Rheal Poirier

Rheal Poirier


Rheal is a singer songwriter, writes and sings in French and English in many styles, Pop Folk, Country and bluegrass. Acadien d'origine, vancouverois d'adoption, Rhéal nous offre un spectacle remplie d'énergie. Avec une voix puissante et chaleureuse, il passe du pop folk au country, bluegrass.


Rhéal Poirier

Acadia New Brunswick
Born, grew up, sing, sang, sung all the way to Montreal

A bit of a cultural shock, people liked to hear him talk with his Acadian accent, but he still sings all the way to Vancouver


They adore his French accent, so he sings in French, participates in French Provincial Gala 3 years in a row, eventually they let him win in the
Singer songwriter category.

Releases his first CD in French, goes back to N-B. to promote it, does very well, lots of airplay on local radio, 3 #1 singles

He comes back to stay, all because of love, yes, and now he sings and writes in both languages
Check it out www.myspace.com/rhealpoirier

2007: First single, Jamais je n't'oublirai , from his new French album, , goes to # 1 on the New-Brunswick Country charts
in Acadia.
Release of the new French album, J'espère ton retour , May 13, 2007.

2006: Rheal's charting again with his song La p'tite école de St-Thomas, as of July 16 it's #3 heading for #1.
Rheal spends the Summer touring the Maritimes.
Rheal and his co-writer Judith Casselman get their first publishing deal with Saddlestone Publishers, and their first FACTOR grant.

2004/5: Rheal releases his first English single Twenty Years. The French version went to #4 on the Acadian charts.
A series of self-produced shows followed in Vancouver and back East in Acadia.
Rheal co-writes with other artists, both in French and English.

2002: Rheal tours in Saskatchewan in French communities and schools.
Festival Coup de Coeur, Vancouver
Christmas show, French Cultural Centre, Vancouver
2001: Performances: Festival du Bois, Coquitlam, B.C.
Acadian Festival in Port Moody, B.C.
Festival Coup de Coeur, Montreal and Quebec City
Festival Franco Coeur, Moncton
Opens the Vancouver French Summer Festival with the launch of his first self-titled CD His first single release, De L’Acadie a Vancouver, goes to #1 in New Brunswick.
Rheal begins co-writing in English.

2000: Rhéal plays the part of Neo in the 2000 French rock opera Le Soliel Brille à
Coquitlam in Vancouver and Kelowna, B.C., performs with a group in Paris and Marseilles, France, and begins work on his first CD.

1999: Rhéal tours and gives workshops in French schools and French Immersion schools throughout B.C.

1998: Rhéal wins the B.C. French Provincial Gala, sponsored by the Festival de la Chanson Granby. Rhéal records his first single, Je t’en Supplie, that hits # 1 on CJSE, New
Brunswick’s Acadian community radio station. He tours that year in the area.

1996: Joins a trio called Les Rossignols, specializing in French traditional music.

1995: Rhéal assembles a studio where he writes and teaches singing.

1994: Settled in Vancouver, where he starts writing his own songs and studies songwriting, composition and arranging at M.M.E., a professional development school for songwriters.
Rhéal Poirier

En Acadie
Née, grandi, chante, chante, chante, s'envole

Choc culturel, les gens aiment l'entendre parler avec son accent mélodieux, mais il veut chanter

Les anglais adorent son accent, c'est alors qu'il se met à chanter, et compose ses propres textes.
Il participe au Gala provincial francophone de la C.-B. 3 années consécutives et il fini par remporter le prix

L'Acadie l'accueille
Il réalise son premier CD, et connait un assez bon succès, on peut écouter son CD www.cdbaby.com/rheal

De l'Acadie à Vancouver
Bien oui, il revient vivre à Vancouver, une histoire d'amour et cette histoire d'amour se vie toujours aujourd'hui.
Vancouver ou il chante et compose dans les 2 langues

Lancement de son 2ième Cd J’espère ton retour les 2 premiers extraits Jamais je n’t’oublierai et Ma p’tite Julie se positonne
au sommet du palmarès country provincial du N.-B.

“La p’tite école de St-Thomas” une chanson qu’il co-écrit avec Gérald Arsène LeBlanc et
qu’il lance pour l’occasion de le 100ième anniversaire de la p’tite école de St-Thomas au
Centre Culturel de St-Thomas, N.-B et au Gros tyme de Bouctouche , Forum de Bouctouche,
N.-B. Cette chanson grimpe au #3 sur le palmarès Acadien

Sa chanson “Après vingt ans” grimpe en 4ième position sur le palmarès de L’ARCAN
-tournée en Acadie
2002 -2003
-Tournée dans les écoles Francophone de la Saskatchewan
-Coup de Coeur Vancouver, C.-B.
-Spectacle Souper de Noël Centre Culturel Francophone de Vancouver
-Tournée dans la région de Vancouver et en Acadie

-Festival du Bois, M


Bring Me A Mountain

Written By: Rheal Poirier & Judith Casselman

Bring me a mountain

The evening sun is still warm
Distant clouds working up a storm
The smell of rain rides the breeze
That gently rustles through the leaves

In my heart I feel you near
I watch the night slowly appear
Darkness comes, You’re here to stay
I can always count on you to light the way

Bring me a mountain I'll climb it
Bring me an ocean I'll cross it
As long your there
There's nothing I wouldn't do
I'll walk the jungles of Peru
A storm or a hurricane I'll ride it through
I'll face it all as long as I'm with you

The rain is cool on my skin
I feel alive, as the summer wind
Clears' my mind you’re here to stay
I can always count on you to light the way

I know with you I'll always be a better man
If I get lost you’ll reach out, you’ll show me the way

Music: Rheal Poirier
Words: Judith Casselman & Rheal Poirier


2001 Rheal Poirier
1-Seul sur son toit #4 palmarès Acadian/ Acadien chart
2-De l'Acadie à Vancouver #1 palmarès Acadian/ Acadien chart
3-Dans ton bateau
4-Je t'en supplie #1 palmarès Acadian/ Acadien chart
5-J'entends murmurer
6- Amour virtuel
8-Fleur du grand pré
9-Conte de fée #1 palmarès Acadian/ Acadien chart
10- Un amour comme toi

2007 J'espère ton retour

1-J'espère ton retour
2-Court mon p'tit Pierre
3-Le temps c'est écoulé #4 palmarès Acadian/ Acadien chart
4-Oh chérie
5-Jamais je n' t'oublierai #1 palmarès Acadian/ Acadien chart
7-L'Acadie vague
8-Hard Times
9-Ma p'tite Julie#1 palmarès Acadian/ Acadien chart
10-Tout comme avant
11-Oui je t'aime
12-Le regard d'un vieillard
13-Après vingt ans #3 palmarès Acadian/ Acadien chart
14-La p'tite école de St-Thomas #4 palmarès Acadian/ Acadien chart

Set List

Up to 2 set of 45 minutes, covers his French and English material
Spectacle francophone 2 set de 45 minutes, contenant mon matériel en Fraçais