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Rhema Soul

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States | INDIE

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop R&B


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"Rhema Soul With DJ Chakra and DJ Zero-Z"

For a lot of people, it's easy to assume that most Christian hip-hop is the same. You can expect lots of shoutouts to Jesus, no cursing, and average skills that rarely sound as good as "the real thing." But realistically, hip-hop was never vulgar to begin with, and as long as the beats and rhymes are tight, you're getting the real thing regardless of an MC's religious background. Here in Broward County, three talented lyricists, Juanlove, K-Nuff, and Butta P, who perform collectively as Rhema Soul, are making a name for themselves with their latest digital download EP, Dope Beats Good News, which is one of the more creative releases to come out of South Florida all year. Using the red-hot talents of rising producer G-Styles, the group flips among various lyrical styles, offering ten stellar new tracks of, well, dope beats and good news. They've got a good balance among them (Butta P and K-Nuff are married), and the chemistry of the group is obvious in its songs. So don't be so quick to categorize this group. They are Christians, yes, and they make hip-hop, but the music they're cranking out is much larger than a single genre. If you want to check it out for yourself, head to their website, rhemasoulmusic.com to download the album. Better yet, you can catch them this Saturday night in Delray Beach.

Link for actual write up:http://www.browardpalmbeach.com/2008-12-11/music/rhema-soul-with-dj-chakra-and-dj-zero-z - New Times - Broward/Palm Beach

"Remember when hip-hop was good?"

Well this album is a time machine that takes you back to the Golden Age of hip-hop. Rarely do you see a combination of tight beats and strong Christ-centerd lyrics come together so eloquently. This is a reminder of the way hip-hop used to be before riffraff like Souljah Boy poisoned the industry. The message in this music proclaims the Gospel without being corny, which is a difficult task for many Christian artists. The lyrical craftsmanship presented in this album can rival any of today's secular acts, but make no mistake, their lyrics stay true to the word of GOD. "Worn Soles" has achieved what I call "the trifecta" it entertains, it educates, and it enlightens. What more can you ask for? Get this Album B!

GOD BLESS! - Cdogg - CDBaby ALbum Review: Cdogg

"Rhema Soul Bigger And Better"

Rhema soul released their first album at the end of 2007. The album was nice. It was a solid debut. Now we're in the summer of 2008 and they released two singles in the last two months of their new EP Dope Beats Good News and the tracks are bigger and better. I like the style they chose. The single Steez is a slick produced clubtrack. Rhema Soul introduce their new style and tell us what they stand for. Giving It Up is a certified hit for the radio. A song that will hopefully give Rhema soul the exposure they deserve. The songs were produced by G-Styles(Good City Music). The man behind a big portion pf the last album of Trip Lee. He also did a songs for Sho Baraka and Amped of Reach Records. He gives Rhema soul great vybe! The dope thing is that you can download the singles for free on their myspace.
Rhema soul has gone beyond what I expected and I'm loving it! - DJ Philly - G-Time(netherlands)

"Southeastern University students come out to support local Red Cross at Rockin' Red Concert"

“Internationally renown Rhema Soul then moved the crowd with visionary and spiritual hip hop, with strong lyrics and emotion.”

Butta P of Rhema Soul lent heavy emotion to their songs, singing about the struggles of holding to principles in troubled times. - American Red Cross in Polk County

"Rhema Soul "Worn Soles" Album Review"

Rhema Soul, who are they? Well, if you allow me, I'ma let you in on one of the underground's undiscovered talents... This Ft. Lauderdale group is what Hip-Hop music used to be like back in its golden era when the music was not tainted by commercialism and when the lyrics were pure and hopeful. This is exactly what Hip-Hop is so desperately looking for in the midst of its identity crises, great music with soul and meaning.

Rhema Soul is not quite, yet similar to, "A Tribe Called Quest" and "De La Soul" with jazzy blends of soulfulness mixed with hard hitting, sample rich beat loops. Intheir album titled "Worn Soles," members, K-nuff, Juanlove, and Butta P (def one of the nicest female emcees I've heard in a hot minute and the feminine soul of the group) definitely bring it. The content is definitely Christ-centric and non-compromising.

The stand out joint by far is "It's all love" featuring Eddie Nigma with what sounds like a masterful blend of samples creating a high energy and head nodding beat. This track is letting the world know that Rhema Soul is here to bring it with nothing but LOVE, God's love. While the trio, including the feature, bring it lyrically its Butta P.'s smooth flow that shines.

"All you are" featuring the Hillsong United chorus sample is deep and heartfelt and exemplifies a heart of worship towards God Almighty. This track is definitely Hip-Hop worship like no other partly because of the chorus sample but Rhema Soul leave their heart on their sleeves with lines like: "He is the only one I see better with my eyes closed," "the son of God came to give him a name / look up and embrace the change, tell your friends God mends the broken life not to mentioned flat lined to rise again," and "search me father God I want to be where you are / my praises genuine I aim it at you daily from the moment of your sunrise back to the moment of your sunset / don't fret I say to you your debts been paid in ways for get your past and break your chains." Word!

Another track that jumps at me is titled "I Been" featuring Nicole Amina with some smooth vocals over a catchy piano loop containing a nice message about fulfilling our destiny through Christ. A few stand out lines on this track are: "at the end of the day I just want to be noted for promoting him by playing the back seat so that he can be noticed / I rather say nameless if ever I'm famous" and "I was thinking we can let loose for the party people up in the place that came out / waiting for the area crew to liven the jam but we redirect the glory and clout"

I am very impressed with Rhema Soul and believe they have the potential to be one of Christian Hip-Hop's promising crews, pending growth. Overall, "Worn Soles" is a hot album with only the overall production quality (mixing, mastering, better recording equipment) holding it back for the props it deserves. If you enjoy Hip-Hop in its purest form I encourage you to check out this crew, Rhema Soul.

They just may be here to stay... - Illspot.net - Reviewed by Anonymous


Women and Hip-Hop.

A passion began to grow inside of me a few months ago. I guess you could say that it all started with Zane One.

In the mid 1990's, Zane of the Tunnel Rats crew, would drop guest verses in rap or spoken word form on various CDs put out by various TR crew members during that time period. But no matter how brief or infrequent her appearances were... you felt it.

When I heard that Zane was working on her first solo recording "L.A. Woman", I began to remember how much I enjoyed and respected her previous collaborations. I then wondered if Elsie, also a part of the Tunnel Rats collective and female half of the brother/sister Hip-Hop duo New Breed would soon follow suit. Indie artist Realistikk releases her second CD "The Real". I thought that maybe 2007 will be the year that female emcees within our community will finally receive some long overdue exposure and recognition.

Our particular community has been satisfied with simply following most industry trends. Now, I believe that we must be a catalyst for them. Let's me set things off with this topic and this article.

"I love female rappers." says Curtis Jermany publisher of U-Zone Magazine. "They are as important as their male counterparts." When it concerns addressing issues related specifically to women, Jermany states emphatically, "Men can't, and in some cases, shouldn't minister to (the needs of) females."

"God gave us ability to create life." says emcee and radio host, Octavia Harris, "You have to respect that. He gave us vision, goals, heart and dreams to be fufilled. We are to be a supporting cast to our men as well. Think about all the strong woman in our history who have made significant changes toward a positive light by using their voice. We as female rappers who are walking in the spirit have a chance to minister just the same. That's power God entrusted to us. Unity is the key."

Its importance is not only in what women have to say(which is important, essential and makes our collective voice complete), but even their mere presence in our community is inspiring. "It's important to see yourself in other people." says Tara Mixon, founder and publisher of Raising Poetry Magazine. Raising Poetry equally accepts poetry submissions from men and women for publication. "To me it's not about one over the other but that all are represented. These forms of expression are healing to both the artist and the community."

Equity in the our artistic community is a driving force behind Raising Poetry, which just released their premiere issue in June. "It was born out of a honest desire to honor God in my work and with the talent that He has given me (and) to make available a collective environment for worship, ministry in a non-traditonal form and fellowship. It was my desire to create an environment where people could listen and speak to truth free of profanity; to use words to heal, to speak life. " When asked what female voices have specifically caught the attention of her poetry magazine, Tara replied, "I'm really feeling Oraia (Katy Coffman)... also, Amena Brown (and) a sister out of Jersey, Daarinah."

The existence of women such as Octavia and Tara are a healthy contrast to the negative images portayed in high percentage of mass media depictions. These depictions in the mainstream have proven to have a damaging impact on the self-esteem of countless women of all ages. You would think that if any artistic community there would be able to support, restore and redeem this image it would be ours. In researching this article I found such support, and unlike the powers that be in the mainstream, this support should not be ignored.

Indeed the restoration and redemption of these images has already begun. "(Our) objective is to educate and promote Christian ideals and values regarding the body as a temple of the Lord in aspects of modesty, respect, health and spirituality." says Laurey Pike(aka Miss L), founder of Fearfully~Wonderfully Modeling Agency, which launched in June of 2007. "The mainstream modeling and entertainment industry promotes vanity, power, worth and self-esteem as soley dependent and achievable based on self-image. Psalm 139:14 says that we are 'fearfully and wonderfully made'. I believe that mainstream media has manipulated people into believing the falsity that in order to be and feel beautiful, one must look and dress a certain way. God wants us to celebrate the beauty in His creation and to represent Him in the most pure form, which is why this ministry exists."

Where the restoration of images begins with how we see ourselves, redemption of images begins with how we are seen. In addition to being an emcee who is has recorded with Beatmart Recording artist Soul P. as a solo artist, Butta P. is also part of the group Rhema Soul, who just releasing their CD "Worn Soles". Butta P. adds to the many hats that she wears, co-hosting the Friday Night Fuego radio program on 88.3 FM in Miami, Florida, youth m - U-Zone Magazine by Benjamin

"Rhema Soul - Dope Beats Good News"

A small year after their nice debut Worn Souls Rhema Soul return with their new hit EP Dope Beats Good News. This EP showcases the talent and skillz of Butta P, K-Nuff en Juanlove in full force. The album is full of humor, phat beats and great lyrics. They want to include every one christians and non-christians. Their clear that Jesus and the gospel is what their about. This album is produced by the hottest producer on the gospelscene right now, G-Styles. This boy makes the hottest beats ever! He also did some joints for Trip Lee, Sho Baraka and 116 Clique of reach records. The first song Witness The Chaos reminds me of the party vibe on the track Attention of their first album. Yellow Cheese Must Flow has got a Drop It Like It’s Hot type of beat. I don’t know what the titel means, but the Flow is crazy! The first single Steez tells us about the Rhema Souls steelo. Can Ya Feel Me is a layed back old school summertime song. It’s a life story. Giving It up is about giving your life and talents to Christ. Girl I Promise is funny track about talking to a girl. My Whole Life ft G-Styles is a dance influenced song that’s about how we owe Jesus our Whole Life. Labels talks about the role of a woman in the Kingdom and how recordlabels change the image of groups so they compromise their talent or personality.
Dope Beats Good News is the perfect title for an album that will get Rhema Soul the exposure and attention these hard working cats deserve. Rhema Soul brings the gospel in a relevant way christians and non-christians can understand it and want to listen to it. You betta cop that disc!
This album gets 4 out 5 stars
You can download this EP for free or any gift you like at www.rhemasoulmusic.com. - DJ Philly 08/16/08


Album: Worn Soles [2007]
Album: Dope Beats & Good News (EP)[2008]



Based out of South Florida, This trio has been lighting up the hip-hop scene for quite some time. After extensive travels throughout the world, Rhema Soul has come back home to the USA and is back in the lab with a fresh sound. "Being able to meet so many people and see their faces of hopelessness, motivated us to continue bringing them that message of hope we bring through our music," says juanlove. Given the opportunity by Book of Hope International, Rhema Soul was able to tour throughout different cities and go into the schools to bring them music and messages of life, hope, and education. We've been to countries such as South Africa, Poland, Russia and quite a few others and one thing we learned was that despite the language barrier, the music was able to bring us all together," says K-Nuff. Fresh off their debut release, Worn Soles, the group has been tirelessly pushing through and promoting themselves as an up and coming group to look out for. With their successful single, "ALL YOU ARE", with Hillsong United and the stepping out of the box anthem, "They Keep Telling Me" this group has created a buzz and have been labeled, "a breathe of fresh air." They are currently wrapping up their EP, Dope Beats & Good News to be released this year. The first single off the album, "STEEZ" has the radio raving with excitement. "It's a new sound. We love it! We are constantly trying to redefine who we are. We don't like to be labeled, so we let the music speak for itself," says the feminine of the group, Butta P. "If you want to label us, just label us as Good Music." Be sure to look out for this Hip-Hop trio bringing you music that will surely get you nodding your head and making you want to turn your life upside down!