Rhian Ayanna

Rhian Ayanna

 New York City, New York, USA

As lovers of music, we (the listeners) seek truth within a sound and movement within words. When a voice can take us through an experience that changes the rhythm of our breathing, we know we have been touched by musical grace. Enter Rhian Ayanna:


A classical education, decorated with opera, soul, jazz, theatre and musical theater backgrounds, is merely a drop in a deep blue bucket for this undeniably gifted chanteuse. Certainly we should recognize Rhian’s formal training at the University of Northern Colorado and her study under such talents as Sarah Dash (LaBelle) and internationally renowned opera singer Diane Bolden-Taylor. It is just as important to note her honorable mention in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition for her composition Time.

Though she has clearly placed her mark on the musical universe through each of her accomplishments, nothing can prepare one for what transpires the moment Rhian parts her lips to set free her vocal splendor. Rhian has a unique ability to transpose her environments, her cultures and her choices into profound lyrical arrangements that reflect an awareness of a universal experience.

Born in New York and reared in the West Indies, Rhian was destined to breathe notes filled with diversity, warmth and spice. The same voice that has journeyed through Gospel and Jazz realms can just as easily ease into a Caribbean melody and mix it up with urban flavors. Much like a chameleon, Rhian is able to take on the colors of the music that surrounds her, becoming one with sound and vibration. With a quality such as this, it is no wonder that her nation-wide experiences include performances at the Blue Note Jazz Club, a vocal appearance on RH Factor’s 2004 Grammy-nominated Strength EP and background vocal performances with Ladybug Mecca of Digable Planets.

Still, the most extraordinary quality that Rhian possesses is not her notable accomplishments, not the fact that she writes and arranges her own songs . . . it is her power to reach within each listening individual and touch the part that longs to fly. She is not afraid to plunge into the depths of human emotion and she does it naturally.

She is a performer who undoubtedly shifts the paradigm for today’s artist.

She is Rhian Ayanna.


Breathe You In

Written By: By R. Watson ©2004

Breathe You In
By R. Watson

I held my breathe with you
You couldn’t know
That I couldn’t take you in
Thought I would loose myself
I held my breathe with you
You couldn’t know
That I need you
You’ve been so many things
For me at once
I couldn’t bare the thought
Of you in all these ways
For then I would have to
Have to admit
That I need you

Took so long to discover
A love like this
And it’s taken just as long
To accept it
I decided that it’s time
For me to let it in
No tears could wash them away
For they became ingrained
In my skin

He could only do what he knew
He could only say what he knew to say
He learned his lesson well
And passed on the same

Verse 2
I searched high and low for him
To give inspiration
Silly not to realize
He had none to give
He worked so hard to be a good son
He forgot there was so much more
For him to be



Knowing that will do

Written By: by R. Watson ©2004

Knowing that will do
by R. Watson

Many days have come til then
Wish the road were clearer when
As I sit upon this bed
Hearing words we might have said
Can I hold you once again
I dreamed about your lips again, last night
Want to feel the sun again
Wish the road were clearer when
What I need to know
Where’s a purpose for all things
What I need to trust
That our love is one of those things
Cause if I never see your smile again
Knowing that will do
My love, knowing that will do

Verse 2
Saw your mother yesterday
Well you were is what she said, to me
Thought about you half the day
Wondering what I might say, if I
Saw you face to face again, would my
Would my first instinct prevail?
Or would I act as though you never crossed my mind
Hide my sadness with my pride




Rhian Ayanna (Japanese Release) P-Vine Records 2007
Rhian Ayanna (US Release) Regality (CD 2006)
Somi:Red Soil In My Eyes (CD 2006)
This Is Soul 2005 (UK Release)Soul Brother Records 2005
The RH Factor: Roy Hargrove Strength Verve (EP 2004) - Grammy Nominated
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