War (formerly RHE) emerged upon the Dayton, Ohio music scene in early 2000, whether performing solo or with the band, rich, vibrant vocals and soul exposing lyrics always make a lasting impression on the audience. The mix of piano/synth, guitar, bass, drums, cello and female vocals work together to create an experience not just sound.

In July 2002, lead vocalist/songwriter, Rhonda Everitt, was putting the finishing touches on the first full-length project, however, her plans took an unexpected and unfortunate turn when she sustained injuries in a motorcycle accident which nearly destroyed her left leg.

Though still recovering, the band self-released “Fairy Tales & Happy Endings,” on Reach for the Sky Records (May ’03). The album is an eclectic mix of song styles, but brings a brand of alternative singer/songwriter style infused with electronic elements as its strength. Recently, Everitt (aka Pale Beneath The Blue) has chosen to delve even farther into the electronic realm to work with Grammy nominated producer, Blake Althen of HF Productions. A six-song EP is set for release in June, hitting radio in late May.

A Pretty War is currently on hiatus, check out www.sonicbids.com/palebeneaththeblue

-Airplay on nearly 100 radio stations across the US
-Showcases at Atlantis Music Conference, The Nashville New Music Conference, Midpoint Music Festival, GoGirlsmusic Fest, Chicks Rock Fest
-Shared the stage with Eleni Mandell, Scrawl, Bleu, and Jen Foster
-Named one of the areas best bands (WOXY.com), 2001 and 2003
-Performed live on the WB Network's, The Daily Buzz, morning program as well as in-studio performances and interviews at several radio stations.
-A Pretty War is endorsed by Daisy Rock Guitars
-Kon Tiki Girl has been placed in the indie film "Turning the Corner"


Out from Within

Written By: Rhonda Everitt

let the notion linger
like a child without a care
and we’ll run and run and run and runaway
As the day melts away in the air
it looks to be more than typical
by the way the shadows fall
but in the light, the light, the light of day
feelings fade
tempted now, rediscover
tempt me relentless now I try to cover
sorry for the slight diversion
my mind ran away with me again
i hope you haven’t lost your faith in me
tempted now, rediscover
tempt me relentless now, and I try to cover
deny me, deny me this
remembering the sweetness, dripping from your lips
raining on my head, running down my fingertips
covering the anger, hiding the blood
is this…Love, love, love?

1000 Miles

Written By: Rhonda Everitt

Little Secrets
Dirty Little secrets running,
tripping, falling quick and cunning
infiltrate the corners of the mind
guiling, smiling, bright white shining
and the lies start flying
rumors coming out to say hello.
oh, little secrets
those dirty little creatures
born between the sheets of trust
when they come around
the world gets turned upside down
those little secrets
have little minds of their own.
out of context, overheard,
misconstrued don't breathe a word
phone the "Globe", Winona's at the mall.
Set on a course for mass destruction
without stopping for directions
rumors have no patience at all.
oh, little secrets, those filthy sneaky beasts
born underneath the sheets of lust
tell the ones you trust--
when they come around
the world gets turned upside down
when they come around, there's no telling
those little secrets have little minds of their own
hold on, hold on
i won't let this go anywhere
i won't tell, i won't tell anyone, i swear.
oh, little secrets, those filthy, slimy,
blood-sucking leaches
when they come around
the world gets turned upside down
when they come around, there's no telling
those little secrets, have little minds of their own.


Fairy Tales & Happy Endings--LP, 2003
Out from Within--pre-release Super Single (EP) 2001
Chicks Rock Fest Compilation, 2004
Bangs! Sounds of the 80s Compilation, 2002
Atlantis Music Conference Compilation, 2001

Set List

Currently A Pretty War is still promoting their latest album, Fairy Tales & Happy Endings, so most of what you will hear is from that disc. However, new, old and cover songs usually always creep into the set-list--here is a recent example:
1000 Miles
Little Secrets
Alcohol (Howlin' Maggie)
Kon Tiki Girl
Mary Ellen
Come Here, Boy (Imogen Heap)
Out from Within
Blue Chair
White Wedding (Billy Idol)

The band can play two 45 minute sets and Rhonda solo could fill three.