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Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Alternative Rock



The best kept secret in music


"RHEDORIC to Release Album Digitally in the US"

RHEDORIC (formerly known as THE RHEDORIC) will be making their major debut on October 14th. The band recently signed with UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN, and their first release with the label will be a second press of their album Jiggy. The second press will contain all of the tracks from the first press, plus a track from their first single and an unreleased demo song called You Make.

While they are just beginning to gain traction their home country, the members are also eager to make their mark overseas. Guitarist Tomo traveled to the US this summer to perform with KON and NAO of CELL at the Vnited Music Fest, and he and vocalist Yuji also performed together as THE RHEDORIC in Los Angeles last year. Hoping to continue building their fanbase overseas, the band recently joined up with Nameless, JCC Inc., who will release the second press of Jiggy digitally across the US. It will be available through iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and Google Play starting from September 30th. You can listen to previews of the tracks on the band’s official Soundcloud.

Formed in 2011, RHEDORIC features some familiar faces from the visual kei scene, including former Carat vocalist Yuji, guitarists Tomo (ex-Deflina Ma'riage) and Yusuke Suga (ex-12012) and bassist Shigure. - JaME News

"RHEDORIC's Major Debut and US In-store Event!"

RHEDORIC will make their major debut, releasing their 1st full album "Jiggy" through Universal Music.

They have also made their debut outside Japan as well by releasing "Jiggy" on all Digital Music Outlets on September 30th.

JIGGY is Now Available on CD BABY

Nameless will also host an in-store signing at XENON Los Angeles on Friday, October 23rd at 8PM. This will be a special greet and meet with Tomo of RHEDORIC. Surprise Announcements maybe prepared for this special event. The event will only be open to the first 50 people that come for the in store signing and greet & meet. New merchandise from Japan from the bands will be available as well.

-XENON is located at 319 E. 2nd St #119 Los Angeles, CA 90012 inside Little Tokyo Mall on G1 Floor-

**For more details.. fans, please can call 213-621-2892** - Nippon Project

"INTERVIEW: TOMO (The RHEDORIC) @ Vnited Music Fest"

Last month, to celebrate Fashion and Music shop Xenon L.A.'s first anniversary, NAMELESS Group organized Vnited Music Festival, bringing over a number of legendary acts from Japan. VKH had the pleasure of interviewing guitarist TOMO from The RHEDORIC, who acted as support for CELL during his stay in L.A. Read on to see what TOMO has to say about his experience with Vnited Music Fest!

VKH: What was it like for you to perform in front of an American audience in this setting for the first time?

TOMO: I was actually in the States last year (2014) for a show as The RHEDORIC, but the audiences' power was so strong and I was amazed. This year, again, I was able to come close to the audiences in the States, and the only thing I can say is that I am very thankful. Very touched.

VKH: Where else in the world would you like to perform? 

TOMO: I would actually like to perform all over the States. I do have interest in Europe and Asia as well, but I would like to get to know the American audiences more for now.

VKH: As a support guitarist, what kind of mindset did you have to have to match the energy of everyone else on stage? 

TOMO: As long as I am supporting, I had to have the mind that I would make this show a success. Secondly what was important was to be on the same mindset with the rest of the members and to express myself as much as possible through the performance.

VKH: What was it like performing with CELL as opposed to performing with the Rhedoric?

TOMO: That’s hard…(laughs) It was a good, stimulating experience with great memories. But honestly, I did have some hard times… I think I can perform 100% with my own band more (laughs).

VKH: Who or what influenced you to play the guitar? 

TOMO: The reason why I started playing guitar was because of hide from X JAPAN. After that, several other guitarists influenced me as well.

VKH: What made you decide to play rock music instead of any other genre? 

TOMO: Why…. hmmm... Why is it? (laughs) I think I just enjoyed playing rock. I can let out all my energy out through music as a tool, plus I thought this was what I was good at! Anger, sorrow, happiness, and stress. I can express all of that through this.

VKH: What has it been like being able to work with all of these artists from different sides of the scene? 

TOMO: I think I am very fortunate to be able to do this. To jump out of the boundaries of Japan into the States has been the most best experience within my musical career! I would like to just thank all of the staff and audiences who helped me.

VKH: Have you visited America before? If so, where did you go and what was it like? If not, how was your stay? 

TOMO: Actually it has been the 7th or 8th time coming to America for me including private time! I usually spend my time going out for a drink with my friends, shopping, joining BBQ’s, home parties, etc. It has always been a fulfilling time here. Mostly malls around the neighborhood, places with a lot of bars, chrome hearts? (laughs) And I went to a rock fashion shop called XENON.

VKH: Is there anything that you’ve always wanted to do while you were in L.A.? 

TOMO: I’ve been to many places in Los Angeles. I always do travel a lot here! But I would like to go to Las Vegas and more live houses in L.A. that I have never gone to before.

VKH: Aside from the show, what was something that happened during your stay that you will never forget?

TOMO: I watched this Japanese drama called “Nobunaga” while eating Mexican food at a friends house (laughs). Also the fireworks during Independence Week and the fan meeting at XENON where I got to speak with the audience very close. Although it wasn’t during my visit this time, I was shocked to see everywhere literally closed during Thanksgiving! You can never imagine something like that in Japan!!!! Black Friday was another shock!!!!!

VKH: Do you have any future plans that you would like to share??

TOMO: My plan for The RHEDORIC is to do a U.S. Tour! We would like to release a U.S. limited song as well. My personal plan is to be able to speak English and communicate more (laughs). In the future, I would love to buy a car and house in America and live here at least half of the year!!

VKH: Thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions! Would you please send a message to your fans and our readers?

TOMO: No no, thank you very much! Last year it was only the two of us with the vocalist and this year I came as a support guitarist for a show. However, I hope to come next year for sure with the complete RHEDORIC and show our live performance in L.A. I really love America, so I would like to spend more time with the audiences in the States and have the hottest show together! You guys should be excited as well!! Our show is always made with the audiences together! Every time I go to America, we have more Facebook and Instagram followers and I am so happy!! If I can go back again this year I will! I love you all, audiences from America!

Special thanks to TOMO for taking the time to answer our questions and to Japan Culture Creation Inc. for making this interview possible!

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The RHEDORIC official facebook

http://www.xenon-la.com - VKH Press


Digital Single
1. Meloncholic (1/28/2012)
2. Kakukai ~Core Break~ (2/18/2012)
3. CALL MY NAME (3/24/2013)
4. Truth (4/24/2013)
5. Critical (5/24/2013)
6. WORLD (11/24/2015)  U.S. Europe Release
6. WORLD (12/2015) Japan

1. Jiggy -1st Press (10/15/2014)
2. Jiggy - Major 2nd Press  (10/15/2014)



RHEDORIC was formed by Guitarist Yusuke Suga (ex. 12012) and Guitarist TOMO (ex. Deflina Ma'riage &199X) in 2012, under the concept of being the "one and only" style of music, which cannot be categorized into specific genre's. Soon after the formation, Bassist Shigure (ex. uBuGoe & Gill'e cadith), Drummer Takuya Kusunose (ex. Hysteric Blue), and Vocalist Yuji (ex. Gravity ZERO) joined the band. RHEDORIC became a four member band as Takuya Kusunose left the band in March 2014. In July 2014, Yuji and Tomo had been welcomed to perform as the RHEDORIC in Los Angeles, where the band had been welcomed with great supporters from the States. RHEDORIC's first album "Jiggy", released in October of the same year, had been completely sold out and is now difficult to obtain. In 2015, while preparing for the band's 3rd year anniversary, Yuji had been injured in an accident and the band was forced into a resting period. The band resumed its activated in August as Yuji returned to the band after his rehab. On October 2015, the 2nd press of "Jiggy" had been released through Universal Music Japan. The first release of the CD's were sold out within the pre-order session, which had left the stores unable to display the disks on the day of the release. In November 2015, Drummer Naruka had joined the band and the band will release its newest mini album "Garyou Tensei" in December. We will not be able to keep our eye off on what's to come next from the well-demanded band.