Rhett Frazier Inc.

Rhett Frazier Inc.

 East Los Angeles, California, USA

Rhett Frazier Inc combines Funkadelic, Rare Earth, Frank Zappa & Al Green - along with that raw, gritty Detroit sound that would make the late Norman Whitfield proud. They take STAX-era guitar licks, blues attitude and 70s R&B crossover appeal and blend it into a milkshake of auditory heaven.


Rhett Frazier Inc. is the L.A. based (by way of Detroit and Austin) production and performance duo known on the Left Coast as the creators of the RockSoulTronic sound.

...of their debut album Escape From Dee-Troyt, Dusty Groove says "There's no escaping the Detroit in the grooves here -- as the album's got a classic sound that stretches back to the city's crossover days at the end of the 60s -- that magical time when soul, rock, and funk acts were playing to the same crowds all over town -- and breaking down a lot of musical barriers in the process! "

Rhett Frazier is a pure soul singer (guitar player, songwriter) from Oklahoma/Texas. Funk, soul, R&B acts his whole career- a bit of a secret weapon in L.A. circles because they don't make those kind of singers anymore. Nasty, raw, mean, eccentric.

Inc (a.k.a Donny Gruendler) - the other half of the duo- is a renowned session drummer, from Dee-Troyt (youngest-ever graduate of Berklee), jazz dude, rock chops, touring go-to guy. Producer, engineer. The ears. The pedigree. Arrogant, greedy, street-wise.

The Escape - born of the 70's, -great debt to the soul forefathers, but trying to blaze out musically and start anew (in the Ciudad of Angels)- all against the backdrop of a retro sci-fi apocalypse. Yes we are writers.

Some Fun Facts about Rhett Frazier Inc:

When Justin Timberlake plugs in his night light when he goes to bed, he prays Rhett Frazier Inc. isn't hiding in his closet.

Behind Rhett Frazier Inc.'s drum kit is another fist

Rhett Frazier Inc. told Prince that purple made him look masculine.

Rhett Frazier Inc. once got in a battle of the bands with Chuck Berry. The loser had to do the Duck Walk.

Rhett Frazier Inc. drinks lava with a touch of vermouth and a slice of onion.

Miles Davis took karate lessons from Rhett Frazier Inc.


LP: Escape from Dee-Troyt

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Set List

U Can't Stop
Am I Groovin' U?
Is That OK?
Everyday is Saturday